Harry Potter and the Princess of Gryffindor

The princess of Gryffindor and Harry potter is off to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, expecting it to be a very calm, peaceful, fun and happy year for everyone. But what happens when Harry had to face Voldemort for the third time, after last year, and needed help from the princess of Gryffindor, who was handpicked by Godric Gryffindor himself, if he had to defeat Voldemort? then something very unexpected happens. he falls deeply in love with the princess. What can he do to save her, as if he has to defeat Voldemort, the princess herself has to risk losing her life too. Chances of survival very very low. What can he do? And horrifying things happen at Hogwarts. Disappearances and not to mention a murder of a student! who was behind all those things? And the other strangest thing is, the princess and harry keeps on seeing the same similar nightmare for months! Was it a clue to save the students of Hogwarts? Or was it a clue that they were the ones to defeat Voldemort?!


15. Announcement filled with mix emotions

months passed like wind. Now its december 4th and its snowing a lot. My favorite subject is charms and defense against the dark arts, (we also call it D.A.D.A) i'm very good at charms, but D.A.D.A is interesting. I got full marks in every charms test. And my favorite teacher is Flit-wick. 
Portions was pretty horrible. Snape used to insult everyone except the Slytherins. If the Slytherins bully us, they don't loose points, but we loose point of we bully the Slytherins. How unfair! 
Transfiguration was pretty strict, but professor McGonagall was deeply impressed by Ava's work, she was best at transfiguration. 
Days passed and at last it was december 6th. Tomorrows a saturday.  At Dinner time. I sat down at the Gryffindor table next to Ava. After we made our transfiguration homework. Then something unusual happened. Dumbledore stood up. He usually stands up in feasts. Everyone fell silent, all heads turned towards Dumbledore, mostly in curiousity. "Students. I would like to inform you all something. A very honorable news!" The place was filled with whispering and murmuring.  Somehow, i knew what Dumbledore was about to say... "Tomorrow, we are holding a ceremony of the chosen princess, as you all know Godric Gyrffindor chose his 2000th descendant as the prince or princess of Gryffindor,  so as it is a girl, its a princess. Researchers have concluded, that the princess was born and she's here, right now, in this hall." The murmuring started again. I felt my cheeks grow hotter, hotter and hotter each second. "And she is... Fiona, McKinley" Dumbledore said, pointing a finger at me, which made me more embarrassed. Everyone looked and pointed and stared at me.EVERYONE IN THE GREAT HALL! this is so very much what i call, embarrassment! Oh my god. Everyone was staring at me. I guessed my cheeks were crimson right now. I wished i could be invisible, act as if i did not exist, and curl up in my bed.
"We are holding the ceremony tomorrow, a ball more like. it is called the ball of oath. so be ready. And wear your best dress robes and dresses. And most importantly, bring a partner with you. Even first years as the princess is a first year.and there will be no lessons tomorrow,-"everyone cheered. "-but a visit to hogsmeade for cosmetics for all of you to groom yourselves.-"Again more cheers"-And to get ready. So... Chop chop!" Dumbledore said, getting up and leaving for his office.
Then almost everyone but the Slytherins congratulated me. A group of rowdy Hufflepuff girls gave me disgusted looks as a group of cute Hufflepuff boys congratulated me warmly. 
Ava, harry, Ron, ginny, hermione and i headed to the Gryffindor common room. The moment i opened the portrait hole, there were  loud cheers and applause from the whole place. People were chanting, "fiona the princess!" On and on which made me wanting to escape to my dormitory. Fred and George lifted me up. Everyone cheered. This was not what i actually wanted. Then came the worst part. People started asking to be my date for the ball. I didn't wanna say no. I wanted to go with harry. 
Everyone partied until 12 when percy came and shooed everyone away. Then there were only harry and me in the common room. "So princess, how does it feel?" Harry asked me mockingly. "Don't call me princess harry!" I said irritated. He smirked. "Ooh yes indeed your majesty, your highness, your-" "SHUT THE SHIT UP!" I yelled. He stopped dead, looking hurt. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings! Gosh. "I'm sorry Harry!" I told him. He looked down and nodded. "I'm going to bed. I'm t-t-t-tired..." I yawned. I got up when he grabbed my wrist and spun me around, facing his lovely green eyes. He held my waist. It didn't feel like the way i felt with Malfoy. This was more welcome and warm. He took a deep breath. He hypnotized my hazel eyes, which made my cheeks go hot."Fiona, will you go to the ball with me?" He asked calmly. 
I just stared at him. His eyes full of happiness. I dunno. It was too good to be true. I wanted to shout out 'YES!' But some invisible force stopped me. "Harry.. I.." Was all i managed to say. "Yes fiona? Just tell me, yes or no?" He said gently, now stroking my hair with one hand from behind. "Yes harry. i will go with you..." i said gently as i smiled at him. 

Harry's POV:
One part of me said she'll say no, the other said she'll say yes. "Yes harry. I will go with you.." She said, smiling. Her smile was so beautiful. I felt a flower just bloomed inside me. I dunno why i did it, but i hugged her. Tightly. I nuzzled my head in her back. She hugged back. I stroked her hair gently. I felt a tear of happiness trickle down my eye. I wiped it off quickly and let go. She looked at me, smiling. I smiled back. Then something i never expected happened. She flung her arms around my neck, and stared at my eyes. And she gave me a soft gentle kiss on my cheek. Her lips were so soft. I felt goosebumps erupt on my body the moment her lips touched my skin. I shivered slightly. I felt myself blushing. God, this girl makes me blush a lot! She blushed a lot too. "G'Night harry" she said smiling and left. I just stood there, dumbstruck, and not wanting to believe what just happened. If Malfoy just saw that... He'd be so jealous, and I would be the luckiest boy in the whole universe!

Fiona's POV:
I dunno why i did it. My body just urged me like, "come on fiona! Give him a kiss!" Like that. So i did it. He blushed like crazy! Does that mean, he likes me? Oh my f god! Thats so unbelievable!
Oh i forgot! Tomorrow's my birthday! I dunno what others will give me. And there'e the ceremony. And the ball.. Just because of me! Thats omfg! With all those thoughts, i drifted off to a dreamless slumber...

I woke up as someone was shaking me. Hard. "FIONA!" That voice sounded familiar... Hmm... Ava! "Wuzzgoinon?" I said stupidly. ""HAPPY B'DAY!" Ava and ginny shouted. I sat up slowly. "Thanks gals" i said slowly. "Go to the common room. We kept you presents there" said Ava. 
I slowly got up, half asleep, wore a pink dressing gown and went down and saw harry, Ron and hermione "SURPRISE! HAPPY B'DAY FIONA!" They yelled, which made me jump and fully awake."Thank you everyone." I smiled at everyone as they beamed at me. There was a pile of presents near my favorite armchair by the warm fire.
I sat down there and grabbed a big package. It was written, 'To fiona on her special day, from Ron" i looked at him and he smiled. I opened it and saw my favorite chocolate cauldrons. I love them a lot. "OohThanks Ron" i said and gave him a quick hug. 
Then there was a smaller package. Written, 'To Princess Fiona ;) on her B'day, With lots of love from hermione' i looked at her and she gave me a warm smile. I opened the package and saw a quill, it wasn't an ordinary quill, it was a luxury rare harp eagle feather quill. "Ooh thanks hermione!" I said and gave her a quick hug. There were five more!
I grabbed one. It had a letter on it. I opened it and it read;

"Dear fiona,
How are you sweetie? Doing well?first, i wanna apologize for not telling you that you're the princess. Its compulsory to tell you in your twelfth b'day, not before that. but Dumbledore probably had other plans, so he told you beforehand. but we don't mind. now you know that. I apologize once more. Please forgive me. You have had so many to go through...
This is a birthday gift from mum and dad. Hope you like it.Always remember we love you a lot! You will always be mummy and daddy's Princess! ;)
with love, 
Mum and dad" 

I read the letter out loud.I felt a tear trickle down my face. I wiped it off and opened the package. There was a shocking midnight blue ball gown and matching accessories and a pair of silver stilettos with it. It was beautiful and my favorite color! All i managed to say was, "wow.. Its beautiful" i was so astonished and examined it in awe. "Oh my f god! Did you write to mum about the ball?" Ava asked me. I nodded. Harry was dumbstruck. He stared at the dress, then at me, then at the dress on and on continuously. "I love it" i said and kept it aside, my mouth slightly open.
There was another package with a letter. I picked it up. The letter said:

"Dear 'princess' fiona,
Hows everything? Hope you're doing good. Ava and Rebecca told me about a ball. Have fun. And do find a hottie for your date!
I'm so proud to say my niece is the princess of Gryffindor. You are just like my daughter like Ava. Ava will take care of you. And tell her to find a hottie as a partner too!
Happy B'day dear. Hope you like my 'lil present!
Lots of love,
Aunt Pat and Uncle John

I read the letter out loud. Ava groaned. "Mum is so..." She couldn't complete. Harry was blushing. I giggled.
"by the way fiona, do you have a partner?" Hermione asked calmly. I felt myself blushing. "Umm.. Yeah" i said. Ron, hermione, ginny and Ava smirked at each other sneakily. Uh oh! "Who's it?" Ava asked grinning evilly at the others. Harry looked as if he's interested in the eagle quill, but blushing crazily! lol! I fidgeted in my seat uncomfortably. "Uh.. You'll know... At the ball i'll show you.." I told them hesitantly. They still grinned evilly. "Hmm.. We'll see..hee hee..." Ava said. That did not good! They'll mock me and harry for life! Oh my god! I looked at harry for backup. He nodded, still blushing. 
"Hey lets look at your aunt's present!" Harry said hastily. Everyone looked at him, surprised as he suddenly popped up into the conversation. "Umm yeah lets do it!" I caught up, nodding vigorously. and literally started ripping and tearing it open. It was a blue and green jumper with 'Princess Fiona' written in red and yellow. It was so cute. "I love it!"  I exclaimed.
There was one more present. It was very tiny. There was a note neatly decorated and written in none other than, harry's writing. It read:

Hey princess fiona!
Hope you like my present! Keep it with you forever, And never lose it! as its a mere memory from me to you. 
tons of love,

I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back. I knew even if its small, its memorable. i tore the paper carefully. There was a small leather box. "Open it will you? You know, i can't hold my curiosity!" Ron said impatiently, jumping up and down in his seat. Everyone laughed. I opened the box, and saw a very elegant silver ring. With a turquoise on it. Turquoise.. the gem of december. He was so clever. My favorite gem. It simply stared at it in awe. Everyone's mouth was opened in shock, except Harry's. he was smiling broadly. I stared at him, and stared the ring. "Its.. Its... Beautiful harry... Thank you.. Harry.." I said slowly. Then i flung my arms around his neck and gave him a tight hug and let go. "Your welcome princess. Wear it for the ball" he said. I nodded. "Oh my Jolly Wobbles do you realize what this is fiona?" Ava said. I nodded. "Its so beautiful!" Ginny and hermione said together. 
then, There was a very awkward silence. "Bloody hell mate!" Ron exclaimed at harry. Harry just grinned. "Did you steal it?" Ava asked him. "What the...?! No! Why would i?" Harry snapped. "Your whole vault might be empty!" Ginny said. "No. Its not. I still have a lot you know." Harry said coolly. But still, no one could believe it harry bought it. 
"Your so lucky to have a boyfriend like that!" Ava said seriously. I felt myself go pink. Harry went pink too. Others just stared at Ava. "Ava, he is NOT my boyfriend." I snapped. "Well... He's a boy, and he's your friend, so he's your boyfriend!" Hermione caught up. "Yeah yeah whatever" i said
Then the common room started to fill up. I  freshened up. I wore the jumper aunt pat sent me and some dark blue denim jeans. I poked my head out to the common room and saw everyone standing there as if waiting for someone. Thats strange. Then i went outside myself. "SURPRISE!!" Everyone shouted at once. For a moment, i wished i was deaf. It kept ringing in my ears."HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU! HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU!HAPPY B'DAY PRINCESS FIONA!HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU!" Everyone sang and clapped. "oh my god. Thanks everyone! Thank you a lot!" I exclaimed. Then some people gave me presents. "Thank you everyone! I dunno how to explain how very happy i am! This is my best B'day, ever!" I yelled out to everyone. "Your welcome!" Said a lot of people and everyone rushed to eat breakfast. 

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