The Real World: You'd Hate it, I do

Ever wondered if monsters are real? Demons, werewolves, vampires? If they do, what are they really like, and what about angles?

If you want to know, just read this book. It may seem like a work of fiction, but it shows the real world around us all. My name is Angel Demon Hybrid, at least, that's what the guys in the lab coats called me. I changed it, my name is Poison Revenge Death, but everyone calls me P. My family and I are freaks of nature and see what are stories and what are facts about this world. If you read this, you'll start to see the signs of the real world all around you and you'd hate, I know I do. Read if you want to know the truth.


4. Chapter 2

We had been running from the lab scientists. In the peaceful months, we learned a lot.

The war was getting complicated and more and more people were learning about the Real World, but still, only a few knew.

So, we needed a place to stay, but we didn't know what to do. We had no adults and it seemed strange for a 17, 16, 15, two 12 and one 4 year old to be walking around with no parents. Thankfully, Red-Dragon, or Red for short, looked older than her age. I looked a bit older, as did Angel, but not old enough to be 18, or anything. The boys looked their age.

We got an apartment in the worst part of town. It didn't bother us, no one tried to do anything. As the months passed by, we got to know each other and decided to stay together, more out of necessity than anything else.

We also became very protective of each other. Everyone of our rag tag family was always on the look out for trouble and for Scorpius. He was so young, yet he could See, but not talk because he was severely autistic.

Scorpius like to be carried everywhere, would have temper tantrums when we didn't feed him the right type of food, and was really good with electronics. Scorpius would only eat certain foods like Kraft Mac&Cheese, frozen TV dinners, pancakes, fries, chicken nuggets, applesauce, and of course candy. He would spit anything he didn't like into our hands to show us it was disgusting.

"What should we do," I asked one night. We were all eating dinner in the apartment. We did need to move soon to avoid suspicion.

"Go to a bigger city, probably," Red said.

"We need a better plan, we need money," Angel said with a sigh.

"We need someone-"

"To help us with the Real-"

"World. And help us-"

"Keep track of the Goggles." The twins talked like that. Always Chris first an ending with Wyatt. They sounded similar, but if you listened hard enough, you could tell the difference.

Red sighed. "Any ideas on how to do that, Revenge," Red asked me, using my middle name. That's what she does, use our middle names. We do that too if we need to be stealthy or keep our names private.

"Look for another," I said calmly. It was the only realistic thing to do and everyone stiffened slightly.

"Remember what-"

"Happened last time," the twins said. The last time we found another with the ability to See, it was a soulless demon and she tried to eat Angel.

"This time, we look for a vampire," I said with a look at Red.

"What about an angel? What do you think Angelica," Red asked.

"No, they can be trusted less than demons. You know that some have change allegiance to Her," Angel said with the same calm voice as me.

"You can sense them-"

"And that would help."

"I can tell if they are angels, not which side. P wouldn't be able to tell either," she said as the twins opened their mouths to speak again.

"Vampires can't lie to each other," I pointed out.

"They may not consider me a vampire, I am part human and everyone can smell it," Red said with a sigh.

"Poison, could you-"

"Cover her sent?"

"No, I can conceal my sent, but no one else's," I told them.

A little while after we escaped the lab, we all discovered we each had some different gifts. Red, Angel, and I could all fly after we figured out how. Chris and Wyatt both turned into animals, but their human halves kept them sane during the full moon for Wyatt and the new moon for Chris. They could also smell, hear, and see better than all of us put together.

Scorpius could see the future. Well, that's a guess really. He warns us of danger before it happens, but he may just be really observant. I could disguise my sent, demon or angel half, become invisible, and I was able to detect both angels and demons.

Red was able to run at breakneck pace, her nails were harder than steel, and she could change her appearance if absolutely necessary. Angel could tell weather someone is lying, only for non-angels and non-demons. She could also see other people's aura and could detect angels.

"That stinks, Revenge. You sure?" Red asked me.

"Yeah, I'm sure. You could probably find one in a big city," Angel said.

"We should-"

"Go soon."

"We can-"

"Smell someone."

"Who," I asked sitting straighter. The twins shrugged and we all turned to Scorpius. He didn't do anything so we did worry about it, well not much. Just incase, we kept alert.

Soon, standing on our fire escape, stood a woman with pale hair, red lips, and black hair. Her teeth were sharper than normal and her face showed that she was very dangerous, but anyone who couldn't See would never have seen that.

"Hello, there. So, the rumors were true. I should tell you, I was hired to kill you," the black haired woman said. "My name is Blood Assassin."

Real quick, many of the Real World's inhabitants pick their own names, just as we had.

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