Hardly Noticed

Clare was only known by family and friends and was never in the neswpaper or on the news she was hardly noticed but she as the sister of Niall Horan and this is how it all started


2. Chapter 2

The next morning I wake up and run down stairs trying to find my birthday presents but as I walk into the lounge room there is a tall good looking blond haired boy standing there in front of all my presents  I run up to him and give him a big hug and I can't believe he finally arrived I then ran up the stairs and jumped on mum and dads bed and yell "NIALLS HERE HE'S HERE HE'S REALLY HERE" mum and dad come downstairs with me and we have a huge family hug I couldn't believe it he really arrived it was the best birthday present ever!!!!   


That morning all we do is talk and talk we show him around the house and then we finally open my presents. When mum and dad went up the street to get some breakfast Niall and I just sat on the lounge we laughed so much it was really good to have my big brother back in the house I missed him so much and was just happy to have him back, he was telling me all about his tour and how much fun it was then he handed me an envelope and I opened inside was a VIP Ticket to his concert tonight "OMG Thank you  Thank you Thank you" I gave him a big and hug and then mum and dad arrived back home with some really nice food and I showed them my ticket I was so excited. We had to leave at 1:00 pm so before that all I was doing was getting ready I just couldn't wait then Niall calls my name and I run down stairs we hop in the car and wave goodbye to mum and dad. On the way there Niall was telling me how the boys were really excited to see my after a long time and then he told me that seats were really good. We arrived and ran inside he shows me back stage and then i see the boys Loui, Liam, Harry and Zayn all standing there with big smiles on the face I run up to them and give them all a big hug they were we so old now and mature but then Loui pulled one of his pranks on Liam so i relised that they haven't really changed, they show me the stage and around the whole stadium then people started to arrived so we had to go backstage but then Michel one of the backstage workers showed me to my seat and it said reserved with some food on it i felt to special then after a while the show started it was the best show ever they were such good singers and then they were flying how cool but when they landed on a different stage all of them gave me a mention i was sooooo happy :)


After the show Michel comes to me again and takes me backstage i see Niall and run to him i tell how he did such a great job and i thank him for the mention it was the best birthday ever!!!!!

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