When a book becomes Reality

When Andi gets into reading the Hunger Games the consequences are not what she expects...
A book and its characters have never become so real - until now...


3. District 12

I awoke to find my arm curled around a sleeping young girl and a cat, staring at me with its mellow, yellow eyes. The glare saying, I hate you and if I was you I would kill you. Just as I looked back at the young girl she opened her these beautiful blue eyes and whispered "Good Morning Andi" Shocked that she new my name I said good morning in reply. She must obviously know me well. I looked around the room and realised where I was. This was the house belonging to Katniss Everdeen. Which meant I was in District 12 in Panem. Which in turn meant that I was in the Hunger Games. But where was Katniss? To check i said "Hey Prim, wheres Katniss?" A confused expression appeared on her face. "Who's Katniss?" Then it hit me. When I vanished into the book I took Katniss' place. I am her but I have always been Andi. There has never been a Katniss in this world since my coming. WHich means there was now no Andi back in my world. I silently weeped for my family. But no, I must stay strong and put up with this until I return home. I got up to go the the kitchen I read up to the bit where Katniss met Gale in the woods. So I found the Goats cheese and left the house. I found that my feet knew the way to go. I made my way to the gap in the fence and expertly made my way through. I needed to find my bow so I closed my eyes and thought. All of sudden I could see the path on my mind. Some of Katniss' memories were still with me. After retrieving my bow I made my way up to the rock which Katniss, I mean I shared with Gale. As I approached the clearing I saw him. Sat there on the rock. The sunlight bathed his face in a beautiful golden glow. I noticed we had the same brown hair and grey blue eyes. We could have been siblings. Then all of a sudden he spoke "Hey Andi." I don't know why but hearing him say my name was like living a dream. I was almost struck dumb until I could say, "Hey Gale." I sat next to him on the rock and brought out the Goats Cheese whilst he brought out a loaf of bread. It smelt so good. He took the cheese and began to spread it onto the bread. "So are you ready for today?" He said. Then I remembered what Leila had told me about. They go through the reaping and the selected ones go into the Hunger Games. I hadn't read past this moment so I had no clue what would happen next, even so I acted like I did. "Is anyone ever ready?" "Good point" he said. "Just don't worry, there only so many other kids out there, you won't picked Andi." "Neither will you." I said "You can't get picked." "Just incase, lets make a pact. If I get picked you try and provide for my family and you get picked I will provide for Prim and your Mum." "Deal." I said. Not ever thinking that we would need the pact. "We better go, I'm gonna go check my snares see you in the square" "See ya." "Oh, and Andi," "Yeah?" "Try to look nice." I shrugged and left as he disappeared into the forest.

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