Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


2. New Girl

"ISABELLAAAAAAAAAAAA" my mum screamed from downstairs

"What" I groaned

"Get up, you've got school" she shouted back up

I sighed and rolled out of my bed. Literally. I pulled myself up from the floor and walked into my bathroom, i showered and wrapped a towel around my body and walked over to my wardrobe. My family was rather wealthy. So my mum brought me a car the first day we arrived here. Which cheered me up a bit, at least i didn't have to get a school bus. I picked out my outfit and put it on and done my hair in a plait;

I wasn't really bothered about what people thought of me to be honest. I didn't have loads of friends back in England. Only a couple, sure it would be nice to make friends here, but i wasn't bothered if i didn't. I run downstairs and grabbed an apple before heading out to my car. I climbed into my white range rover and turned on the engine. I sat there for a minute before finally driving down the road to the school. I drove into the carpark and found a spot. I sat in my car for a minute, debating on whether to get out or to turn round right now and go home. After about 5 minutes i jumped out the car and walked towards the school building. I could feel everyone's eyes burning into me. I kept my head high and continued to walk, right into someone

"Watch where you're going" the raspy voice spat

"Sorry" I mumbled

"You better be" he hissed

I took a quick glance up to see who it was, it was a boy, he was taller than me and was dressed head to toe in black, he even had black sunglasses on, he gave me the creeps, but there was something about him. I stepped to the side allowing myself to continue walking. I headed towards the front desk and introduced myself. The lady told me to wait a minute whilst she called someone. 

"Right, Bella, this is Grace" she smiled pointing at a girl

Grace was about my height, small build, with long brown hair and bright green eyes. 

"Hello" she began, holding out her hand

"Hi" i half smiled, awkwardly shaking it

"Omg, you're british" she exclaimed

"Urm yeah" I laughed

She gave me a smile and then motioned for me to follow her. I did as i was told and we ended up in a classroom

"This is our maths class" she whispered in my ear

I nodded and took a seat. I looked around the room and my eyes stopped when i saw that boy from earlier. He looked in my direction so i turned my head away quickly. I faced the front and waited for the teacher to begin.

"Right class, we have a new student today, Bella would you like to stand up and introduce yourself" he smiled

Fuck fuck fuck. I slowly stood up and faced the class

"Urm, my names Bella, and i just moved here from England" I mumbled in my thick english accent

"Nice accent" someone laughed at the back

I shot my eyes in the direction the voice came from and i realised i was staring at the boy from earlier

"Enough Justin, thankyou Bella take a seat" he instructed

I sat down and stared blankly at the board. So Justin was his name. Hmm. I liked it. He was kind of good looking as well. No no no. Bella he is a jerk. My mind wandered of for the rest of the lesson, i was only brought back by the sound of the bell ringing. I stood up and grabbed my bag. I headed out of the room and then realised i didn't know where i was meant to go. I stopped and waited just outside the room for Grace to come out. Justin walked out and looked me up and down, did he just check me out? My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Grace's voice

"Bella, this is Lily, Lily this is Bella" she smiled introducing me one of her friends i presumed

"Hey" Lily smiled

"Hello" i nodded


*End Of School*

Grace invited me to come to some diner with her after school, i didn't want to be rude so i agreed. I drove us both there and we was now sitting in one of the booths. Grace was going on about how cool it is that i'm from England or something. I looked up when i heard the door ring and the one and only Justin walked in with 2 other boys. Grace followed my gaze and then turned her head quickly

"Stop staring" she hissed

"Why, who are they" i asked

"That's Justin, Chaz and Ryan" she answered

"Why are you scared of them" i replied

"There bad bad bad news, you don't want to get mixed up with them, they are trouble" she answered

"Really" i raised my eyebrows

"Yes" she mumbled as they walked past our booth

"We should go" Grace muttered

"Urm i'm going to stay, but i'll see you tomorrow" i offered

"I hope so" she rushed walking out the door

When she was gone i looked down onto my lap playing with my phone. I then felt coldness and looked up to see Justin sitting in front of me. Neither of us said anything so i looked away again. 

"Look at me" he ordered

I slowly raised my head and looked into his eyes, they were a soft hazel color for a moment and then they turned into a dark color

"I don't particularly care if you do or not, and i don't really want to ask you, but my boys do. They want to invite you to a party tomorrow night" he informed

"I don't know" i whispered

"They won't like that answer" he sneered

"Fine" i mumbled

"Great" he spoke as he stood up

As he walked past he whispered 'Nice accent' and laughed walking off. I quickly stood up and walked out of the diner and towards my car. Fuck. Why did i agree to go. Fucksake. I slammed my head onto my steering wheel. Fuck. Now i was annoyed and hurt. I started the engine and sped of home. 


*Justins POV*

The boys just made me invited that new girl to this party tomorrow night. To be truthful i wasn't bothered if she come or not. She was hot, probably be a good fuck, but nothing more than that. Then again, there was something about her. she seemed so innocent, and i was strangely drawn to her. I'd never had this feeling about any other girl, so this was a new experience for me. I shook my head and the thought vanished. Good. I looked at the boys and began speaking about tomorrow night.  

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