Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


7. Leave

I finished puking and looked up at Justin. He looked like he was concentrating. Inside the box was a finger. A human finger. It was disgusting. I could feel my stomach turning again. 

"Who's is it" I whispered

"I don't know" he mumbled

We both stood there for a moment before someone opened the front door. We both snapped our heads up to see a pale looking Nath standing in front of us.

"I thought i heard someone" he rushed

"What's going on" Justin urged

"It's Didi" he replied 

"What's happened" he asked

"Come in" he answered

We both stepped inside and followed Nath, we ended up in a room i hadn't been in before. Everyone was in here apart from Ellie and Ryan. I frowned trying to figure out what was going on. Didi was sitting with her back to us on the sofa. Justin walked over to her and sat beside her. 

"What's happened" he asked

"Daniel happened" she hissed

What was she talking about? What's going on?

"Go on" he continued

"I run into him and his gang, they were by that stupid diner, that's our territory, not there's, i was on my own and they got me" she growled

As she finished her sentence, she held up her hand, showing her fingers, all 4 of them, wait 4? I looked closer and realised she was missing her pinky finger. I felt my stomach turn again and remembered the finger in the box at the door. It couldn't be?

"He did this" Justin snapped

"Yes" she shot

She didn't seem in pain or scared about it at all. She just look pissed. 

"I'm going to kill him" Justin screamed

"No" i squeaked

Everyone's heads turned towards me. I had been standing at the edge of the room by myself. Half of them probably didn't know i was here. I studied each of their faces. They all looked confused at my reaction. 

"What" Justin frowned

"He wants you, you go trying to find him in your psycho mood  and you'll end up dead" i mumbled

"You got any better ideas" he snapped

"I'll go" i whispered, putting my head down

"Don't be stupid, he will kill you" he laughed

"I want to go. He threatened me as well remember, i'll just tell him that you kicked me out and that i want to join his gang, and when i've got enough information i'll come back" i declared, gaining back my confidence

I looked up at Justin who looked like he was thinking about the offer i had just given him

"We will have to make it believable" i went on

"What do you mean" he asked, intrigued

"We have to find out where he hangs around, and have our argument there. So that he doesn't think it's a set up, we will act like we don't know he was going to be there, and then hopefully he will fall for it" i mumbled

"What if he doesn't, he will kill you there and then" he replied, a concerned look on his face

"Justins right" Nath chimed in

"It's the best idea so far" i replied

They looked at each other and Justin sighed

"Fine" he sighed

"We need to do it today" i replied

"What" he frowned

"We can make Didi's incident be the subject of our argument, we will go to the diner now" i half smiled

"Ok" he nodded

I said goodbye to everyone and we headed out of the door and back to my car. We climbed in and i drove towards the diner. When we got close i told Justin to keep an eye out, after about 5mins Justin spotted Daniel. 

"Right, i'll park down the street and we walk up, and when he's in view we will raise our voices and make it look like we've been arguing the whole time, ok" i smiled

"Bell, please be careful" he sighed

Did he just call me Bell? We've only each other a couple of days..... I nodded my head at him and quickly leant over and kissed his cheek before jumping out the car.


*Justins POV*

I didn't want to let Bella do this. Is was way to dangerous, but i don't control her. I can't stop her from doing it. I just hope she'll be careful, she was starting to grow on me, which was unusual because i rarely ever took a liking to someone. Hence why i've only got a small group of friends.

Me and her are standing in front of her car, getting ready to talk towards the diner. I didn't want to start arguing with her in front of people, i knew i would get to into it and i would start getting nasty, but we had to, in order for this plan to succeed. 

We started walking down the road, slowly. I was about to say something when she threw me her car keys. I frowned at her. 

"Take my car to yours, it'll look better if he thinks i came in your car" she smiled weakly

I've know Bella a few days, and she already was  putting her life in danger for us. Why? It's not like she owed us or anything.

"Why are you doing this" i asked, stopping

"What do you mean" she frowned, stopping as well.

"You don't even know us that well, yet you're willing to put yourself in danger for us" i replied

"I know, but you didn't know me that well and you warned me about Daniel and took me into your care" she shrugged

"Thankyou" I weakly smiled

I never said thank-you to anyone. Or sorry. It was like i wasn't able to say them, yet here i was saying one of those words to a girl i hardly knew.....


*Bellas POV*

We was about to walk into Daniel's view. I quickly glanced towards the diner to make sure he would be able to see, and then i began. 


He looked a bit taken back at first, and then realised we was starting the argument



"I knew i couldn't trust you" he hissed

"What do you mean" I frowned

I quickly glanced at the diner, and sure enough Daniel was watching us, just as planned, he didn't see me look, thank the lord. 

"You're just more trouble for us, i think it be better if you left" he shrugged

"So you're just gonna kick me out" I scoffed

"Yeah" he laughed

"I want a reason" i smirked

"Me saying you're out is a good enough reason" he frowned

"Not for me" i hissed

Looks like we had calmed down from shouting at it eachother

"Really, you want me to go there" he chuckled

"Yeah i do" i growled

"Well where the fuck do i begin then, the list goes on and fucking on. The only reason i bothered to invite you to stay is because i thought you would be a easy fuck, i didn't give a fuck if Daniel killed you or not, i was waiting to fuck you, and then i was going to chuck you out, but you've fucked up enough so you're going without our fuck, would you like me to continue" he snapped

I could feel tears forming in my eyes, i couldn't tell whether he was still pretending or not. I really hoped that he was. Why was i getting upset? Of course he was acting? Right?

"No, you've said enough, but you ain't all that yourself Bieber, you're a stuck up jerk who's got no fucking heart, and if you do i'm pretty sure it would be black. You're a nasty person, and i was going to leave soon anyway, i didn't know how much longer i was going to be able to put up with your constant moodiness. Maybe you should try and act nice to people once in a while, it might actually get you somewhere" I hissed, before turning around and heading towards the cafe

Daniel was still staring at us. I pretended that i hadn't seen him, and i purposely walked into him. I looked up and pretended to be shocked to see him

"You alright" he smirked

"I'm not in the mood" i sighed

"Look, i just watch what happened between you and Justin, does this mean you're not his girl anymore" he raised his eyebrow

I felt to say 'i never was' but restrained myself and said something different

"Yeah, i guess so" i shrugged

"Well that's good" he chuckled

"Why" i frowned, praying he would invite me to join his gang

"Let's talk" he nodded towards the diner

I hesitated before following him inside. We sat down at a booth and started talking again

"So what did you want" i huffed, bored out my mind, i wanted nothing more than to be back at Justin's house

"You" he smirked

I looked up at him and studied his face, he didn't look very intimidating 

"What do you mean" i frowned

"Join my gang....." he replied

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