We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


5. Dinner ----- Niall's Arms

I decided to skip the cake but instead to get a cute green dress, I needed one since I hadn't gotten new clothes in a while. I got a green dress because green is my favorite color. Also because i an mostly Irish and was bourn on St. Patties day. Crazy right?

While getting ready I noticed that something was wrong. I couldn't figure out what. My hair was curled, my make up was perfect, jewelry was the best amount for my outfit, and my shoes where perfect, they where 6 inch heels that made me look about a foot taller.... That is the problem, my shoes, he isn't much taller than me and with these heels I will be taller than him. Back at my closet I find a pair of shoes that match my dress, black, no heel, but has a cute fabric pattern.

As soon as my shoes are on and I am picking up my purse I hear a nock on the door. When I open the door there are four boys there. None of them Niall. But all of them very familiar.

" 'Ello Mamuazell," The one with stripes and brown hair said with a really bad, fake, French accent. "Ve are here zu lead you zu yoor date." He continues with the ascent and I just laugh. All four of them attempt French accents and quite epicly fail. The last one though extends his arm and from his shirt he was wearing a sleeve of tattoos are visible and one strikes me. 'ZAP'. I look at him, then towards the other three in horror, shock, and most of all, panic. I felt the need to run, away from where I am standing. Down the hall way and into his who's arms I felt most comfortable, happy, and most of all save in. That person was Niall, and that is just what I did.


I know, this chapter is really short, even for this story which has some really short chapters, I realize this and will be double up dating counting it as one, and since I don't want to have to start another chapter when I am counting it as one, that is why there are two names for this chapter.

Get ready cause 'Niall's arms' starts now.


Once I reached the door I started pounding on the door and the boys where running after me. I remembered my dream loud and clear now.

When Niall finally opened the door I was crying and near my breaking point. When the door was opened I rushed into his arms and just stood there crying, and he let me, crying off all my make up my tears and gasps slowed nearly to a stop, slow enough that I could talk, and explain my story. When I was finished Niall's brows where one straight line, and a frown was plastered on his face. The boys, who Niall had told to give me some space, where in his room whispering away.

"This really happened?" He asked and handed me a cup of tea.

"In a dream." I nodded and took a sip not caring if it burnt my tung and throat or not. Still in Niall's arms, but feeling much better I squirmed a bit. He looked at me and I went to the radio and turned it on. When it came on it was Bruno Mars "It will rain". As I listened I let the music move me and I swayed to the beat witch soon turned in to full blown dancing, we danced to  this song in my old dance studio, that was until I became an instructor my self. When the song was over the next song was "The A team" by Ed Sheeren. As I sat down I felt Niall's eyes burning a whole in my skull.

"What?" I laugh and sway to this song as well.

"You can dance?" He says in awe.

"Well I would hope so, I am the instructor to the dance team down the road." I giggle.

"You where amazing." He is obviously in shock still and I stand up. 

"I can teach you a few moves if you want." He nods and I reach my hand out, he grabs my hand and we begin dancing to none other than "Wings" by Little Mix. We danced all night to some of the best songs ever made. It was really fun until it was time for me to head home.

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