The Real World: You'd Hate it, I do

Ever wondered if monsters are real? Demons, werewolves, vampires? If they do, what are they really like, and what about angles?

If you want to know, just read this book. It may seem like a work of fiction, but it shows the real world around us all. My name is Angel Demon Hybrid, at least, that's what the guys in the lab coats called me. I changed it, my name is Poison Revenge Death, but everyone calls me P. My family and I are freaks of nature and see what are stories and what are facts about this world. If you read this, you'll start to see the signs of the real world all around you and you'd hate, I know I do. Read if you want to know the truth.


5. Chapter 3

Blood stood there waiting for an answer, one she would die wondering. Immediately, we took our places. The twins stepped in front of Scorpius who was eating some cereal, Cheerios, his favorite when dry. He also didn't notice Blood was about to kill us.

I went to the left, Angel in the middle, and Red to the right. Blood smiled thinly at us as we advanced, only for a thick fog to roll into our apartment.


"By Angel."



Angel lashed out with a dagger that had been hidden on her body, good for throwing and stabbing. I heard a small cry of pain and the crunch of a nose breaking. I ignored the sympathy for her, only to hear: "Behind-" "Poison."

I could hear the hiss of nail sailing through the air, one I had heard many times. I quickly imagined darkness, fully surrounding me. I slip into that, a crack of time and space, where I can move freely and stay for however long I want, with no time passing. It was a new ability that I had learned about almost a week ago, they thought I was going invisible real quick. I realized that it was to do with my angel half, so Angel could do it too.

I'm odd like that, because of the demon and angel blood that I had transfused, all of my human genes were pushed out, making room for the two opposites to fight for control, but since my human was forced out, they came to a sort of truce. On the other 16 test subjects that they tried to copy the results with all died.

I was suddenly behind Blood and I stuck out with a dagger identical to the one one that Angel used. The nail whistling deepened in pitch, betraying that she was turning.

"Nice trick," she said as I jumped back only just in time, but not fast enough to avoid a punch that landed on my cheek.

"Left of-"


The fog lifted and I saw Angel trying to get up, only she was holding a bleeding nose. I hissed at Blood, my tongue forking and sticking through me teeth. Blood didn't even notice, she was staring at Red, both eyes were red.

Blood lunged at Red who quickly dodged and took an experimental swipe with her nails. Red's arm was pushed aside, and soon she was on the ground, arm dislocated.

Blood turned to Chris and Wyatt.

"Don't co-" Chris started, but he never finished his half of the statement. Blood had both of the twins, one in each hand, by their throat. They glared and Chris tried to punch her, while Wyatt tried to kick her. She threw them away before their attacks could connect.

"Who are you," Blood nearly purred at Scorpius. He ignored her and continued eating his Cheerios.

"Don't touch him," we all said at once, everyone's voice telling her that we would kill her if she even cut a hair on his head.

Blood lifted her hands in a sign of peace, well, as much as we were going to get. Scorpius got up, looked at Blood and smiled, showing his one missing front tooth.

He then picked up his bowl, put it in the sink and reached his hands up in front of me. I sighed and picked him up.

"Who are you-"

"What do you want?"

"As I said, I want to know why I was hired to kill you," Blood said with a shrug. "And I told you, I'm Blood Assassin, a professional killer."

"Who hired you," Angel asked, wiping the drying blood on a paper towel, it was a paler pink than normal, but not nearly as pale as the blood in the bag had been.

"Not sure. He called and set up a meeting. I got there and he was all covered and smelled of nothing but garlic. He was bald though, and he had a deep, voice," Blood began.

"It made you want-"

"To please him," the twins said.

"At any means necessary," Angel whispered.

"For no reason. Yet you hated the voice," Red continued.

"And he tried to calm you by laughing softy," I said, fear tightening my throat so it sounded raspy.

"And you didn't trust him. But the sound of his voice was hypnotizing," we all said at one, turning to star into Blood's eyes.

"How did you know," she asked in a threatening voice.

"Goggle," Scorpius said, speaking for the first time in his life.

"What," Blood asked, totally confused.

"He's a human. He's what we call a Goggle, they are humans trying to save the world from the Real World's inhabitants," Angel said.

"The Goggles are a group of humans that create weapons by expire mentions on children. All of them are merciless, but some have week minds," Red added.

"They are-"

"What created us."

"And if you were hired by one, you must die," I said simply.

Blood smiled at that. "I never told him I'd take the job, I don't kill anyone under 19. So, why do they want you dead," she asked.

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