Harry Potter and the Princess of Gryffindor

The princess of Gryffindor and Harry potter is off to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, expecting it to be a very calm, peaceful, fun and happy year for everyone. But what happens when Harry had to face Voldemort for the third time, after last year, and needed help from the princess of Gryffindor, who was handpicked by Godric Gryffindor himself, if he had to defeat Voldemort? then something very unexpected happens. he falls deeply in love with the princess. What can he do to save her, as if he has to defeat Voldemort, the princess herself has to risk losing her life too. Chances of survival very very low. What can he do? And horrifying things happen at Hogwarts. Disappearances and not to mention a murder of a student! who was behind all those things? And the other strangest thing is, the princess and harry keeps on seeing the same similar nightmare for months! Was it a clue to save the students of Hogwarts? Or was it a clue that they were the ones to defeat Voldemort?!


17. Hogsmeade

I sat down at the table and started eating greedily. Hermione, Ava, ginny, Ron and harry stated at me as if i was born in mars. "What?" I snapped. "Fiona, when did you last eat?" Ron asked me. Everyone laughed except me. "Humph! I'm just hungry!" I said irritated and continued to eat. They shrugged at each other and just let it go.
After lunch, everyone got ready to go down to hogsmeade! I wore a fluffy pink jumper, and a santa's hat, except its in purple, and a mini fluffy fur purple mini skirt with big high purple boots up to my knees and very thick pink stocking socks, as It was a very cold winter day. 
Everyone got out to the gates. We followed filch. After walking to what felt like a hundred years, we all saw tiny little houses on a rather small hill. But it looked beautiful. There were "ooh!" And "ah!" And gasps from everyone. A group of sixth year Ravenclaw girls actually squealed in delight.
We climbed up the hill. It wasn't as hard as i thought, but we reached the village in 1/2 an hour. Filch left us there and went back. we were all to ourselves now! you might be thinking i am probably mental, but I literally wanted to live there! I examined every inch of the place in awe. It was a beautiful village. I am more into city life than village life, but this place was marvelous! 
Hermione, harry, Ron, Ava, ginny and i were together. We entered Zonko's joke shop. In the shop, There were doctor filibuster's no-heat water fireworks, fanged frisbees, fizzing whizz-bees and loads of stuff! They were amazing! I bought some stuff. 
Then we visited honey-dukes sweet shop. It was magnificent! The walls were painted multi colored in a very nice pattern, and there were loads of candy's and sweets displayed! There were liquorice wands, Bertie blots every flavor beans, cockroach clusters, canary creams, never-ending gum drops, bewitched gummy bears and... Oh i cant say anymore they just look so so tasty. I am extremely fond of sweets so i bought one of each and tasted them.  I bought more of the ones i liked after tasting and went out with the others when they finished. 
Then we went to the three broomsticks. Inside, the place was warm. All our cheek's color faded as everyone's cheeks' were pink with winter cold. We sat down on a table and Ron ordered "6 butter beers". I don't have a single clue of what a butter beer is. "What in the bloody hell is a butter beer?" Ava asked Ron. "Its a beer with butter!" He replied sarcastically. We all laughed."no seriously. What is it?" Ava asked again. "Its something to warm you up in winter. Just a drink. Don't worry. Its not really alcohol." He said hastily. Ava nodded. 
We chatted about a lot of stuff when the butter beers arrived. Ron was so right; it warms every inch of your muscle, like hot cocoa, except it tasted buttery and sweet. It was tasty i've to admit. We chatted about the ball, and ginny and hermione wanted to buy some stuff, while harry and Ron wanted to go check out dervish and bangs, a joke shop, so me and Ava decided to go to the shrieking shack. Just near it. People used to say, Its the most haunted place in Britain. And People also say that violent spirits who come for revenge, lives in the shrieking shack and the villagers used to hear howls and moans, and it had stopped almost 20 years ago but still no one goes near it, 'cos people are too scared. I think its perhaps the ground might swallow them up or something!

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