The bully

The bully story about a girl who got bullied to the MAX!!!! And a teacher helps her and ends up falling in love


12. chapter: 11

Bella went to class and was just working on a math quiz in mr.lardin's room when a note was passed up to her it said.

Hey Bella it's me jeff I really like you and do you want to go out?

Bella knew jeff was the hottest guy in school but she didn't know what to do she sadly replied no then passed the note back. Mr.lardin looked up at her and mouthed are you ok? She mouthed back yeah. Then he looked back down at his computer. Then jeff sent another note saying

Ok I understand you want to be apart of my crew she replied yes

Ok but you will have to ware blue and black and I need your phone number please and thank you

Ok and it's (757) *** *** *


Then Bella got back to her test at the end of class she turned in her test but mr. Lardin told her to stay back so she did

Lardin: hey Bella what was going on back there you guys were passing notes

Bella: nothing was going on I have to go

Lardin: wait

Before anything else happened Bella ran out of the class room

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