Forever and a Day

Mikayla was just a normal teen, she fell in love and had her heart broken many times, then some one came around that would once again hold her heart but he was not just any person. His name was Harry Styles. Known as the player of the pop world Mikayla stood on guard of her heart until she was 100% sure she could trust the beautiful boy with the curly brown hair. Maybe, just maybe, she will put down the guard right away, maybe for the first time she will fall in love with some one that falls out of love.


11. Back Stage

**Mikayla's POV**

After getting my hair pulled, punched and kicked some one finally got the three dip wads off me. When I stood up I felt dizzy. When I stood up my name echoed throughout the arena. Harry stood at the end of the stage with his microphone in hand looking at me.

"That's Mikayla?" Niall walks up behind Harry and looks at me. Harry nods.

"Mikayla. Come up here." Harry looks at me. I shake my head and sink into the crowds. This isn't how it was supposed to be. I was supposed to show up, have him see me and I would go on tour with him once he asked me. He wasn't supposed to see me getting beat up by three ass wipes and then feel bad for me. That just isn't right. As I sink into the crowd I hear Harry call my name one more time. "Mikayla please come back."

The rest of the time I spent in the back listening to their songs, and then I left, unnoticed, unaccounted for, and unwilling to turn back now.

**Harry's POV**

I saw her, I know I did. When I called her name she hurried off. I can't lose her again. I just can't. Singing my lines I looked for her in the crowd. When I found her it was the last song and we where singing "Story of My Life" Looking at her the whole time I watched her making sure she couldn't leave before I got to her. I told them to stall the crowd. Stall the people from leaving so I could get to her hopefully.

**Mikayla's POV**

As I was leaving a hooded figure came up and pulled me into a room with a couch and away from the screaming crowd. "Who are you?" I ask once I can hear my own thoughts again.

"Please just hear me out." The raspy voice is undeniably Harry.

"I am sorry Harry I was coming to tell you I will come on tour with you but that wasn't the way I wanted to tell you. I wish I could take back those moments and be able to tell you the way I wanted to tell you. But that didn't happen." I huff and sit down.

"It's ok. All that matters is what is right here right now. You are coming now right?" He asks. Nodding I smile and hug him. When his arms wrap around me I feel so safe. Like nothing could hurt me. Like nothing will ever try.

**Harry's POV**

I pulled her into that room to explain my self but what happened is she agreed to go on tour with me. I don't know how that worked and quite frankly I don't care I just want to get on the road with her and never have to let her go.

"Mikayla?" I whisper into her neck as we hugged.

"Hmm?" she hummed into my chest.

"Will you make this moment the best moment and be my girlfriend.


Alrighty she is going on tour but will she say yes to being his girlfriend? Hmm only I know. You shall find out some time. Not today though cause I want to be able to read some fan fics today not just sit here and type away numbing my fingers.

Don't forget 200 + reads and I will post an extra 5 chapters on Friday. Something to read for hmmm??

 Comment questions, concerns, suggestions and/ or anything that came to mind when reading this chapter.

Oh and to Mikalya yes I left another cliff hanger I realize this but I want my readers coming back for each chapter! Well any who. Write to you all later.

Love you all. Stay strong.

Much Love,

Callie xox

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