Harry Potter and the Princess of Gryffindor

The princess of Gryffindor and Harry potter is off to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, expecting it to be a very calm, peaceful, fun and happy year for everyone. But what happens when Harry had to face Voldemort for the third time, after last year, and needed help from the princess of Gryffindor, who was handpicked by Godric Gryffindor himself, if he had to defeat Voldemort? then something very unexpected happens. he falls deeply in love with the princess. What can he do to save her, as if he has to defeat Voldemort, the princess herself has to risk losing her life too. Chances of survival very very low. What can he do? And horrifying things happen at Hogwarts. Disappearances and not to mention a murder of a student! who was behind all those things? And the other strangest thing is, the princess and harry keeps on seeing the same similar nightmare for months! Was it a clue to save the students of Hogwarts? Or was it a clue that they were the ones to defeat Voldemort?!


5. Gringotts

There were A HELL LOT of shops in this place.i wish i had eight eyes, to catch a glimpse of everything around as we followed our mums. "Like it?" Someone whispered into my ear. I got startled and turned back to see harry. "Oh crap harry you gave me a fright." I told harry, as i let a sigh if relief. He smirked at me and repeated his question. "Definitely!" I exclaimed. He chuckled. "Kids. We're here at Gringotts Wizarding bank." Called out mum as we entered a marble building. There were some little men. They looked weird.  I guess harry read my mind. " they're goblins. They guard the treasure." Whispered harry to me and Ava. " where's your family Ron?" Asked Ava. "Oh they'll be at flourish and Blotts, buying books." Said Ron dismissively. We came up to a goblin. "I wish to enter vault 267 and vault 268 and vault 753 please." Said mum in a business tone. The goblin looked up. " where are the keys madams?" Asked the goblin suspiciously. Mum gave a key while Aunt Patricia gave another similar looking key and harry gave  a key like that too. He examined it, snorted and said."Follow me"
We followed the little goblin into a stony cave like place. There was a cart. "I hate these rides. they make me sick" said harry and Ron in unison. " Bog-rod! Come here!" Called out the goblin. From a door, came out another goblin. "drive" said the goblin to bog-rod. He nodded and sat near a steering wheel. We all jammed into the cart. Then suddenly, it started to move. Harry and Ron were dead right. It was sickening. Suddenly it stopped. " vault 267" said  bog-rod. Mum climbed out. The goblin opened the door and mum took out some galleons, sickles and knuts. Then we stopped at vault 268. Aunt Patricia took out her stuff. Then at harry's.
I thanked god that i got outta Gringotts. I'm never gonna ride the cart ever again. Ron, Ava and Harry  looked green. I think i did too. 
"Ava and Fiona, go get your wands. To the shop there at the corner written Ollivanders. Harry dear and Ron dear go search for Molly will you. We will go to Flourish and Blotts to buy books. Meet us there. It might be long as there are many people around. Off you go" mum said waving a hand and thrashing ten galleons on my hand while Ava's mum gave her some Galleons for the wand

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