The bully

The bully story about a girl who got bullied to the MAX!!!! And a teacher helps her and ends up falling in love


2. chapter:2

Kalyn yanks Bella by her hair to bring her back. Bella yells : ooooowwww!!!. Kalyn and Cecelia laugh at Bella. No ones in the hallway to witness. The push her against the lockers and bang her head on the lockers...........hard!!!

After their done with her the kick her in the stomach and watch her cry till they heard footsteps and ran away. The teacher heard crying so he followed the sound of crying till he found her on the floor shaking.

He helped her up and took her to the nurse. Nurse:"Bella if you want you can go home sweetie". Bella: "yes please and thanks".

Nurse:"anytime sweet heart".

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