Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


15. TODAY!!!!

I looked up at Justin who was looking the other way, great, i was going to have to deal with this one by myself, thanks. I turned my head towards Scooter who was scratching his chin, fucksake. We'd been standing here for about 5 minutes now in silence. I decided it was time to break it. 

"Scooter" i began

"No" he snapped

"No you're going to listen" i argued back

He looked up at me and into my eyes, i turned my head slightly to see that Justin was also looking at me now. 

"Both of you need to get it around your head that it is my body not yours, so neither of you have the right to be annoyed at me, especially you, this is half your fault" i hissed at Justin

"I'm twenty, i'm not some stupid teenage who got up the duff, and i'm more than capable of caring for a child. So before either of you suggest abortion or adoption i'm telling you that's a big no. Not going to happen at all. I'm keeping the baby. If you'se don't agree with my decision then i guess i'll have to find myself a new manager and a new home" i stated

Both of them were speechless. I walked past them and upstairs and into my room. I laid down on the bed, facing away from the door. I wrapped my arms around my belly and a tear slid down my cheek. 

"It's ok, i'm not going to let anyone hurt you" i whispered to the fetus growing inside my belly

I heard a soft knock on my door, followed by Justin's voice

"Fay, can we talk" he asked

I didn't reply, so he opened the door and walked in. I felt him sit on the bed, right beside me. 

"Fay i'm sorry for acting the way i did earlier" he began

"No, you was bang out of order" i cut him of

I sat up on the bed and turned so that i was now facing him

"You lied to me! You said you would be happy either way which obviously wasn't true was it! Don't you think i was scared about the situation! I didn't snap at you did i! And then when i come home i have to deal with Scooter by myself. If you don't want this baby i completely understand, that's your choice, but i do. So i will leave" i replied

I didn't want it to come across that i was emotionally blackmailing him. I didn't want him to agree to this just so that he could still keep me. 

"I don't want you to say this is what you want as well just so that you can keep me, Justin this is a big decision and you have to make sure you choose wisely. If you don't want a child then tell me now and i will pack my stuff and leave, but please don't lie to me and tell me this is what you want just so that you can keep me" i whispered

"Fay, i didn't lie to you, i so shocked, i didn't expect you to be pregnant, but that doesn't mean i didn't mean what i said, cause i did. I'm sorry for snapping at you, i felt so guilty after i did and tried ringing your phone countless of times. I should've told Scooter not you, so again i apologise" he started

He grabbed my hands and held them in his

"Fay, of course i want this baby, i've know for ages that i want to have my kids with you, obviously i never planned it to happen so soon, but plans change right? I promise you now, i am not lying to you when i say i want this as well. I'm not saying this just so i can keep you, i'm saying this so that i can keep the little one growing inside of you. I want both of you" he insisted

I could feel tears falling down my face. Instead of replying i wrapped my arms around his neck. He lifted me up so that i was sitting on his lap, with my arms still attached round his neck. We stayed like this for about 20 minutes. I finally pulled away and stood up. 

"I better go speak to Scooter" i sighed

"WE better go speak to Scooter" he corrected

I gave him a weak smile and headed downstairs, followed by him. 

I walked into the front room to find Scooter with his head in his hands. 

"Scooter" i coughed

His head snapped towards us both and then back to his hands. I walked over and sat beside him

"Fay, i just don't want you to ruin your life" he sighed

"I'm not ruining my life, i'm choosing a different one" i smiled

"What do you mean" he frowned

"Well my life would be completely different right now if i had never gone onto the x-factor, so there i chose what way my life was heading, and now i'm choosing a different way for my life to head, this isn't a bad choice, it's just different" i explained 

"So young, yet so wise" he shook his head

I laughed at him and Justin came and sat next to me

"Scoot" he began

"Yeah" Scooter sighed

"Fay is keeping our baby, and we are going to bring her or him up, together. I want to let the world know within the next few months, before Fay started to show that she's pregnant. Just so no crazy rumours get spread and things like that, as long as Fay is alright with it" he informed us

"That's fine by mine" i smiled

"I guess so, but are you guys both sure this is what you want" Scooter queried

We both nodded our heads.

"Fine" he sighed

A small smile crept across my face. I looked down at my flat stomach and my smile grew wider. I said goodbye to Scooter and left Justin downstairs to see him out.

I walked upstairs and headed to the guest room, i walked in to see Caitlin sitting on her computer. She was on skype. I peered over her shoulder to see Chaz and Ryan. 

"Wassup" i yelled, which made Caitlin jump 

I laughed at her reaction and then jumped onto her bed. She carried the laptop from the desk over to the bed and sat beside me

"Hey guys" i waved

"Hey fay" they grinned

"Right i have something to tell y'all" i smiled

"Tell" they laughed

"And you" i chucked turning to Caitlin

She raised her eyebrows at me, she knew what this was about. I faced the camera again and spoke

"I'm pregnant" i bubbled 

I watched as both of their grins disappeared and were replaced by frowns. I looked at Caitlin who had a warm smile plastered on her face.

She opened out her arms for a hug, which i gave to her. When we pulled apart i looked back at the screen, both boys still looked as confused as forever.

"Why are you happy" Chaz finally spoke

"Why not" i frowned

"You're pregnant, this is such a life changing thing" Ryan answered

"I know, and it's my life it will be changing, think of all the things i could offer a child, i've always wanted children, obviously i've never thought of having children at this age, but i have always wanted kids" i shrugged

"Whatevs, we will be having words about this" Chaz joked, obviously trying to lighten the mood

I said goodbye and walked to my room and crawled into bed, as soon as my head touched the pillow i was gone. 


*Wedding Day*

Not many people knew i was pregnant, only close family, which i didn't have much of. I'm getting married today. Oh my fucking god. This is crazy.

I'm at home, Justin has stayed in a hotel for the last two nights, didn't want any bad luck.

I was feeling so many emotions right now. I had Caitlin, Demi and Allison as bridesmaids (even though i didn't always see her, i was still really close to Demi, without her i wouldn't be where i am today), Jazzy was my flowergirl and Pattie was my maid of honour. Justin was at the hotel with Chris, Chaz, Ryan, Jaxon and Scooter.

I heard the doorbell ring so i literally flew down the stairs. I opened the door and my make artist and hairstylist were standing there. I ushered them in and told them to follow me upstairs. I walked into one of the room which we had turned into the wedding room for the day. I sat on the chair and allowed the ladies to get to work.


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