Hardly Noticed

Clare was only known by family and friends and was never in the neswpaper or on the news she was hardly noticed but she as the sister of Niall Horan and this is how it all started


1. Chapter 1

I rush through the busy London streets I get home and run up stairs into my room I cant wait my big brother is coming home for my birthday I havent seen him in ages, I have heaps of things running through my head then I hear foot steps up the stairs I look out my door but its only mum I give her a big hug and kiss and and say how excited I am to see him, mum said he won't be coming till later tonight but all I could think of was what to wear at my party and what to say when I see him.......


Later on that night I sit on the lounge in my spotty PJ's just waiting for that door to open, time passes and it's nearly my bedtime tomorrows my birthday and the more I wait for him to come the more I think he won't turn up I don't want to have another birthday with only half the family but as mum takes me upstairs to bed she explains that he is a very busy boy and if he doesn't come he doesn't come but that makes me more upset I always see him on the TV and in the newspaper visitig all these people but will he ever visit me?? 

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