Forever and a Day

Mikayla was just a normal teen, she fell in love and had her heart broken many times, then some one came around that would once again hold her heart but he was not just any person. His name was Harry Styles. Known as the player of the pop world Mikayla stood on guard of her heart until she was 100% sure she could trust the beautiful boy with the curly brown hair. Maybe, just maybe, she will put down the guard right away, maybe for the first time she will fall in love with some one that falls out of love.


10. Canada

**Harry's POV**

I didn't feel like doing any thing. I didn't want to go to our concert. I love Canada and all the fans there but I am just not feeling up to singing tonight.

"Mates, I don't think I will be going to the consort tonight." I look at the boys and then back at the TV.

"What? Harry? Is this about that Mikayla chick?" Zayn rolls his eyes.

"Yes. As a matter of fact it is." I look at Zayn and he is shaking his head. "What would you have done if it was Perrie, Danielle, Eleanor, or Maddy?" I look at each of them.

"That is a different story." Niall looks at me with horror stricken eyes.

"I don't see how." I challenge him.

**Mikayla's POV**

In the arena I sat in the seat Anne got for me. The girls sitting by me looked at me and I heard one of them whisper "Thats her, thats the girl I was telling you about." And then there where giggles. "Really? Her?" More giggles. "What does she have that we don't?" "I don't know. Maybe fat and ugliness." Yet more giggles. "Or maybe its-"

"You know what just shut up!" I Yell. "Just because you are whispering doesn't mean I can't hear you. And just so you know Harry and I have been neighbors since we where like five and just so you know he would never date some low life bitchy ass holes like you." I look away and then i feel some one pushing me.

"What the hell did you just say?" One of the girls is standing with her hands on her hips.

"I think you heard me." I take a step forwards.

"Well excuse me. At least I'm not some bitchy ass hoe!" She yells back.

"Oh so you are referring to one of your friends?" I look at the stage. The clock says it is 9:55 am so the consort will start in about 5 mins.

"Excuse me?!" One of her followers said.

"Yeah bitch you heard me." I look at her and she is furious.

"Umm. Bitch you don't know me. You can't judge me." She pipes back.

"Well you don't know me, so what in the hell gives you the damn right to judge me?" I fire back.

"Well- um- it." They for once are speech less.

"That is what I thought." I laugh and sit down in my seat.

"Well you don't know us." She says standing in front of me.

"Yeah we covered that already." I say. "Now can you sit down? I can't see the stage and the consort is about to start." I throw her a fake smile and I watch the stage 10 feet in front of me."

**Harry's POV**

I decided that I would go and preform. I didn't really feel like it but the boys made me. Some times I really hate them.

In the dressing room I just threw some thing on and walked to Lou to do my hair.

"Harry you feeling ok?" She asks when she sees me. I shake my head. "Wanna talk about it?" I shake my head again. "Ok hun. Well if you ever want to talk just let me know." She pats my shoulder and starts fixing my hair up for the consort.


Walking out the roar of the fans was almost unbearable. When I look in the crowd I see some girls having an argument. "Girls in the front row. I don't know why you are fighting but I am asking you now to stop or I will have the big guys drag you out of here." The girls stop and look at me. The one that was pulling the others hair looks over and smiles with some stupid grin. Two more girls get up and reveal the face I have been longing to see for weeks. "Mikayla?"


Hiii guys. I just really wanted to write this today soo...

Love you all. Thanks for reading. Oh and one more thing. 200 reads by friday and I will write five more chapters. (Wow right?) haha.

Love you all. Happy reading.

Stay strong!

Callie xox

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