Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


5. school day and the jock

*beep* *beep* *beep* I hit my alarm clock about four times before it turned off I rolled over and faced the ceiling thinking about how today would go. I pulled myself out of bed and took a shower I brushed out my hair and walked to my closet where I had hung up some cloths it took me a few minutes to find something but I decided on this:

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and walked down stairs. everybody was up and eating some pancakes and bacon I grabbed a plate and sat down with them. "Abby I have something for you" she handed me a small box and I quickly opened it and in side was the IPhone 5! "oh my god I love it thank you so much" I jumped up and hugged Nicole. we heard honking outside and grabbed our things me and josh were riding with harry today. I picked up my Aztec print backpack and followed josh out the door, harry's car was so cool. i didn't know what kind it was and didn't bother to ask I just got in the back with my phone in my hand. I decided to make a twitter and follow just about everyone I knew. after about 10 minutes we arrived at school and I was so nervous I felt like I was going to puke. harry must have read my mind because I felt him place his hand on my back as a sign to say "it will be alright" I smiled and we walked through the doors. every ones eyes were on me they all started to whisper oh god this was going to be like those movies were they bully the new girl. me and harry walked to the office to get my schedule. we finally got it and saw that I had 3 classes with harry 2 with josh and 2 alone great at least I wont be a loner in every class. I made my way to my first class and I was alone in this one so all eyes were on me. damn it I was 10 minutes late, the teacher introduced me to the class and told me to have a seat anywhere but there was only one.... so many options to chose from. I sat down and pulled out my geometry textbook. I felt eyes drilling holes into me I turned around and saw a jock staring at me smirking. I turned around and continued to listen to the teacher until the bell rang and I rushed out of the classroom to get to my locker. I pulled out my books out of my locker and checked my hair in the small mirror I had put up there but I saw someone come up behind me and turned around and saw the jock that was staring at me in my last class he put his arm up next to me and trapped me between him and my locker. I pushed myself as far as I could but he stood closer every time. "whats your name love" "a-a-abby" I stuttered "ok abby why is a sophomore like you doing in a seniors geometry class" "um im just really good at math" "well I would like to see what else your good at babe" I felt his hot breath close to my neck as I tried to wiggle away but I was trapped I felt the tears come back as I remember what happened 3 years ago. I felt the tears and whimpered until I didn't feel him trapping me but I felt like I was paralyzed and slid down the locker and saw the jock and.... josh  fighting. "touch her one more time and it will be the last thing you do" I couldn't stop staring at the jock as josh kneeled down by me. "are you ok" I could only stare as harry came running to me "what happened" "dean had her pinned against the lockers". I felt harry pick me up and carry me out of the school he put me in his car and drove me home.

as soon as he laid me in my room I heard him and Nicole talking I didn't get to hear it all but I heard them talk about homeschooling. no way in hell was this going to get me down I hopped out of bed and ran to the door. "guys im fine come on harry we need to get back to school" before they could say anything. I could already tell were my day was going but I wanted them to think it would be ok. but what I wanted was for someone to hold me while I cried and tell me ill be fine.

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