Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


33. stage

Justin and River fast asleep on the sofa. I let out a soft chuckle which made Justin stir. I gave him a warm smile. 

"Sorry" he mumbled, sitting himself up

"Don't be" I chuckled. walking over to him

I slithered in next to him and rested my head on his shoulder. 

"We don't have to go" I announced

"No, we should, we said we would" he nodded, standing up

"Are you sure" I asked

"Positive" he yawned

I sighed and stood up and leant down and picked up River. I carried her out to the car and placed her in her carseat. She didn't even stir. I smiled before walking around and climbing in the driving seat. I waited for Justin to close his door before heading towards the Ellen Studios. 

After a 20 minute drive we arrived. I parked up in the parking lot. I climbed out and got River out of her carseat, she had woken up halfway through the short drive. I placed her in my arms and then headed towards the entrance of the studio, shortly followed by Justin. When we walked in we was escorted to a seating area backstage. 

I looked at Justin who looked knackered. Having a baby was so much work, for the both of us, especially with the jobs we have. I passed River to Justin just as my phone started to ring.


"Hello Fay"

"Hey Pattie"

"I was wondering if I could have River for this weekend" 


"Well my mum and dad are coming down this weekend, and they would love to spend some time with their great granddaughter, and I thought it might give you and Justin a relaxed weekend"

"That's fine, it would really be doing us a favour anyway, thanks, I'll drop her off tonight then" 

"Great, bye" 



"Who was that" Justin asked

"Your mum, she wants River this weekend" I answered

"What did you say" he asked

"Yes" I replied

Before he could reply someone come over and told us to head towards the stage now. We did as we was told and walked to the screen that separated us from the stage.

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