Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


3. trouble in paradise

shit. that's all I have to say its not my first time in a police station but damn I just got here this has to be a record. I sat in a seat waiting for nicole to come get me and lecture me but then a cop came in, "alright kid your mom couldn't come get you so I have to take you back home" "shes not my mom" I said in a whisper. I got in the back of the car and held onto my bag while the man drove me 5 minutes to my house, I prepared myself for a lecture and was ready to fight back. I wasn't going to let this house destroy me like the last one I was going to be a total bitch. I finally got home and was escorted to the front door where Nicole opened to and gave a sigh of relief "thank you officer im so sorry about this" "its quit alright mam you have a good night'. she shut the door and turned to face me "young lady you are in so much trouble you had everyone worried sick" "so" " that's all you have to say for yourself so" "yeah got a problem" "I don't understand you were so polite yesterday and know you've lost it" "ive lost it ive lost it you know nothing about me you haven't been there for 16 years of my life so no I haven't lost it I had a reason to leave" "and what was your reason" "none of your business" "tell me" "no" "tell me" "FUCK OFF" I ran to my room and locked my door. I threw myself on my bed and cried I cried because I was mad and I cried because she had no right to talk to me like that granted I was being a bitch but that was the plan right? after 10 minutes of crying there was a knock at my door "go away" "its harry" what the fuck was harry doing here not that I minded,, wait what? "um come in" "hey um I came over to see if you got home safe and they told me every thing why did you leave" " its a long story" "we got time". I debated on if I should tell him I hadn't told any one and I meet him only yesterday. "come on I wont tell you can tell me anything" "ok but promise not to tell" "promise". "ok" here go's nothing. 

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