We will be dancing till the end of forever

The story starts with a girl, who is as confused as can be upon what is going on. It continues with a love story and ends with the saddest goodbye known in the world.


14. Back to the room.


I woke up in an air port. The person standing over me, shaking me awake was him.. His name, I should know it, he was the center of my dreams. His name was Nathan? No, but it started with an 'N', that is all I know. The man next to him, although handsome, nothing compared to Nick.. nope that's not it ether. Turning my head I see a plane taking off. Trying to remember how I got her I manage to remember a fight... Between this blonde male, Ni some thing.. "You're going to have surgery?!"  "Big something!" "It doesn't matter how strong you are!" "Who cares if I get polarized?". That is all I remember but it is enough to know we had a fight.

"Liam, do you think she will remember?" Ni-something asked.

"Niall, everything will be fine." That's his name. "She hasn't remembered before, she probably won't remember this time." FALSE. I wanted to shout but I stayed quiet so I could listen to more, I have learned so much already, I have to know more.

"But what if she does remember? What if she stopped loving me?" I could never stop loving him, although he did make me angry, not angry enough to turn me away.

"Trust me, Niall, that won't happen. She won't just stop loving you because of a fight." With my eyes now closed I feel familiar arms wrap around his waist, I am off the chair and now am being held  like a child would be carried. My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms placed around his neck, my head on his shoulder.

"I hope not. Could you get her bags please?" I feel him nod to something. Then shifting me so that my arms and head are in the same place but now I am being cradled in his arms. Between the steady beats of his heart and his steps that had the same tempo I was asleep again before we got to the exit of the air port.


When I picked her up I knew she was awake but I let her pretend to sleep, hoping that when she did decide to open her eyes she wouldn't remember the fight from two nights ago. As I was walking her breaths got heavy and her arms limp on my shoulders, she was asleep now. I looked down at her, at the angel in my arms that had pain written across her beauty. Instantly I knew that she remembered the fight. Every word.

**Maddy, ((The dream, I just thought I would put in another dream since I haven't for 13 chapters)) 

The words played back. The anger in his voice sent chills down my spine. "Get surgery then, what do I care? The best it could do is let you come out a corps!" The door that I didn't realize was there slammed in my face. Collapsing I started to cry. When I started to cry Niall was there again. Not angry this time. Just worried. "Maddy wake up. Come one honey it is just a dream." His arms wrapped around my body.


It was in her dreams. The fight. I could because she would mumble words that she shouted at me when she left that night. The words I hoped I would never hear my princess say.


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Seems like I cut out some of the fight!

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One last thing, I am a little over 1/4 way through the story! It seems like I just started but I know that I will be done about chapter 40 or so and this is 14.. Sad to think about but I have many stories that I have waiting to be started! 11 to be exact. If all my stories get 40 chapters that world be 600 chapters! A lot to look forward too!!

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