Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


14. Remember

"Bella that's not funny, you and Justin have been gone for like a month" she frowned

"I'm not trying to be funny" I shrugged

"Where have you been" she asked

"Spain" I answered

"You and Justin went on a holiday!!" she squealed 

"No" I replied

"Well what then?" she frowned

"I've been in hospital" I stated

"Why" she asked

"I'm sorry, I don't think that is any of your business" I announced

"Whats your problem, you've been living with me for over a month" she snapped

"Look, I don't know who you are, so please, just go" I growled

The girl gave me an evil stare before standing up and storming out of the door. I shook my head before taking a bite out of my muffin. Once I was finished I left and climbed in my car and drove back to my house, surprisingly enough I managed to remember where it was. I climbed out and walked inside. 

The dogs come running over to me, I knelt down and decided to see if they had tags on. They did, well at least I knew their names now, Prince and Princess. I laughed and then stood back up and headed into the kitchen and sat down on the sofa. I turned the telly on and put the disney channel on and watched whatever it was that was on. 

Having no memory for a while is going to be a difficult task. 


*Justins POV*

I haven't been the same since I got back from Spain. Bella's had some weird effect on me. I keep getting these weird feelings, and all I can see is her face. When I sleep all I do is think about her. This isn't normal, I've never felt like this about a girl, and I hate it. I'm Justin fucking Bieber. Justin Bieber doesn't get feelings. 

My thoughts were interrupted by someone slamming the front door. I got out of my seat and walked into the hallway to see Maria. She looked pissed. 

"Oh great, there you are" she snapped

"What the fucks your problem" I replied

"Your little friend Bella, she's such a bitch" she growled

"You saw Bella?" I frowned

"Yeah, and she pretended that she didn't know me! Can you believe it" she gasped

"She doesn't know you" I mumbled

"Of course she does" she argued

"No, she really doesn't, she doesn't know any of us" I sighed

"What are you going on about" she huffed

"Bella's got memory loss" I answered

"Shut up" she gasped

"Yeah, only temporarily, like a month or so" I shrugged

"So we won't get to see her for a month?" she asked

"We won't get to see her ever" I sighed

"What? Why" she questioned

"I think it's better of to just keep Bella out of our lives, all of our lives" I nodded

"But yo.." she began

"She's out of our lives and that's final" I cut her off

She pushed past me and stomped upstairs. I sighed and walked back into the front room and sat back in my seat. We didn't need Bella before, so we don't need her now. Living without her won't be hard, will it?


*Bellas POV*

*1 month later*

My memory came back to me last night. It was crazy. I had the weirdest dream and then I realised I wasn't dreaming, I was remembering. I also remembered my argument with Justin at the hospital. I needed to go to his house to apologise. I couldn't wait to see him, I hope he isn't mad at me, after all it wasn't my fault was it? I had memory loss. 

I climbed out of bed and walked into the bathroom and had a shower and brushed my teeth. Once I was done I walked over to my closet and picked an outfit:

I walked downstairs and out of the door. My mum was meant to be back soon, but I still hadn't heard from her. Oh well. I walked over to my car, I had left my other car at Justins. I wonder if he's been using it. I drove to Justins and pulled up in the driveway. My car was still sitting in the same place I had left it, there was one other car in the driveway and that belonged to Justin. I climbed out and walked towards the front door. I pulled out the key I had been given when I first moved in. 

I opened the door and walked in, Maria was standing in the hallway, she turned and her eyes opened wide when she saw me. 

"Hey" I mumbled

"Bella, you shouldn't be here" she whispered

"What?" I frowned

"You should leave" she said, stepping closer

"Why? I came to apologise" I confessed

She threw her arms around me and pulled me into a hug. We pulled apart and she spoke up again

"Seriously, you should go" she insisted

"I want to speak to Justin" I informed

"I don't think that's a good idea" she answered

"Why?" I frowned

"No reason" she shrugged, acting as if nothing was wrong

"Is he here" I asked

"Yes bu..." she began

"Great" I smiled, cutting her off

I walked past her and headed upstairs. I stood outside his door and thought about whether to knock or not. I decided not to, just incase he told me not to come in. I slowly turned the door knob and opened the door. I stepped inside. 

"Look, Justin I'm sor..." I began

I stopped myself when I saw what was going on. It felt like my heart had been ripped out and cut into pieces. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I just froze. 

"Bella?" Justin frowned

"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't of come" I muttered turning around

I had just walked in on Justin and Ellie having sex. I wanted to throw up. I closed the door and stood in front of it. I was about to leave when the door opened again. I turned around to see Justin standing with a pair of basketball shorts on. I felt a tear fall down my cheek, why was I crying?

"What are you doing here, you want nothing to do with me, remember?" he frowned

"Yeah, I know, I remember, everything" I whispered

"You what?" he asked

"I got my memory back" I nodded

"Urm, that's great" he shrugged

"Yeah, I'll go" I weakly smiled, turning and heading for the stairs

"Wait" he called

"What" I replied turning around

"Are you ok?" he asked

"Yeah, I'm fine. It was nice knowing you" I nodded. 

I turned around and left. I left the house. I left Justin...

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