Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


19. The concert

I woke up about ten minutes later to harry and the rest of the guys walking through the door, I didn't want them to see me like this so I quietly climbed out of bed and looked down the hall they were all in a deep conversation. I walked to the bathroom and slowly shut the door and locked it. I turned to the mirror and saw my messy hair, chapped lips, bloodshot eyes, and pale skin, there was no fixing this. I quietly moaned knowing everybody would look at me and feel sorry for me, not something I wanted. I opened the door and walked to the end of the small hall and stood there. zany pointed to me and harry turned around he grabbed me and held me. I broke down again but this time there was no silent cries only whimpers and low crying. I held on to his shirt and felt like a small child who was to scared to go to school but this time it wasn't that simple.

an hour later everybody had gone to get something to eat and me and harry stayed behind. "what now" I croaked "do you want to go home" "no it only just started, tonights your first show and I want to say it". I could tell he was thinking by the way he chewed on his tongue and squeezed my shoulder he looked down at me and spoke "are you sure I can get you on the next flight out you can go home so Darcy I'm just worried about you" "well when you spend the first few years of your life being beaten and raped it doesn't hurt you as much you just feel numb and you cry but then you sleep it off". it sounded strange coming from me after I left cherisher and moved to London with Darcy I had only cut once when she wouldn't stop crying and I haven't touch a razor blade ever again only to shave. " I guess I have to get up and get ready the girls will be back in awhile will you be ok by yourself?" his phone went off and he answered "hello" "yeah I'm ready give me a second and ill be out" "bye". "that's the boys they're out in the van ill see you at the show" he leaned down and gave me kiss but instead of pulling away we stood there for a few seconds when he pulled away rested his forehead on mine "I love you" "I love you too harry" he let go and started to walk out the door but turned around and spoke " were going out tonight wear that red dress you got last week" he winked and left. I walked to the bathroom and turned on the hot water I climbed in washed my hair, I rinsed it and got out I dried my hair and decided to curl it. then I walked to my closet and chose my outfit.

I finished getting ready and waited for the girls. about 30 minutes later they walked in fully dressed:





"you guys look great!" I said "not as great as you" said Eleanor I hugged each of them, I looked at my phone it was seven. " the concert starts in an hour lets hurry up and get there" we made our way to Dani's car and pulled away from the bus "so where to next week" "well tomorrow morning we leave for the airport we are going to fly over to America and stay in new York for two days and then we go to each state, so basicly a new state every day" said Danielle "then after about three months we come back to England play a few shows and continue to travel well be gone for about 9 months but I heard harry had a surprise for you" "PERRIE" "oops sorry" "don't tell me I want it to be a surprise". we pulled into the back entrance and showed  the guy our id's he let us in and we were escorted to the dressing rooms. harry was in a black tee shirt black jeans and his famous boots. "you look amazing" he said giving me a small kiss, "boys you go on in two" "guess that's our que boys". they each gave there girlfriends a kiss and walked out we made our way to the stairs and got in our seats in the crowd. we were front in center but no one seem to notice us as the girls who date One Direction we were the normal girls something I hadn't had in a month. the light got dim and the concert started.

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