Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


31. Smiled

*2 weeks later*


Today's the day we can finally take our baby girl home. Me and Justin have literally lived at the hospital in the last 2 weeks.

"Hello Mr and Mrs Bieber" the doctor greeted us

"Hello" I weakly smiled

"Follow me" he smiled

We followed him to the same room were we saw our baby for the first time 2 weeks ago. I walked in and headed straight for the incubator. Today was also going to be the first time i could hold my little girl. I waited as the doctor opened it and slowly placed her in my arms. I felt a small smile creep across my face.

"Just make sure you bring her back in 2 weeks for a check up" he informed us

"We will" Justin answered

"She's beautiful" I chocked as tears started falling down my face

"Just like her mother" Justin smiled

I let out a small laugh before walking out of the room.

"Ready?" Justin asked

"Yep" I nodded

We thanked the doctor and headed out towards the car park. Justin had somehow manage to put the baby seat in by himself. I placed our baby in it and plugged her in. I wanted to drive home cause I wanted to sit next to her.

I climbed in my seat and waited for Justin to get in the back. I drove home. When we arrived there were a few cars parked in our driveway.

"A few people wanted to come over" Justin explained

"Oh" I nodded

I climbed out my seat and unbuckled the baby. Justin placed his arm around my shoulder before we headed inside.

"We still need to name her" I reminded Justin as we walked inside

"We had a discussion whilst she was in hospital didn't we? I liked Cleo and River" he replied

"So do I" I sighed

"How would you feel if we asked the others" he suggested

"Yeah, maybe that would help" I smiled

I walked into the front room to be greeted by Chaz, Ryan, Christian, Caitlin, Arianna and Demi.

"Hello" they all greeted at once making the baby jump

"Shhhhh" I laughed

"Sorry" they whispered

"What's her name then" Chaz asked

"Well actually, we was kindling of hoping you guys could help us out" I informed

"How?" Demi asked

"Well we are stuck between Cleo and River"

"Well I like River" Ryan nodded

"Me two" Caitlin smiled

"I prefer Cleo" Demi declared

"Same" Christian agreed

"I like River" Arianna smiled

We both looked at Chaz to see what he preferred.

"Well I like both names but I prefer River it's more unusual" he stated

"I agree" I nodded

"Looks like we've found her a name then" Justin smiled

"Looks like we have" I beamed

"Little River" he soothed to her

"Can I have a hold" Caitlin asked

"Of course, I need the loo anyway" I chuckled handing her over

I made sure she was alright before running up stairs. I went to the toilet and then headed into my room. I quickly changed into a pair of sweatpants and and a tank top. Luckily as I didn't get that big I didn't have a big belly, and I hadn't eaten much in the last 2 weeks.

I run down the stairs and slipped on the bottom step causing me to fall straight on my ass.

"Fuck" I mumbled

"Are you ok?" Justin asked running towards me

"I'm fine, just slipped" I grunted, heaving myself up

"I thought you'd fallen down all the stairs" he laughed

"Nope just the last one" I chuckled

We walked back into the front room where Arianna was now holding River.

"Urm Chaz?" I started

"Yeah?" He answered

"I was wondering if you would look after Skylar, Coco and J for me? Just while Rivers still under hospital care" I asked

"Of course, yeah no problem" he smiled

"Thankyou. It would help us out a lot" I said as I wrapped my arms around him giving him a hug

"Are you alright?" He asked

"Yeah. Just glad to have her finally at home with us" I nodded

"So are we" he smiled

"Haha, now I have I suck up to Christian" I chuckled

"Go for it" he laughed

I walked over and plonked myself down next to Christian

"Chrissssssss" I started

"Yesssss" he laughed

"Would you do us a huge favour?" I asked

"Sure what is it?" He replied

"Will you look after Mally for us" I smiled

"Course" he grinned

"Great. It's just while River is still under hospital care" I beamed whilst embracing him in a hug

"No problem" he chuckled as we pulled away

I looked over to see Justin heading towards us with River in his arms. He slowly placed himself next to us. He later back and I placed my head on his shoulder.

"I love you" he whispered kissing my cheek

"I love you two" I mumbled turning my head so that our lips touched

"Everything's going to be fine" I smiled

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