Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


5. Let's Try?

"I turned to face Justin and frowned. He looked at me confused by my expression.

"What" he asked raising his eyebrows

"Why am i sleeping here....In your room" i started

"Well all the spare rooms are occupied" he shrugged

"I was sleeping in a room this morning" i protested

"Yeah, that was my room" he chuckled

"Well why would you let me have your room" i frowned

"You're not, we're sharing" he laughed at my statement

"Why would you want to share with me, we're not friends remember" i mumbled

"Stop being so ungrateful" he rolled his eyes

I huffed and walked into the room. I looked around, trying to work out where i was meant to be sleeping. I heard Justin laugh so i snapped my head towards him. 


*Justins POV* 

Me and Bella were standing outside my room. She didn't seem to happy about sharing with me. I guess she took my comment to heart, the one about us not being friends, but it was true, we wasn't friends. She wasn't here to become my friend, she was here to help us catch Daniel, that's all. We walked into my room and she spun around, which made me laugh. She snapped her head towards me.

"What" she hissed

"What are you doing" I chuckled

"Trying to figure out where i'm supposed to sleep" she sighed

"Well there" i laughed, pointing towards my bed

"What about you" she frowned

"I'll make a bed up on the floor" i shrugged

"You don't have too, i'll sleep on the floor" she protested

"Noo, i may come across all mean and dark, but i still have manners" i half smiled

Smiling is something i never do. Ever. So why was i doing it now? Especially in front of a girl whom i've know for a few days. 

"Thankyou" she whispered


*Bellas POV*
Justin just left so i could get changed into some pj's. I pulled out a jersey from my suitcase and slipped it over my head. It fell about mid-thigh. Just about covering my butt. I wondered whether i should put shorts on, but decided not too. Considering i was from England i had a really great tan, i guess i got it from my Dad who was Spanish. Which meant i could speak Spanish as well. My dad always taught it to me. I often used it when i wanted to curse someone without them knowing. I pulled my hair up into a messy bun and headed downstairs. I walked into the room where Justin had introduced me to everyone. Didi, Nath and Maria were the only ones left in the room. I stood in the doorway, awkwardly. 

"Come in" Maria smiled

I hesitated before stepping in the room, she patted the seat next to her and i sat

"So, Justin hasn't told us why you're here, do you want to tell us" she asked

"I think it has something to do with Daniel" i mumbled

"Well, you must be very important, Justin doesn't just invite people to stay here, unless they are joining the gang" she laughed

I let out a little laugh before asking a question

"Where is everyone"

"On a job" Didi replied

I looked over towards her. Her facial expression was blank. She just looked really depressing, which scared me a little

"All of them" i inquired

"Yeah, Justin, Chaz and Ryan are doing one job together, and Ellie's doing one on her own" Nath smiled

"Oh i see" i half smiled

"So where are you staying" Maria asked

"Urm, Justin's room" i muttered

Her eyes widen before she replied


"Yeah, not in the same bed though!" i insisted

"Ellie won't like that" she frowned

"Why" i asked, curiosity getting the better of me

"Well, ages ago her and Justin had a thing, but Justin broke it off, and ever since she's like been OBSESSED with him" she explained

"And any girl who get's near to him ends up regretting it" she shrugged

"Great" i rolled my eyes

"Well i certainly don't plan on getting close with him" I assured

"I feel sorry for him though" she continued

"Why" i frowned

"Well, Ellie ruins it for him with every girl, i'm surprised he hasn't kicked her out, but i guess he needs everyone he's got right now" she sighed

"What do you mean she ruins it? How can she ruin it" i urged

"Well, if Justin gets close to a girl Ellie threatens her or some shit, and if the girl isn't intimidated by that, then Ellie roughs the girl up a bit, and then they leave, not one girl has tried with Justin after the rough up part. That's the part where to leave, Justin's avoided getting involved romantically with girls for a while now, not wanting Ellie to ruin things" she explained

"That's awful" i frowned

"Yeah, but what can ya do" she shrugged, standing up and heading out the room

I stood up and headed back up to Justin's room. I walked in a climbed into his bed, i could feel myself drifting of, and soon enough i was asleep. 


*Justins POV*

Me and the boys have just arrived home, it's about 1am, which means most of the gang will be in bed. I walked in, followed by Chaz and Ryan. I peered in each room, no sight of anyone. I walked upstairs and looked in the rooms, everyone was in their beds apart from Ellie, which meant she was still out on a job, which was strange, she should of been finished ages ago. She better of not fucked up with this. She was already in my bad books, permanently. I walked towards my room and swung the door open. I stripped down to my boxers and then threw a pair of basketball shorts on. 

I went to climb into my bed when i noticed someone laying there. Shit. It was Bella, i'd completely forgotten she was sleeping in my bed. I sighed and walked over to grabbed a spare duvet. She looked so peaceful sleeping. No Justin shut up, don't get all soppy. I threw the duvet on the floor, but it caught on to the phone charger wire, causing her phone to fall to floor.

"Justin" she mumbled, as i bent down to grab her phone

"Mhm" i muttered

"What are you doing" she yawned

"Making my bed" i whispered

"But it's so late" she frowned

"I know, i just got home" i quietly laughed

"Just get in the bed" she laughed

"What" i questioned

"I know it seems weird, but i'm too tired to make sense" she smiled

I didn't bother arguing. I climbed in next to her, i turned to face the wall, so that i was facing the opposite way from her. My eyes slowly started to drift off and soon enough i was snoring sound asleep. 


*Bellas POV*

I woke up and it felt like someone else was on the bed, i turned my head to see a boy laying next to me with his back to me. I peered over a little to see who it was. Justin. Wait why was he in bed with me? Then it all come flashing back, i had invited him into the bed with me. At least nothing happened. My thoughts were interrupted by a yawn. I turned to see Justin looking at me

"Morning" i awkwardly smiled

"Yeah" he yawned

Rude. I sat up and leant back onto the headrest, Justin done the same and we sat there in silence for a few minutes. 

"Why did you let me sleep in the bed" Justin asked, breaking the silence

"You was being loud and i was tired" i lied

"Don't lie" he frowned

"I'm not" i mumbled

"You are" he shrugged

"Fine, maybe because unlike you, i have a heart. I'm not some dark bitch. I've been nothing but nice to you and you just throw it in my face. Like yesterday 'she's not my friend'. There was no need for it to be said. You're rude and i HATE rude people. For fucksake Justin, not everyone is agaisnt you. Try be nice once in your life, it might actually get you somewhere" I snapped. I had wanted to say this Justin since he made that comment, but i held it in and i was planing to do that forever, but that plan failed. 

"How can you call me rude, i let you have my fucking bed" he yelled

"Oh woppiedo, Justin you told me to move out of my home to stay here, you then embarrass me in front of everyone, and now this, don't fucking bother, if you aren't going to even bother to try and get along with me, then i might as well leave, cause i'm only wasting my time" i shrugged

"Don't" he whispered

"I won't, as long as you promise to try and get along with me, i''m not part of your gang remember, you don't have to act all tough around me" i half smiled

"You're right, it is an act, well it was an act. I don't think it is anymore though, but i will try and get along with you, especially as i need you to get Daniel" he replied

"That's fine with me" i smiled

I got off the bed and walked round to his side, i held out my hand and he looked at me like i was crazy. 

"Take it" i laughed

He thought about it and then placed his hand into mine, i lifted him off the bed and pulled him into a hug, i felt his body tense

"Justin, you're a human for christ sake, not some evil robot" i laughed

Slowly he started to hug back. I pulled away and smiled at him

"It felt good didn't it" i smiled

"No" he mumbled

"I know you're lying" i shrugged

He shook his head and i could of sworn i saw a little smile on his face. I was about to say something when the door flew open. We both turned our heads to see none other than Ellie standing in the hallway. Boy did she look pissed. 

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