The Truth

Lilian Pete who's nick name is just lily seems to always finds herself in trouble. And most times it's only because she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. She doesn't try to cause the trouble, it just always seems to find her. Until one day she doesn't think something is right. On her journey to fit the peices in from the past she meets a boy who will change her life, yet will she be ok when she finds out the truth? Well what is the secret, read to find out.


3. A note not knowing

Lily POV

     I nodded my head and then he said, "ok good, you dropped this note yesterday, don't worry though I didn't look at it." I was confused but I still accepted it and took it. He then said, "oh and by the way I'm Niall Horan, it's nice to meet you, see ya around." I nodded my head after he left and I opened the note. What the Hell is this a joke?!

Niall POV

    I kind of lied i did look at the note, I'm afraid for that girl. Damn it I should of asked her, her name. The note said she is already and dead and your next. But who is she?! Ugh I need to keep a look out for unusual stuff happening. 

Lily POV

   For some reason I don't think that boy wrote this note. But who would write this? And who is she? I'm pretty scared, I don't know what to think! Who would want to hurt me? I don't have any friends. So it's not like I hurt somebody's feeling or talked to anybody beside that boy. And I don't think he is the one who wrote it. Ugh I got to stop thinking, my mind is going to explode. I finished grabbing all the stuff that I need to buy and I paid for it. I left with my grocery's and walked home. I finally unlocked the door and put my grocery's on the counter. I shut the door and then I put my grocery's away. I decided that I should try to call my sister again, so I did. *ring* *ring* 'hey this is kaity, Leave a message after the beeb'. That is weird, she still hasn't answers my other calls and she hasn't called me back and now she still hasn't answered this one. Oh well she must just be really busy. I guess I'll leave her another message. " hey kaity it's me Lily again. I would really like to talk to you, it's pretty lonely over here so please call me back when you get the chance. Thanks bye." I hung up and threw myself on the couch and sighed.

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