Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


12. Black

Me and Justin are sitting in my front room, watching a movie. I couldn't shake the thought of him calling me beautiful, did he really think that? Did he think i was beautiful? My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. I stood up and walked towards the door. I looked through the little peep hole first in case it was Daniel, it wasn't, it was the pizza guy.

I opened the door and paid for the pizzas. I kicked the door close and walked back into the front room, i sat beside Justin and handed him a box, we both stuck in. 

When we was finished i stood up and put the empty boxes in the bin. I came back to  find Justin on the phone. I sat back in my seat and stayed quiet until he was finished.

"Who was that" i mumbled, focusing on the telly

"Nath" he shrugged

"Oh" i muttered

"He was just asking where i was" he informed

I nodded my head at him and then focused back onto the telly. 

"It's nearly 12, we've got school tomorrow, we should really go to bed" Justin suggested

"Since when did you care" i laughed

"I've always cared" he frowned

"You just don't seem like the type" i shrugged

"Stop stereotyping people" he chuckled

"Whatevs" i giggled, standing up

We both walked upstairs and i opened my bedroom door and walked in, i motioned for Justin to follow. 

"You can sleep in my room" i shrugged

"Where are you going to sleep" he frowned

"My room as well" i giggled

"Are we sharing again" he laughed

"I guess so" i chuckled

I walked over to my bathroom and closed the door, i slipped out of my clothes and got into a baggy top that fell halfway down my thigh. I walked out to see Justin already sitting in my bed, i laughed at him before joining.

I climbed in and laid down, i leaned over and turned off the little table lamp. 

"Goodnight" i mumbled, already drifting off to sleep

I was answered with light snores. He was already asleep, cute. 



I groaned at the annoying noise. I sat up in bed and tried to find the source of the noise. I then noticed Justin's phone, he somehow was sleeping through this noise, i leaned over and slid my finger across the screen, turning the alarm off. As soon as it went quiet i threw myself back onto my pillow and fell back to sleep. 

"BELLA" i heard someone yelling

I sat up straight and took in my surroundings. I then noticed Justin running all over the room, which made me laugh. 

"What are you doing" i laughed

"We're so late" he yelled

"For what?" i frowned

"School" he snapped

"So, i'm not going in anyways" i shrugged

"Oh come on" he sighed

"Nope, i can't anyway, the whole Daniel thing remember" i reminded him

"Oh shit yeah" he sighed

"We've only got a few days until Daniel try's to kill you" i informed

"I know" he huffed, sitting down at the end of my bed

I slowly crawled until i was sitting behind him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and rested my head on the crook of his neck. 

"Don't worry, this plan will work" i soothed


*Graduation Day/Assassination Day*

The last few days had been focused on training. We all had to make sure my idea went exactly to plan, if it didn't, then Justin might not be the only one who ends up dead. 

"Bella get changed" Justin ordered walking into my room

I nodded and walked over to my closet. I pulled out some clothes and threw them on;

I felt like a spy dressed all in black. Justin had taught me a few moves just incase i needed to protect myself, but Justin was meant to be doing most of the protecting for me. I walked downstairs and headed out of the door. Justin had already left whilst i was getting changed. I jumped into my car and headed towards the venue of the graduation. 

I parked my car a few blocks away and walked to the school building. When i arrived i noticed the others straight away, i gave each of them a sly nod. I then made my way to the front of the crowd. Justin was wearing his bulletproof vest on underneath his graduation cloak. The crowd quietened and the man began the ceremony.

"Justin Bieber come to the stand please" the man asked

Justin walked slowly up to the man. The man had Justin's scroll in his hand, which he reached out to Justin, Justin grabbed onto it, and the camera flashed, then the shot was fired. Justin fell to the floor, and everyone started running. I quickly run forward and hid behind the stage. The rest of the gang hid else where. 

I heard the screeching of car tyres and i slowly peered over the stage to see a big black van parked into of it. The doors burst open and Daniel jumped out. He jumped up onto the stage and walked over to Justin's body. He held his gun above Justin's head.

"Adios motherfucker" he laughed, but before he could pull the trigger, Justin tripped Daniel up.

Justin got of the ground and pulled out his gun from his back pocket and held it over Daniels head. 

"Any last words" he laughed

"Shoot and you're dead" he spat

"Bollox" he grinned

The rest of Daniel's gang jumped out of the van and all had their guns pointing at Justin. This was my que. I jumped up onto the stage with my gun held out in front of me, which made Justin turn his head, which was a bad choice because that gave Daniel the opportunity to stand up.

"Bella, kill him" Daniel hissed at me

I pointed my gun at Justin, who looked shocked. I then turned my head to Daniel, with my gun still pointing at Justin. 

"Don't talk to me like you own me" i spat

"What" he growled

"You heard" i chuckled, pointing the gun towards him

His eyes grew wide and then went back to normal and he started to clap his hands and a grin appeared on his face. 

"I should've known" he chuckled

"Yeah you should've" i smirked

I still had my gun pointed at him, along with Justin. 

"What makes you think you two stand a chance against us" he laughed, nodding towards the members of his gang

"This does" i laughed, as i said the words, the rest of Justin's gang appeared on stage. 

Before anything could be said, shots started firing to and from both gangs. Justin stepped in front of me and started shooting. I shot a few fires before i noticed Daniel running away from the scene, i dodged my way through the crossfire and chased after him. He turned down an alley and i followed. It was a dead end, he turned around and a smirked formed on his face when he saw me. 

"Couldn't keep away" he grinned

"Fuck off asshole" i hissed, raising my gun to him

"Feisty, i like it" he smirked

I placed my hand on the trigger when i heard a big noise behind me. I quickly turned my head and saw a cat run out of the trash cans, as i turned my head back round Daniel was now pointing a gun at me. I cursed myself for being so stupid. I pulled the trigger and he done the same, i tried to move out of the way but i felt a sharp shooting pain in my left arm. I fell to the floor and looked down, i had been shot.

I looked up to see Daniel slumped against the gates. I slowly picked myself up off the floor and walked towards him. I looked down at him and saw that i had hit him, right in the chest. I placed my hands on his neck to check for a pulse. Nothing. I sighed and wiped down his neck so that there was no evidence of me being here. 

I grabbed a jacket out of my bag and threw it over my shoulder, hiding the shot wound. I then walked back towards where i had parked my car. I jumped in and sped off to Justin's house. I saw his car in the driveway which meant he had come home. I run inside and found him pacing up and down in the front room. 

"Bella, what happened to you! where did you go? I was so worried!" he rushed

He pulled me into a hug which made me flinch, he then frowned at me

"What's wrong" he frowned

I slowly peeled the jacket of my wounded skin to reveal the wound. I looked at his face which flinched when he saw my wound. 

"What happened" he urged

"Daniel" i whispered

"Wait till i catch him, he'll be dead like the rest of his fucking gang" he hissed

"You won't catch him" i mumbled

"Why won't i" he frowned

"He's dead" i sighed

"What, how" he asked

"I killed him" i muttered

"No way" he raised his eyebrow

"Yes way" i shrugged

I felt disgusting knowing i had killed someone, but he was going to kill me right?

"Justin" i began

"Yeah" he grinned, obviously happy at the fact that Daniel was dead

"I think i need a doctor" i mumbled

I felt really light headed, i looked down at my wound, my arm was covered in blood and my t-shirt was soaking wet. I was losing a lot of blood, not good. I went to walk forward, but collapsed instead. The last thing i heard was Justin calling my name, before everything went black.....

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