Cheshire crush

Never would I have thought I would fall in love with the boy from the bakery, but some how I did. I knew moving to Cheshire would change my life, not like this but things happen. I think Im in love with Harry Styles.


15. A day at the beach

we paid the driver and walked down to the beach, "alright guys we have to find them"  we walked down the beach a little bit until we saw 4 boys sitting in a circle. we walked a little closer and then you saw harry, Louis, liam, and zany but no niall, "hey guys" they stood up and gave each of us a hug "so why did you send us all over the place" perrie asked "we thought it would be fun for you guys and here you go" harry handed us each a bag with bikinis in them "well go change theres a changing room over there" we got upand walked to changing room I had a white bikini with black dots all over it I walked out and saw perrie in a red one Eleanor in a black one and Danielle in a royal blue one. "alright lets hit the water" I said dragging harry to the water we were soon joined by everyone else, I went out a little farther and laid on my back. I felt hands on my body and I was soon wrapped in water I popped out and saw everyone laughing "alright styles your dead" I jumped on his shoulders and soon I had him under water. he came up and tackled me but instead of pushing me under he held me in his arms I wrapped my arms around his neck and we sat there soon our little water fight turned into a make out session. "if you two are done you can come join us around the fire" I turned and looked at Liam "yeah were coming" I hopped out of Harry's lap and walked up to the fire. I hadn't noticed how dark it had gotten it started to get cold so the fire helped a lot. we all laid around the fire looking at the stars . I looked at harry and saw that he had fell asleep so had everyone else I slowly moved trying not to wake harry and made my way down to the edge of the water and sat down looking at the water. I love harry I really do the way he makes me smile the way I fell when im around him the way his dimples appear when he smiles the way he looks at me with so much love, the way he looked at me before he left. without him I fell like life isn't worth it he honestly doesn't know how many times I tried to kill myself after he left I never want him to know that. I'm afraid to love him though. I know I said I love him and that's what scares me I'm going to love him then he's going to hurt me that's how past relationships worked I loved them and only them then they cheat or abused me. I was to busy in my own thoughts that I didn't see harry come sit next to me "what's wrong" "what um nothing" I plastered my fake smile on "nice try something is wrong you have that look" "what look" "that one were you've been thinking to hard and your worried I've seen it to many times Ab" "harry were getting serious and you have no idea how much I love you and it scares me I'm afraid your going to hurt me" "Abby you know I wouldn't" "how do I know that we were best friends harry and I never wanted to fall in love cause when I do it ends horribly harry I love you and it scares me" "Abby I love you so much and when I left you I felt  like I had left the one thing that mattered to me I love you and you know I would never hurt you Abby your my best friend and the one I love" he had my face cupped in his hands looking at me with those eyes I fell in love with. "I love you too" I gave him a kiss and rested my forehead on his "we need to get back to the bus" he said "cant we just stay here" "I wish". we got up and woke up everybody we put out the fire we packed our things and got in the van. we got to the bus and put our stuff down "I'm going to take a shower" I grabbed my sweat pants and tank top and went to the bathroom. I took my bikini off and got in the shower mabey harry is right I have no reason not to trust him I'm overeacting again. I got out and dried my hair and put on my clothes I saw harry was already in bed so I climbed into the bunk next to him. I laid my head on his chest and felt his arms wrap around me I breath in his scent and fell asleep

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