Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


10. all over agian

*3 years later*

"come on darc i have to go to the shoot" i called to my three year old daughter. you guys remember me abby you know the little girl that was in love with now famous harry styles. well i guess i should fill you in on my life so far. well after harry left i was invited to a party by kara and well dean was there. i had a litte to much to drink and ended up sleeping with him. after a few weeks i found out i was pregnet and well you get the rest. so after darcy was born i found a job as a model and know thats what i do full time. hope that got you caught up.

me and darcy made it to the shoot and my manager filled me in but it had to be a surprise on who it was. i grabbed darcy and walked to the back where the "surprise" was. i knocked on the door and walked in, i stopped dead in my tracks as i saw those green orbs meet mine. "abby" "harry" he ran up to me picked me up and spun me around. he put me down "what are you doing here" "well im the modal for the shoot" "so you finally decided go for it", I had been talking about it for a while before harry left. he saw darcy "whos this cutie" he said kneeling down by her, "this is darcy,my daughter". he looked up at me in shock "daughter" "ill have to fill you in later but why dont you introduce me" "well this is niall, liam, louis. and zayn". they all waved and then my manager came in "abby the photographer called he wont be coming today" "oh ok well i guess me and darcy are going to get something to eat and finish packing" "where are you moving" "london so i can get darcy into school". i turned to get darcy and saw she was in louis lap half asleep, "oh louis im sorry here ill take her" "no shes fine" "hey why dont you come to our place and mabey later i could help you pack". I debated on it but I hadn't seen harry in almost three years "sure" that got some yays around the room which woke darcy up "mama I tired" she said getting up from Louis lap and coming to me. we left about 2 and went to their flat but when we got out of the car the paps surrounded us I felt harrys hand on my back leading me through the crowd. we finally made it through the crowd and up to the flat. "TOY'S" I heard her shout darcy don't mess-" "its fine their here for lux but she can play with them" we walked to the kitchen to talk while the boys played with darcy. "so hows Nicole and everyone else" Nicole had finally divorced her husband before darcy was born "um the girls are fine and you know josh moved out last month so I guess every ones good" there was silence for a while "whos the dad" "um.....dean, deans the dad" his face turned into shock "dean as in dean Williams the guy me and josh beat the shit out of when we were in high school" "look harry it was a party there was alcohol and things just kinda spiraled out of control" "does dean even know about her does she even know who her father is" "damn harry calm down shes two fucking years old and no dean doesn't know" "so she wont have a father" "I DONT FUCKING KNOW HARRY" it came out louder than it should have. "look harry I have to go come on darcy" she came running to the kitchen but instead of running to me she ran to harry he opened his arms and gave her a hug "good night princess" "night night" I picked her up and said by to every one and left.

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