Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


10. More Than Friends?

I pulled away and got of the bed.

"I'm so sorr..." I was cut of by Justin

"Don't apologise, please" he cut me off

I looked at him confused

"But i just launched at you" i mumbled

"And i didn't stop you" he shrugged

I stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do.

"So what now?" i asked

"I don't mind" he replied

Should i tell him how i felt? or not? 

"Justin, i have something i need to tell you" i said, taking my seat on the bed again

"Go on" he chuckled

"Look, i know we haven't known each other very long, and we hated each other at first, but i think, well i know, i've got feelings for you" i mumbled



*Justins POV*

Bella just made out with me. It felt so right. I didn't want it to end, but she pulled away and started trying to apologise, i didn't want her to be sorry. She took her place on the end of the bed. 

"Justin i have something to tell you" she said

"Go on" i chuckled

"Look, i know we haven't known each other very long, and we hated each other at first, but i think, well i know, i've got feelings for you" she mumbled

I stared at her for a minute without saying a word. She just admitted that she liked me. Did i like her? No, wait of course i did. Do i tell her? I'm supposed to be some badass. I'm not capable of loving someone, let alone liking them. I don't want to hurt, but if i don't tell her i'll go crazy. 

"Look i'm sorry i never shou.." she began before i cut her off

"I like you too" i cut her off

She looked up at me, confusion written all over her face.

"You do" she whispered

"Yes" i mumbled looking down onto my lap

I found it hard talking about my feelings, but around Bella i felt like i could be myself. I could be normal. I felt comfortable around, i didn't have to keep up the act that i had been keeping for years. It's funny how someone can walk into your life and completely change it. That's exactly what Bell has done. 

I was snapped out of my thoughts by her angelic voice

"What now" she sighed

"I take you out" i blurted out

Nice going Justin.

"What" she frowned

"On a urm date" i mumbled

Why the fuck was i acting all shy and nervous? Usually i would just tell someone something and it would happen. I never took girls out on dates either. Just a fuck and duck. The only other girl i ever took out was Ellie. 

"I didn't think Justin Bieber would be into dates" she laughed quietly

"I'm usually not" i smirked

"I'd love to" she smiled

"Great, perhaps after the whole Daniel thing though?" i suggested

I didn't want her to get hurt. I knew she wouldn't be able to go out incase Daniel saw her. She was supposed to 'disappear' 

"Sounds good" she giggled


*Bellas POV*

I can't believe Justin asked me on a date. He was showing me a whole new side to him. I loved it. I stood up from the bed and stretched out my hand towards him, he took it and i pulled him up and out of the room. I walked us downstairs and into my movie room. It was room with a couple of huge chairs and a big screen to play movies onto. I let go of his hand and put in a movie. I sat down on one of the chairs and patted the space next to me for him to sit down. He kicked off his shoes and sat beside me. 

As the movie began to play i pulled the blanket of the arm of the chair and threw it over us. I slowly rested my head onto his shoulder, i felt him move his arm so that it was now wrapped tightly around me. A little smile creeped across my face, and i snuggled in closer to him. This all just felt so right. My eyes slowly started to close and soon enough i was asleep. 

I woke up in the movie room. I looked beside me to see Justin, who was sleeping. His arm was still wrapped around me, i slowly unraveled it and stood up. I grabbed my phone from the side and checked the time, it was 11am. Darn we slept in late. 

I made my way up to my room and put the shower on, i climbed in and washed my hair and body. I got out and brushed my teeth. I then went over to my suitcase to get some clothes, i hadn't unpacked them yet. I pulled an outfit out and put it on;


I put on a pair of black shorts underneath, i didn't need to get properly dressed, it wasn't like i had anywhere to go. I was pretty much on house arrest. I pulled my hat down a bit more before heading downstairs. I walked into the movie room to see Justin, still sleeping. I walked over and gently shook him, his eyes shot open and he stared at me for a minute, probably trying to work out where he was. I let out a little chuckled before sitting next to him. He sat himself up and ran his fingers through his hair. 

"What's the time" he groaned

I reached out and grabbed my phone to check the time myself

"12" i laughed

"Urghhh, fuckkkk, i guess you want me to go" he yawned 

"You don't have to" i mumbled

He looked at me and a smirk played across his lips, i grabbed a pillow and hit him round the head, causing us both to burst out laughing. I hadn't heard him laugh properly. It was nice, he should do it more often. I stood up and walked towards the door, he followed and we ended up in the kitchen. I rifled through the cupboards looking for food, i gave up in defeat. I turned to Justin and gave him my best innocent smile

"What" he frowned

"What you like to do me a big favor" i smiled

"Depends what it is" he smirked raising his eyebrows

"Would you go and do a tiny bit of shopping for me, pretty please" i begged

"No way" he scoffed

"Please Justin, i can't leave incase Daniel see's me, and if i don't have food i'll just die here of starvation, and if you do this i'll cook you breakfast" i pleaded, pretending to flutter my eyelashes

"Fine" he huffed, giving in

"Thankyou" i grinned

I quickly run upstairs and grabbed some money of the side. I come back down to see Justin opening the front door. I handed him the money

"What's this for" he laughed

"The food dur" i giggled

"Don't be silly, i'll pay" he chuckled, handing me back the money

Before i could say anything word he ran out the door towards his car. I decided i would slip the money in his pocket later when he come back. I walked into the front room and sat down, i turned on the telly and put the disney channel on and watched Wizards Of Waverly Place. I loved this program, i don't care if i'm 18 haha. After a few episodes i heard a soft knock on the door. I stood up and opened it, i expected to see Justin but instead i saw a boy who looked around my age, he looked up in surprise that i had answered the door

"How may i help" i asked politely

"Urm, do you live here?" he asked

"Yes, so?" i replied

"Well, i usually come over each day to check on the dogs, i also knock incase someones in, if not i let myself in" he smiled

"Oh, well i'm here all week so you won't be needed until next week" i replied

"Ok mam, i'll guess i'll be back next week" he shrugged

I didn't bother to reply instead i just shut the door. As i sat back down the day knocked again. Urgh what did he want now. I opened the door

"What do you want" i huffed, i didn't even bother to look up at him

"Well, a thank you perhaps" the voice laughed, i knew that voice all to well

I looked up to see Justin standing in front of me holding half a dozen walmart bags. I felt my face go red as i looked at him grinning at me. I stepped out of the doorway so he could walk in.

"Sorry, i thought you was the dog guy" i mumbled

He raised his eyebrows before laughing at me

"Dog guy" he laughed

"Yeah" i chuckled

We walked into the kitchen and both started to unpack the food. Well Justin unpacked and i put it in the correct cupboards. I put the bags in the bin once we was done. I was about to leave when Justin grabbed my wrists and spun me around

"Forgetting something" he laughed

"Oh, thank you" i smiled 

"No, not that" he chuckled

"What then" i frowned

"You're making me food remember" he grinned

"Oh yeah" i sighed 

He let go of me and i walked over to the fridge. I told him to go sit in the front room, he done as he was told, unusual. I got out some bacon, sausages and eggs. I started to cook them all, when they was nearly done i put some bread in the toaster. I put the food on two plates and then added the toast. I grabbed two glasses and filled them with apple juice. My favourite.

I carried the plates awkwardly in one hand, and the drinks in the other. I had already put knifes and forks on the plates. I walked into the front room and handed Justin his plate and then his drink. I sat beside him and placed my drink on the table and dug into my food. I watched out of the corner off my eye as Justin dug into his. When we was finished i took our plates into the kitchen. When i come back Justin had a frown placed on his face. 

"What's wrong" i frowned sitting beside him

"Ellie text me" he sighed

"Oh, you can go if you want" i shrugged, pretending to not be upset

"No it's nothing like that" he assured

"Well, what then" i asked

"She said she's coming here" he mumbled

"What, why" i exclaimed

"I don't know, she didn't say" he replied

We sat in silence until we both heard the front door slam open, and a pissed of Ellie stormed in the front room. Great.

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