When a book becomes Reality

When Andi gets into reading the Hunger Games the consequences are not what she expects...
A book and its characters have never become so real - until now...


5. Till death do us part

A large grandeur building by standards of the town is what we entered into. By my standards it looked old and decrepit. I place that once may have been special and of great significance but now just desolate and abandoned. We were sectioned into two seperate rooms. I used the little time I had to gather my thoughts. Ok so I had just offered to take my sister's - well not my sister but you know what I mean - place in the Hunger Games. I have no idea what it is but I get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about it and I have a bad feeling. Then the handle started turning on the door. The quiet creaking sound suddenly erupted as Prim flung into my arms. "You have to win, promise me you'll win" I promised her I would try my best even though I had no idea what I was playing. My mother kissed my forehead and wished me luck. By the sorrowful look on her face it was almost like she wasn't going to see me again. Why was everyone so upset? What was I not getting? They were then taking away, screaming and kicking by a man in a white suit. A peace...peace keeper.. I think. That's what Katniss' memories were telling me. The door slammed shut and less than a minute later Gale came in and lifted me off my feet. "It's gonna be ok, you just get your hands on a bow. It's just the same as hunting Andi. You can kill those people just like the animals." And then it dawned on me. All these people being picked, I was going to have to kill them. Some how, I was going to have to kill them.

All of a sudden memories of Katniss flooded back. The parade, the interviews, the death everything that had happened in previous games. The likelihood of my imminent death. I started to shake. Fear coursed through my veins and sent shivers through my bones. Gale squeezed me. "I've got you, it's going to be alright." Just as I was calm he was ripped from my arms and as he was dragged away he shouted. "Andi, I love..." His last words unable to penetrate the large, oak door. "I love you too" I whispered barely audible to myself, then I let myself slip away into the dark and collapsed.

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