Into The Darkness

You just moved from England to Canada. You keep running into this guy, he looks like trouble, but that's what draws you to him. Will you let him draw you into the darkness?
(justins not famous)


11. Beautiful

"Did you stay here last night" she snapped at Justin

"Yeah, what's it to you" he sighed

"Everything" she yelled

"Why, we aren't together Ellie, you don't control my life" he spat

"Justin, please just come home with me" she pleaded holding out her hand

"No" he shook his head

Ellie looked at me, as i said before if looks could kill i would definitely be dead. 

"You" she spat at me

"What have i done" i squeaked

"Everything!" she yelled

"Leave her alone" Justin hissed stepping in between me and her

"Justin it's alright" i assured, gently moving him to the side

He looked at me, there was something about the way he was looking at me? Was it pain? I smiled at him and he looked away. He moved so that he was standing next to me

"You ruined everything" she spat

Justin went to move forward but i placed my hand on his chest, stopping him

"Oh look, she's tamed you" she sneered

"I haven't tamed anyone, how dare you walk into my house and start yelling at me. Who on earth do you think you are, actually i couldn't care less who you are, you could be fucking god for all i cared and i still wouldn't have you coming in MY house yelling at me" i raised my voice

She looked at my for a second, probably shock by my outburst before she started up again

"Justin was meant to be mine, and now you're trying to steal him" she hissed

"You can't steal something that doesn't belong to anyone" i growled

"Don't try and be funny with me" she snapped

I turned and faced Justin. 

"Please would you stand in the other room" i smiled

"Why" he frowned

"I'll explain after" i nodded

He hesitated before leaving and heading upstairs. 

"Now you can say exactly what you want" i shrugged

"Huh" she frowned

"You've been keeping in what you really wanted to say because Justin was here, well he's gone now so say what you really wanted to say" i urged

"Fine, i think you're a little bitch and i don't have a clue what Justin see's in you. You're pathetic and you're probably only living with us because he feels sorry for you over the whole Daniel problem. He would never ever want you, so stay the fuck away from him because he is mine and i loved him" she screamed, tears filling her eyes

"Ellie it's time for you to move on, he isn't interested in you like that, i want to try and avoid an argument with you if possible, i've never ever done anything personally to piss you off, so i can't understand why you hate me so much" i sighed

"You don't get it do you" she laughed, not the happy kind of laugh

"What is there to get" i asked getting frustrated

"I'M IN LOVE WITH HIM" she screamed

"Ellie that's not my problem" i huffed

I was fed up with her trying to blame things on me. She had no real reason to be annoyed at me, let alone hate me. She was angry with Justin more than anyone, but she didn't want to show that. Before either of us could speak she launched herself at me. Great. Now it's turned into a fight. She made us both fall to the floor, she was on top of me she lent down and whispered in my face

"Stay the fuck away from Justin or i will kill you" 

She raised her hand to hit me, but i flipped us over so that i was now on top. I held her hands above her head and lent down and whispered into her face

"Stay away from me or i will kill you" 

I slowly let go off her hands and stood up. She quickly got herself of the floor and just looked at me.

"Leave" i ordered

She stood for a moment scowling at me. I nodded towards the door and she finally walked out of it. When she was gone i called Justin back down

"Why did i have to leave then" he frowned at me

"She needed to get a few things of her chest, which i knew she wouldn't if you was in the room" i shrugged

"Oh, btw, did she use the 'stay away from Justin' line?" he asked

"Yeah" i laughed

"Sorry" he mumbled

"Don't be, i have my own line" i smirked

"What do ya mean" he frowned

"I have the 'stay away from me' line" i laughed

He let a chuckle escape his lips and we both stood there in silence afterwards. This was starting to get awkward. Luckily my dog come running in barking which broke the silence. 

"Hello girl" i cooed bending down and stroking her

"Nice dogs" Justin complimented stroking prince

"Thanks, actually i kind of need to walk them" i laughed

"What about Daniel" he frowned

"Well i thought if i wore baggy sweats, a jumper, sunglasses and this hat i wouldn't be recognisable?" i suggested

"Go try" he laughed

I walked upstairs and slid out of the shorts and slid on a pair of loose sweats, i took of the jean top i was wearing and slid on a baggy jumper, i left the hat on and pulled the sweaters hood up over the hat, i grabbed my raybans of the side and put them on. I tucked my hair into the jumper, i then looked at myself in the mirror, i looked awful. 

I headed downstairs and Justin turned around and a smirk appeared on his face. 

"You look like a guy" he sneered

"Fuck off" i laughed

I grabbed the dogs leads and put them on, i handed Justin one of the leads and i took the other. We left my house and walked around the block, whilst we walked we talked. It was nice, Justin started telling me a little bit about himself, only a little bit though. It would take time for him to completely trust me and properly open up to me, but i was fine with that. 

Today's sunday, which means i have sucky school tomorrow. I might flunk it, i really can't be bothered to go in, i wouldn't get in trouble, i mean my mum's not even here. My thoughts were interrupted by a raspy voice, i looked up to that Justin was talking to me

"Something bothering you" he chuckled

"No why" i frowned

"You just started frowning for no reason" he shrugged

"Oh, no, i was just thinking about school tomorrow" i sighed

"Why" he asked

"I don't think i'm going to go in" i answered

"Really" he frowned

"Yes really" i laughed

"Thought you was a good girl" he smirked

"Well maybe you're a bad influence then Bieber" i teased

"Asif" he chuckled

"Whatever" i sung

We walked back to mine and sat down on the coach. I ordered us some pizza, i couldn't be bothered to cook. Beside i wasn't exactly that good of a cook anyway. Justin was sitting typing away on his phone. I wonder who he is texting, is it a girl? Why do i care anyway? Oh yeah that's right, i care because i fucking like him, but he said he liked me too right?

"Soooo" Justin spoke breaking me away from my thoughts

"So what" i laughed

"Are you going to be alright here, i mean alone all week?" he asked

"Yeah i guess, well you're going to come over aren't you?" i answered

"If you want" he shrugged

"I do" i smiled

We both sat in silence again, i decided to do something about it this time

"Justin" i whispered

"Yeah" he replied

"Would you stay tonight please? I completely understand if you don't want to" i mumbled

"No, i would love to" he half smiled

"Thankyou" i smiled

"No problem beautiful" he smirked

Beautiful? Did he just call me beautiful? Omg

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