The Real World: You'd Hate it, I do

Ever wondered if monsters are real? Demons, werewolves, vampires? If they do, what are they really like, and what about angles?

If you want to know, just read this book. It may seem like a work of fiction, but it shows the real world around us all. My name is Angel Demon Hybrid, at least, that's what the guys in the lab coats called me. I changed it, my name is Poison Revenge Death, but everyone calls me P. My family and I are freaks of nature and see what are stories and what are facts about this world. If you read this, you'll start to see the signs of the real world all around you and you'd hate, I know I do. Read if you want to know the truth.


2. Prologue

Vampires, demons, and even angels are real. Even werewolves and werecats. Werecats are basically the same as werewolves, only they change at the new moon and turn into lions/lionesses.

Vampires do need to drink blood, human blood, to survive. They don't kill when they drink, and if they bite a human, they don't turn or become slaves. They wake up with a red marks on their wrists, not their necks, a common mistake. To make a vampire, one must bite the human and give them of their own blood, through the fangs. This does happen on the neck. Vampires can also be born.

Demons are like the stories you hear about hell, only they do have souls, well about a quarter of them. In fact, the ones with soul that I've met are actually nice. They just have a bad reputation because many actually have no soul and they kill.

Some have souls because the process of becoming a demon is time consuming and difficult. If interrupted, the souls stay, but are considered demons. All demons, but the ones with souls know how to make a demon, yet some cannot.

Angels are the same, but can breed with humans and with each other every 100 years or so. They have a good reputation, but most are complete jerks. They must have everything perfect, and that means no humans.

There's a war going on, one that many are unaware of. Some see it and don't get involved, others take too much into their hands and try to fix everything. This is were everything goes wrong, especially when humans try to fix this mess.

The worst part is, they can't tell who is on which side. After a few years of the fighting, angels switched sides, some are still fighting for perfection, others are fighting to save humanity, some have sided with the demons and want to take over Earth.

Where is God in all this? Well, that's the thing, God exists, at least one of them does. I, personally, am Christian. However, some of my family is Jewish, other Muslim, and the last is, well, we don't know. We don't know if he understands faith, but I'd like to think he's a bit of everything. So where is He? No clue, but I'd like to think he's helping us.

Who are we? My family? How do we know all of this? Well, this is how, this is our story. As you read this, you'll become aware of the real world. You'd hate it, I do. As soon as you read this, you can never look back, but why not let me tell you, it'll all look like fiction anyway.

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