Forever and a Day

Mikayla was just a normal teen, she fell in love and had her heart broken many times, then some one came around that would once again hold her heart but he was not just any person. His name was Harry Styles. Known as the player of the pop world Mikayla stood on guard of her heart until she was 100% sure she could trust the beautiful boy with the curly brown hair. Maybe, just maybe, she will put down the guard right away, maybe for the first time she will fall in love with some one that falls out of love.


9. Dissensions, Dissensions.

***Two weeks after the last chapter***

**Mikayla's POV**

The past two weeks have been terrible for me. I haven't eaten much, hardly moved, just sat watching the news as day by day Harry had new girls going out with him. Harry has called three times a day leaving voice mails up the arse that I never checked. As soon as he realized I wasn't going to pick up my phone he sent text after text. "Mikayla?" "Text me back" "Or call me" "We need to talk" "Hello?" "Please text back" "Are you ok?" "Please come on tour with me, I promise I will take care of you." "I will feed and water you as often as needed." "Liam said it was ok if you came.  Will you?". At this point I was done. I turned off my phone and headed to Anne's room for some girl chat.

**Harry's POV**

"Guys, she isn't texting back. She hasn't even looked at my past ten texts." I look at my band mates with worry and hope that she will do some thing. Any thing.

"Aye, mate. Just give the lass some time." Niall spoke rolling his eyes and turns back to the TV. With his beer in hand.

"I am trying. It has been two weeks though.. I am starting to think that she hates me." I look at my phone and nothing happens. No text from her. No call. No anything.

"Just give her some time. That is all she needs for now." Liam pats my back and heads to the beds to take a nap for the long trip a head of us. I soon follow knowing I won't get sleep until I hear from her.

**Mikaylas POV**

After the talk with Anne I decided where I was going. Back in the bed room that I borrowed from Anne. Grabbing all my bags I again called Maddy and Callie. "Hey, I just wanted to tell you what was going on between me and Harry."

**Harry's POV**

No call. No text. No nothing. Just silence and my tired breathes as I sit there waiting for Mikayla to communicate. But noting comes. Not a single thing. That is all I am thinking of when I drift into an exhausted slumber.


"Mikayla?" I reach out towards her.

"No Harry." She backs away.

"Why are you leaving me?" I shout into the fog that she was disappearing into.

"I don't belong. Not with you. Not here. It's just not right for me. I am sorry." She is gone.


**Mikayla's POV**

With all my bags in Callie's  car we headed to the air port where I would soon be getting on an air plane heading to Canada so I could surprise Harry at their next consort.


I am so sorry that this took me soo long. I had a major writers block and until tonight I had no clue what to write.

Well anyways. Comment with questions for me or any of the characters. Also comment with ideas or concerns. Well basically anything that has to do with this story. Thanks all my lovely readers. Love to all.

Stay strong my loves.

Callie xox

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