Harry Potter and the Princess of Gryffindor

The princess of Gryffindor and Harry potter is off to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, expecting it to be a very calm, peaceful, fun and happy year for everyone. But what happens when Harry had to face Voldemort for the third time, after last year, and needed help from the princess of Gryffindor, who was handpicked by Godric Gryffindor himself, if he had to defeat Voldemort? then something very unexpected happens. he falls deeply in love with the princess. What can he do to save her, as if he has to defeat Voldemort, the princess herself has to risk losing her life too. Chances of survival very very low. What can he do? And horrifying things happen at Hogwarts. Disappearances and not to mention a murder of a student! who was behind all those things? And the other strangest thing is, the princess and harry keeps on seeing the same similar nightmare for months! Was it a clue to save the students of Hogwarts? Or was it a clue that they were the ones to defeat Voldemort?!


19. happy or sad ending

Fiona's POV:

We headed to filch, as he was waiting for everyone. Then when everyone was present, we all left for Hogwarts.

It was already 6:45 so everyone rushed to get ready. I rushed to the shower in my dormitory and showered. then i wore the dress. It like the princesses in muggle stories.. Wait, i am a princess! Silly me!

Mum sent me all the cosmetics and accessories too so i wore them. Everything was midnight blue, and a bit of baby blue and white and silver too! There was a silver tiara in it too!

After i got dressed, it was 8:15!! The ball starts on 8:30. Ava was wearing a shocking pink evening ball gown and hermione was wearing a bright turquoise tight dress. I beamed at them. They looked astonished. "Fiona.. You look beautiful!" Ava exclaimed. I gave her a smile and a quick hug. "Wow.. I'm speechless!" Hermione said. Then we went out to the common room.

Everyone was there, with different colored dresses and dress robes. As i stepped out to the common room, The chattering died away, and all eyes were on me. I felt very embarrassed. Then everyone started clapping. The Weasley twins actually wolf whistled! I gave them a little bow. Then emerged harry. He was wearing bottle green dress robes, and his hair slightly messy, and he looked stunning. I smiled at him. He smiled back and stepped up to me. "Is your date harry?" Someone shouted from the crowd of people. "Yes." I said blushing. Then he held my hand and i held onto his and made my way to the great hall.

The great hall was very different. The place was filled with ice statues and the walls were decorated with holly. The place was beautiful. but before anyone could enter, the door shut. Everyone started whispering angrily. Then Dumbledore appeared. He was wearing a red travel cloak and a wizards hat. "Lady's and gentlemen. Everyone except the princess and her partner, enter the great hall if you may." He said. " see you later" said Ron, hermione, Ava and ginny together. Harry and i nodded.

When everyone entered, Dumbledore came up to me and harry. "You have to start the dance. And then others can join." He said smiling. I never knew how to dance. I'd look like a jerk if its about dancing,"But professor! I dunno how to dance!" I said panicking. I mean, who wouldn't! Dumbledore smiled at me and showed me how to dance, with professor Sinistra, who was passing by. I gained a bit of confidence. That was easy.

"Now do you feel ready?" Dumbledore asked. I nodded. Harry smiled weakly. "Okay. When i open the door, you must enter, and when you get in the middle of the dance floor, start dancing." Dumbledore instructed. We nodded.

He opened the door, and the chattering died away. I entered the great hall, hand in hand with harry. Then we started to dance. I felt my cheeks go hot, in shyness and embarrassment, as i was dancing with my crush, and everyone was staring at us. Then after the song ended. Everyone clapped. Dumbledore came up to us. Professor flit-wick scurried behind with a box. I knew i had to make the oath of the royalty.

"will you, princess Fiona Rebecca Jo-Ann McKinley, be honored to handle the honor of being the princess of Godric Gryffindor?" Dumbledore asked formally. "Yes" i said. "And will you be wise enough to be the heir of Godric Gryffindor as well?" Dumbledore asked formally. "I will" i said bowing a little. The crowd started clapping politely. The professor flit wick opened the box and i saw a golden turquoise tiara. I gasped a little. Harry took the tiara my mum sent me, off my head and handed it to Ava. Then i bowed a little as Dumbledore placed the tiara on my head. There as a roar of applause from everyone. I beamed around. Then something caught my eye. It was Malfoy. He was looking sad. He looked at me. For a moment, we had made eye contact, then i looked away to harry. He smiled at me. "You look gorgeous princess!" He said. I felt my cheeks go hot. I knew i was blushing. "Thank you" i replied.

Then there was the music and everyone started dancing. Ron and Ava, ginny and Colin, Hermione and Seamus, and of course, me and harry. There was a slow music on. Then there was a bit faster song. After that another faster one. After a lot of dancing, i couldn't dance anymore so me and harry helped ourselves with some butter beer.

I noticed that harry can't take his eyes off me. "What?" I asked giggling. He smiled. "You look too beautiful to be looked away." He said winking. I giggled and playfully shoved him. "Ouchie! Ickle pwinchess gave hawie a booboo!" He said in a baby voice, making a sad puppy face. I laughed. "Aww.. Let me kiss it better!" I joked. He looked at me in the same puppy face. "It huwt hewr! Kiss it bettew!" He said in the same baby voice pointing at his hand. "No! I won't kiss it!" I said in a mommy voice. We joked around for a long time.

"Lets go for a walk shall we?" He asked me, as we ran out of fun stuff to do. I nodded, and we went outside to the grounds.

The sky was black but filled with stars. "Isn't it beautiful?" I said looking at the sky. Harry looked at the sky then at me. He shook his head pouting, which made him look cuter."Nope. Not at beautiful as you." He said. I looked at him and smiled. His eyes were so nice and stunning. His hair messy with all those dancing. Then suddenly, there was a meteor shower. Or in other words, loads of shooting stars. "Ooh harry! Make a wish! Make a wish!" I exclaimed clapping my hands. He laughed. "Okay okay hold your hipogriffs!" He said still laughing. Then he closed his eyes. And held my hand. "I wish.. I wish that all thats in my heart, would be true one day." He said slowly and quietly. "I wish I would get all what i want in my heart." I said closing my eyes. I felt harry look at me. "Fiona your a princess! You will get what you want!" Harry said, surprised. "I know.. But not wealth or anything like that... I want... Love." I said shyly. His eyes bulged out and he had shock written all over his face. "Love?" He asked me bewildered. I nodded. "I am waiting for my true love, not to come to me because i told him to, but on his own accord, not because i am a princess, but because i am fiona, not because of my wealth and glory, but because of me being me.." I said slowly looking at harry.

"i have questions for you fiona.." Harry said, making me sit down on a bench for two. "Yes? Ask me." I asked sweetly. He looked at the ground, then looked at me. "Well... What qualities do you want your true love to have?" Harry asked me. I looked at my hands, daring not to look into his eyes. "Well.. I want him to understand how i feel. I mean.. Like if i am going through a tough time, he has to understand and comfort me anyhow, and he has to be kind to others. And he has to be protective, like if anyone wants to do anything bad to me.. He has to make sure it doesn't happen. And i want him to show me that he loves me.. By giving surprises occasionally, And to gain interest in my interests, and not to ignore me, and to care, share, love and most importantly, to support and help me stand up and fight, not to run away or hide.." I said shyly, cheeks stinging and burning like hell. He smiled.

Then somehow i knew what question was coming, and it wasn't good! Uh oh! "Okay.. Then my next question is, who was the crush you were talking about on the summer while we were playing truth or dare?" He asked me gently. Now my cheeks can't take it anymore. Oh my god what can i do? Then it came to me! "Harry... I know you have a crush too. I can tell. You tell me first!" I said hastily. He looked suddenly at me and turned bright pink. "Well.. Just don't get angry or something.. Er..." He stammered. "I won't get angry harry.." I said soothingly. "Fiona, just wait a second, i'll be back. I promise! Really! I promise..." He said and went towards some rose bushes and picked a red rose.

I slowly stood up. He came back and kneeled on one knee and took my hand and kissed it, and handed me the rose. It was so beautiful. " Fiona... Ever since i saw you, i knew i blushed hard. No girl made me blush so much. And i knew that I had been having a crush on you since i saw you, like love at first sight. The way your hair flowed down to your hips, the way your honey eyes were always filled with calm, peace, happiness and delight. The way your cheeks go pink makes you look more adorable. You were one of the people which made me happy and nervous at the same time. You were the person i truly love fiona. I love you." He said gently looking into my eyes. I can't believe it! He actually loves me! "I love you for who you are.. I don't love you because your the princess. I love you for being you, for being so unique." He continued. He got up and kissed my hand again. "Will you be mine Fiona?" He asked me, still looking into my eyes.

Harry's POV:

I thought she'd say no, but i said what was in my heart, what has been urging to come out since the day i saw her. But if she said no, i would be shattered forever. I can never stop crying.

"Oh.. My... God.." She exclaimed. "Harry.. Tell me this is real.. And not a dream..." She said dreamily. "Its real fiona. Its very real. I can't believe it too. But its real." I assured her. Thats true. I myself can't believe i said all that to her. Really. I mean, Who can?

"So.. Is it a yes or no?" I asked her. My curiosity was getting better of me. "Of course harry. Its a yes." She said sweetly. Then she flung her arms around my neck. I hugged her back. It was a very lovely moment. I nuzzled my head in her neck for a while and then, We let go. And then something very unexpected happened. I can't believe it. She kissed me on the lips. Its like sparks were flying around us. My first kiss was to my real love. Hers was too. It was a very happy moment, a moment i thought would never come.

After ten beautiful seconds, we let go. "You know what? I have been having a crush on YOU the whole time." She said. I was just being paranoid for some stupid reason. "Really?" I asked her. She nodded and looked down to her stilettos. But i lifted her chin, so she would make an eye contact with me. "You are too beautiful Fiona. I can't let anyone in this world have you.." i said. She giggled. "Well, i only love you so no one can have me.." She said, and gave me a peck on the cheek. And she made a slightly serious face. "Hey i didn't say why i love you!" She said. Then she held my hand and started to stroke my hand with her thumb and looked into my eyes.

"Harry, ever since i laid my eyes on you, i can't stop thinking about you. You were so kind, caring, sweet,lovely and not to mention, flirty! and i felt like i've known you for ages! Your always messy hair-" she giggled and her cheeks turned pinker. I guess she really loves my hair. Wow! I'll always keep it messy from today! "-you stunning green eyes, your soft touch and everything was very perfect for me. I didn't like you because you are 'the harry potter who defeated the most evil sorcerer' i like you because you are 'harry' and you always will be 'my harry' and thats why i love you..." She said still looking into my eyes. I felt myself blush too! "Th...thanks.." I managed to say. She gave me a smile.

She hugged me again. "I never wanna let you go..." She whispered. I hugged her back. "Mm hmm.. Me neither.." I whispered back.

"OI HARRY!!" Shouted someone. Fiona and i let go and turned around and saw Ron, Ava and hermione. Ron was the one who shouted. By the looks on their faces, i knew they were eavesdropping! God damn it! "FOR HEAVEN SAKE RONALD WEASLEY WHY IN THE MERLINS BAGGY Y FRONTS DID YOU INTERRUPT!?" Hermione yelled at Ron. Fiona turned more and more pink each second. Ron looked at hermione in shock. "Blimey hermione! I have ears on my head to hear what you say you know! You don't have to shout!" Ron said. Hermione looked pissed off. Ava slightly giggled. Fiona smiled, i could tell she was trying not to giggle, and to my surprise, she was pretty successful!

They came up to us. "We're sorry! We came here to search for you as you weren't at the great hall and when we came here you were here and we couldn't-' hermione started saying everything so quickly, i couldn't even understand some words, but thank god Ron cut her off. "Bloody hell hermione loosen your corset and let yourself breathe!" Ron said. Hermione gave him a death glare and 'humph'ed. Ron fell silent immediately. Ava and Fiona giggled. Hermione turned to us.

"Well, we got worried as you two were nowhere to be seen-" but Ron cut her off, yeah, again! "she thought you both got kidnapped as you're very high in the wizarding world." He said sarcastically. She glared at him and looked back at us. "We came here to find you and saw we could've... Er... Interrupted.. Er.. A happy moment, so we decided to wait, but Ron here-" she glared at him again "-couldn't wait any longer without interrupting. We're sorry Harry! And you too Fiona!" She said sadly, but still shooting death glares occasionally at Ron. Fiona nodded. "hermione 'tis okay. No matter, right harry?" She asked me. I nodded in agreement. "Yeah Hermione.. 'Tis okay! Don't worry!" I caught up. She looked a bit better. Ava nodded. Ron did too.

"So.. Are you dating?" Ava asked. Fiona looked at me, cheeks filled with color. "Well.. Er.. I guess so." I said finally. Ron looked amazed. "People will talk about that one for centuries! Maybe millenniums!" He exclaimed. Fiona smiled. "I guess so." She said. Hermione beamed at me."Well harry, i knew the whole time you loved Fiona, i can see you blush around her and act nervous, and you try to protect her. I saw it from the beginning harry." Hermione said in an as-a-matter-of-fact way. The colour of fiona's cheeks rising each second.

"How come?" I asked amused. Hermione just smiled. "I'm your best friend harry. Did you forget?" Hermione asked. I looked at my feet. "Sorry." I muttered. Hermione patted my shoulder. "Its okay. I understand." She said nicely. "Well lets head towards the castle." Ava said.

Fiona's POV:

I can't believe Harry actually loved me. I guess this is how true love feels like. It feels amazing!

We walked towards the castle, my fingers intertwined with Harry's fingers. Ava and Ron still looked shocked but hermione looked as if its obvious. After all, she has brains!

We entered the great hall and everyone stared at us. They still thought harry was my ball partner, so they looked a bit casual. "Lets show the world we're together." Harry whispered. I was shocked. I felt myself panic, what if i get a lot of hate? That wouldn't be too good! Uh oh! "What? Why?" I hissed back. He just smirked, and kissed me straight on the lips. I kissed back. Everyone in the great hall gasped and turned towards us. I knew Harry was smirking, sheesh. I'm dying of embarrassment here, my cheeks growing hot.

We let go a bit quickly. Harry looked at me. The crowd 'aww'-ed at us. I saw the Weasley twins wolf whistle. I felt so shy.

Some girls gave me death glares, but i didn't mind. Ginny looked depressed and angry. The teachers beamed. Then Dumbledore stood up. "Ah.. Young love. Such a beautiful thing it is.." He said dreamily. Harry blushed red. Then Dumbledore clapped. The others joined in, applause and wolf whistles bursting from every direction. the ghosts clapped too! I saw Malfoy sulk into a chair, tears leaking out of his eyes. I felt bad and sorry, but i didn't have feelings like that for him.

The applause died and Harry spoke up. "Thanks everyone. From today, Fiona is my Girl Friend." He smiled at me. I stared at the ground, more shyer than ever! There was one more dance and the ball ended.

I headed to the Gryffindor common room alone when i felt someone grab my wrist and pull me aside to an empty classroom. I saw it was Malfoy. Shit. He was a complete mess. His hair was messy, his eyes were bloodshot, his skin paler than he already was, his face very tear stained.

"Y-yes?" I stammered. He looked at me. "Why are you with Potter?" He asked me, more like a command. He grabbed my upper arms and held on tightly. "Because i love him." I said calmly. He still kept his gaze on me. "You do?" He asked me surprised. I nodded. "Well the crush i talked about near the shrieking shack was him you idiot!" I said obviously. Now, His misty eyes were piercing into my honey ones. "Do you know how miserable i am?" He asked me sadly. I shook my head. Sheesh.

He sat down on a chair. "I really have feelings for you Fiona." He said burying his face in his hands, sobbing slightly on a steady rhythm."Well, your unlucky this time. Be with someone else to wander your mind away from me." I said casually. He looked up. "I'm so jealous of Potter." He said with disgust. I smiled. "Its his time to be happy, and your time to be sad. Before you were happy bullying him, and he was sad, now, its your turn to be sad."i said pointing my finger at him menacingly.

"Well i better be going. G'Night." I said and left him there, rooted to the spot. I was actually pretty happy, but sorry too. i gave the fat lady the password "baubles" as I entered the common room. Everyone left to sleep except Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ava. Harry practically ran towards me and gave me a quick hug."Where were you? I was worried sick!" Harry asked me, holding my shoulders with both his hands. Everyone looked at me. "Well, it was Malfoy." I said slowly. His face flushed with anger and concern. "What did he want?" Hermione asked mysteriously. Ron and Ava exchanged curious looks. I explained everything very briefly. Hermione listened attentively, like as if i was a teacher and she's the student.

When i was done, there was a heavy silence. Hermione looked at her fingers on her lap, thinking deeply. Harry paced to and fro, whole Ron and Ava just sat there, looking at me. Then hermione looked up.

"Hmm but i still do think he has feelings for you Fiona, though Ron's theory could be true along." She said in a back-to-business tone. Ron looked at her in amazement. But hermione turned to me. "Well, my theory is; you-know-who gave Malfoy the plan to make the princess fall for him and bring her to you-know-who, but instead-" hermione sighed and shook her head. "-he fell in love with her, and he is afraid for two major things; first one, that you-know-who might do something to his family or him because he didn't bring her. Second is, Fiona might loathe him, and the second fear is coming true i guess" hermione said. I turned to her. "I don't loathe him, i just don't like the way he is to you guys." I said simply.

"Your a genius Hermione!" Ron said. Hermione looked modest and turned a bit pink. "But how do we confirm that the theory is correct?" Harry asked. Hermione sat down on an armchair. she made a thinking face and started thinking. Everyone sat down in an armchair and started to think along.

After a while hermione stood up so abruptly that everyone slightly jumped. "I got a brilliant idea!-" Ron smiled ear to ear. "-Brilliant, but extremely complicated." She said. Ron frowned the instant hermione said complicated. Ava looked up. "What is it?" She asked. Hermione beamed. "Poly juice portion." She said. Ron stood up. "Excuse me but what the bloody hell is a poppy juice portion?" He asked. Hermione looked at him in disgust. "Its poly not poppy Ronald. And Don't you listen to Snape in Portions?" Hermione asked him irritatedly. Ron and harry shook their heads. Ron sat down again.

"Well, its a portion which can make you look like someone else for an hour. But ONLY an hour. If you wanna stay longer like the person who changed into, you have to drink it every hour regularly." Hermione said. Harry stood up. "But how long does it take to brew it?" Harry asked. Hermione frowned sadly. "A month." She said miserably. Ron stood up, shock written all over his face. "WHAT?! A MONTH? THIRTY FREAKING DAYS?!" Ron yelled in shock. I was pretty shocked too. Hermione nodded sadly. Harry and Ava looked as if there would be no christmas anymore. "And its pretty complicated. We have to steal some ingredients from Snape's private stores." Hermione said seriously. Harry sulked into his armchair miserably.

"Well, we'll talk about it tomorrow. Its sunday." He said yawning. Everyone nodded. Harry stood up. "Night" he said and gave me a peck on the cheek and left, Ron close behind him. Ava and i got up as we entered the dormitory bidding hermione good night.

I changed into my pyjamas and laid on the bed, thinking, was it a happy or sad ending tonight? Before i knew it, i drifted into a nightmare i may never forget in a million years...

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