We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


9. Good byes are never easy, unless you won't remember tomorrow

**Maddy's POV**

I was going to say good bye, but I knew I was going to regret it when I got the surgery in about a year. The surgery for my memory. To regain all that was lost, to remember all the love that Niall has given me over the past three months that he has been here. He loves me, and I love him so I have to trust him. I don't want to never forget him, as I don't want to forget me. That would just be to hard.


**Niall's POV**

SHE IS COMING WITH ME!!! YESSS! I can't believe it, there for a moment I thought she was going to say she didn't want to go or that she couldn't. That thought scared me. I know she would forget me, that is just what happens for her. After a week she forgets her dreams, she forgers me. I would never forget her but she would forget me. She was my Princess, my first love, the my only love. I can't let her go. Not now. Not ever.




**Maddy's POV**

I woke up in a place that I have never seen before. It was almost like if you where kidnaped and taken to a dreary dark room. I looked around and see my suitcase in one corner of this room, my diary I have kept for a while. I look at the last page I wrote. "August, 19, 2016." this cant be true. Yesterday was December 23rd 2014. This can't be right. I read through the page and I catch some details that I will need until I get the surgery I talked about. "Niall" "Blonde" "Fall head over heals each day." "Nothing is better then the sweet taste of his lips." I nod and walk out of my room to his. I nocked on his door and he opened up and it was like the world started revolving around him. He is what my made my life complete. He is the one.


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