Being Louis Tomlinson's Sister

Courtney Tomlinson is a 19 year old girl that has two best friends who are the same age as her, she is the sister of the one and only Louis Tomlinson from One Direction, and she has a crush on a certain curly haired boy in the band and Louis already knows and he's okay with it.


3. Chapter Three

We all finished our dinner and of course Niall was first to finish, we put all the plates in the sink and all the boys decided to watch a movie and they picked Paranormal Activity, really, us girls agreed but inside we were scared, we sat on the lounges me, Abby and Ronnie were on one lounge with a big blanket and the boys were on the other lounges with other blankets, through the movie there was a scary part that came on and us girls screamed and Louis was probably the loudest which is unusual but we all laughed at him anyway, when the movie finished we all fell asleep at 11:00.


The next morning I woke up I smelt bacon and eggs and I got up from the lounge and saw that no-one was still asleep but of course I had to be the last one to wake up, I walked to the kitchen and saw that Liam and Harry were cooking and the rest were sitting at the table,


"Well someone finally woke up" Louis said smiling like an idiot, "Oh shut up Louis" I said laughing and shaking my head, he just laughed, I sat in between Abby and Ronnie and we were all just talking to ourselves when Liam and Harry said that breakfast was ready, we all got up and took what we wanted and Niall of course took the most then we all sat at the table and started eating and talking about what we were gonna do today,


"Why don’t we go to the beach" Louis said excitedly,


"Yeah I agree" Harry said, he then looked at me and winked and I blushed and looked down, Zayn didn’t look to happy to go to the beach, oh well he'll be fine, so we all agreed to going to the beach, we all finished eating and got up to put our stuff in the sink and get ready to go to the beach, us girls got ready in my room but we took turns going to the bathroom so we can change.


When we all changed we walked downstairs and saw that the guys were already changed,


"Ok let’s go" Louis said and ran out the door, we all just laughed at him and followed along and I turned around to lock the door then we started walking to the beach and it takes about 15mins to get there, we were all just talking about random stuff when finally we got there,


"Finally" Louis yelled and ran and we all just shook our heads and laughed, me, Ronnie and Abby took our shirts off to reveal our bikini and the boys just whistled and we blushed, then we all ran straight for the water and messed around, Niall decided we should play tip and we all agreed, Harry was in and we all ran away from him and he started running after us, me and the girls were screaming and running because we knew that we weren’t that fast, so obviously the guys were faster, I stopped running for a bit and the others ran off, gee thanks, I looked to where Harry was and saw him chasing Louis and it was pretty funny watching because I could hear Louis screaming like a girl, Harry never got him and he looked for someone to get when he looked my way and ran straight to me with a cheeky grin and I started screaming and ran for my life, I kept running and running and I saw that everyone was laughing at me, yeah funny guys, thanks, but I still ran, until suddenly he caught me and we fell on the ground laughing,


"Harryyyyy get the hell of me" I yelled laughing,


"NEVER" Harry yelled laughing, and then all I see is Niall and Louis running to help me,


"WE'LL SAVE YOU" they yelled at the same time and they tackled Harry and fell on the sand and Liam and Zayn came and jumped an them and they started wrestling, me and the girls just laughed at them, when everyone started to calm down we decided to get some ice-cream, Niall looked so excited about that, we all got our stuff and walked to the ice cream shop.


When we got there we got what we wanted, I got chocolate, yummy, and we all sat at the table and ate, I looked at Abigail and she was in a deep conversation with Liam, oooooh I think we might have a new couple in town, she looked over at me and I grinned cheekily at her and wiggled my eyebrows and she blushed, from the corner of my eye I saw Harry looking at me and I pretended that I didnt notice so I tried not to blush, we were all finished our ice-creams and just talked for a bit, when it was 4:00, wow we've been here for that long, we decided that it was time to go.


When we got back we went up to the front door and I got the keys to unlock the door, we walked inside and had our showers and sat down on the lounges, Abby said that she had to go home, so we all hugged her and said good bye and she walked out the front door on her way to her house. We all decided that we should play hide and seek and guess who that was, yep it was Louis, we thought that it would be funny to agree that Louis should be in, he frowned and stomped over to a wall and started counting, we all just cracked up and ran to hide somewhere, me and Ronnie ran upstairs to hide and the other guys were downstairs hiding somewhere, me and Ronnie went in my room and I hid in my walk in closet and in my clothes and she hid under my bed, we waited for a while when we heard


"FOUND YOU NIALL" well it was obviously Louis, he was such a child, he then found the rest of the guys but he still had to look for us, I heard footsteps in the hallway and then in my room,


"FOUND YOU RONNIE" Louis screamed, geez can you be any louder Louis, wait actually he can, then I heard my closet door open, damn it, he walked in and then I felt him grab me and pull me out, and well you know what he says,


"FOUND YOU COURTNEY" he screamed, yeah thanks Louis right in my ear, then I hit him upside the head, he gave me a look and hit me back, well excuse me boy, then I hit him again and we just kept hitting each other and turning it into a cat fight and then the guys came up to my room and started cracking up laughing and Ronnie too, me and Louis do this all the time, we finally stopped and then we started laughing, we calmed down a bit and walked down stairs, I went to the kitchen while the others sat on the lounges, I went to open the fridge to get a water bottle when I saw a note and it was from mum, 'Dear Courtney, Louis and the rest of the guys I'm sorry to say that I left and I don’t know if I'm coming back, so please don’t worry about me I'll be fine, love mum', what I'm so confused, I went to the lounge room to show Louis and the rest of the guys and Ronnie and they all had the same face that I had, Louis got up and hugged me really tight and then the rest of the guys and Ronnie got up and joined in too, when we let go I sat next to Louis and Harry, Ronnie sat with Niall, Liam and Zayn, we sat in silence for who knows how long, because we were bored and mum left unexpectedly, we didn't know what to do or say.

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