The Real World: You'd Hate it, I do

Ever wondered if monsters are real? Demons, werewolves, vampires? If they do, what are they really like, and what about angles?

If you want to know, just read this book. It may seem like a work of fiction, but it shows the real world around us all. My name is Angel Demon Hybrid, at least, that's what the guys in the lab coats called me. I changed it, my name is Poison Revenge Death, but everyone calls me P. My family and I are freaks of nature and see what are stories and what are facts about this world. If you read this, you'll start to see the signs of the real world all around you and you'd hate, I know I do. Read if you want to know the truth.


6. Chapter 4

"How can we trust you, is what you're all thinking, right? Well, let me ask you this, why would I show myself to you if I wanted to kill you," Blood asked.

"Angelica, is she lying," Red asked.

"No, but she's not telling us everything," Angel said.

"What do you want to know, sweetie," Blood asked.

"Will you kill us one by one once we turn 19," I asked.


"Why do you want-" "To know why-" "We are-" "Wanted dead," the twins asked. It looked as if it was creeping Blood out which I figured is pretty hard to do.

"I was curious about who would want to kill small, weak, and stupid kids," Blood said with a shrug as she flopped down on the couch and promptly kicked off her black boots.

No one had noticed what she was wearing, but now we did. Blood had on a pair of skin tight leather pants, a blood red tank top, and a black leather vest. Her boots were about five inches high and a dark color that seemed to change from dark red, to bright red, to black, depending on the light and your angle.

"We are NOT weak," Red said.

"Or stupid," Chris said.

"Or small," Wyatt finished.

"Go away," Angel said. I liked that idea, as did Red.

"Sorry sweetie, but now I'm interested in you. And vampire law forbids me from doing so," she said with a yawn.

"Why," Red asked.

"Vampire law states that if you find a young vampire, and they have no Changer, that that vampire must teach them of the vampiric ways. In other words, I'm your mentor, or I die," Blood said to Red.

"As if," Red said with a snort. "Besides, I'm half human, if you haven't figured it out by now, so I was never changed," Red-Dragon said.

"Doesn't matter. The Chosen Old won't care," was her reply. Everyone looked confused at the strange name. "Basically, old vamps that survived a big war, mostly the World Wars and the American Revolution. Those are the top ones, and anyone who's survived 1,000 years in this war, when fighting at least once a month. And trust me, they will know if your lying, and they'll kill you. Lots of laws end in death," Blood said, musing the last part.

"Don't care, get yourself killed. I don't need a babysitter," Red said, stubborn as ever.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you need to be taught your powers. I did hear you talking, I'm not dead," Blood said as Red stared at her. "Besides, it's not like I can kill you. If I do, I die. And since I can't kill you, I can't kill them, considering you'd fight to the death for your fake family," Blood said, warning a growl from all of us, even Scorpius.

"Why can't you kill Red?" Angel asked.

"Law. Unless attacked, and by that, it means unless it's certain death, no vampire can kill another under 50. Humans and other creatures are fair game, as long as they're older than 16. Most set a standard for themselves for 18, I chose 19, because I found that may are still idiots at 18, and are just less so at 19," Blood explained.

"Are all vamp-" "Ires assassins?" the twins asked. Chris looked curious while Wyatt was looking weary. Both polar opposites on that aspect.

"Nope, most hold normal jobs and only kill if necessary. I, however, found out that I feel no guilt in killing, if it's justified, like with an abusive guy or something. So, what do you want to learn first," Blood asked Red.

"Who cares? I want you gone," Red said quickly.

"Red-Dragon, do you remember what we were just discussing," Angel asked with a sharp edge to her voice.

"This might be our only chance," I agreed.

"We need-" "Her help," Chris and Wyatt said. They were both grasping the obvious, which Red wasn't doing.

"No, Revenge. I'm not doing it no mat-" Red started.

"I'd listen to Poison if I were you," Blood said with a creepy grin. "Besides, I can help you harness all your powers and help with Angel's, the twins', and Poisons' powers. After all, I have angel and demon friends. Besides, weres are easily found if you know were to look."

"She's not lying," Angel told us. I smiled slightly, knowing this was our best bet to survive.

At times, I really hate the Real World. Okay, most of the time. Blood smiled, knowing the offer was going to be accepted. She seemed to know these things instinctively, and I quickly emptied my mind.

"Well, someone is a smarty pants," Blood said turning to me. "How long can you keep your mind clear?" At that moment, everyone seemed to get what was happening and cleared their minds as well.

"So you can all do it. Good, one less thing to teach, but how long can you stay like that?" Blood asked.

I faltered first. Then came Wyatt. Chris and Angel were next, followed by Red. Unsurprisingly, Scorpius could do it as long as needed and seemed to be able to do anything while blocking his mind. After two hours, including where Scorpius watched Thomas the Tank Engine and laughed the whole time, except when the middle came on without Mr. Perkins, which he then started a hissy fit, Blood decided he needed no training. I still couldn't believe that I had faltered first.

"Pride isn't a good thing to have when trying to keep a clear head," Blood pointed out. "Neither is a thought filled mind," she said talking to Chris, "a memory filled mind," said to Wyatt, "a vengeful mind," said to Angle (she may be part angel, but thy didn't stop her from being human), "or an untrusting mind." This was directed at Red. "Especially one that thinks of ways to kill with ordinary items more than usual."

Red scowled at Blood and I wondered why she didn't loose. I shrugged, letting my curiosity die, know I needed to work on thing. Pride being one of the many. My anger might need help and possibly other things. Red might not have wanted to accept it, but we needed Blood's help.

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