Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


8. Harry's suprise

 hey guys so my spellcheck is not working and im like a really bad speller so im sorry for the mistakes i make in this chapter.. oh and its late so this chapter might not be good

*one month later*

well i made it through my first month of school but suprisingly it was very normal nothing really well...suprising.we have a small break coming up a little over two weeks so they can rerenovat the classrooms. me and harry meet in the parking lot and got in his car. me and harry had became good friends over the month i had opened up to him and told him stuff almost no one knows he made me a promise to be there for me.

*flash back*

"OH MY GOD HARRY STOP IT TICKLES" i yelled as harry tickeled me,  'its suppous to dumbass". he finally stopped and let me breath "harry i honestly think i have never laughed this hard since...well you know" "im glad cause i love that smile". "harry promise me something" "yeah anything" "promise you'll always be there for me". i know it was a hard thing to promise but i needed someone who would be there for me. "of course i'll try my best" "thanks harry" i gave him a hug and we hung out for the rest of the day until he had to go.

*end of flash back*

"abby" "huh what" i was brought back from my thoughts by harrys voice "come on were here and i have some news to tell all of you" e said with a small smile "um ok". we got out of the car and walked to the front door i unlocked it and we went in. "hey guys harry says he has something to tell us come on down" i yelled i was suprised to see josh had beat us here. he had been catching a ride from another one of his friends. after a few minutes everyone came down and we gathered in the living room. "ok guys so you remember how i wanted to audition for the x-factor right" of course we did thats all he ever talked about. "well i get to audition" he said with a huge smile i could feel the color in my face turn pale i felt numb while everyone jumped up and cheered for harry. "Abby" he couldnt leave me i trusted him to keep his promise i mean i know we hadnt known eahc other long but he was really my only friend. "guys give me a minute with abby" everyone left and there was me and harry. he kneelt down in front of me "abby whats wrong" "you promised you would be there for me harry you promised" by now i was crying i know i was being a bitch about him but him..yes i said it i loved him. "abby you know i wont forget about you we could call every night and who said i would win any way" "i know you'll win im  sorry for being a bitch about it" "its ok i know why". "so when do you leave" "tommorrow" "well i should go pack ill call in a little while". he walked out the door why didnt i tell him how i felt i now know that my fellings for harry were serious but he would go and win because he trained himself every day for that moment where he would have his spotlight. i walked up to my room and laid on the bed i felt my eyes start to drop, "i love you harry styles" and i fell asleep.

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