Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


8. See

I slowly rolled over into somebody. I opened my eyes to see Justin sleeping. I smiled and kissed his forehead, as I did this his eyes fluttered open.

"Morning" I smiled

"Morning birthday girl" he grinned

I forgot it was my birthday today. I had finally turned 20. I was no longer a teenager anymore. How crazy is that.

"Stay here" he ordered, rolling of the bed

I watched chuck on a pair of basketball shorts and run out the room, seconds later he reappeared with a bag and card in his hands. I sat up and he took his place next to me again. He handed me the card first. I opened it and read the message inside

"To my lovely Fay

Happy birthday princess, I hope you have the best day ever, well you will cause I'm here, and I hope you like everything you get, I've got you a little something for now, and you will receive the rest later.

All my love, your Biebs <3 xxxxxx

I smiled and set the card down on the side.

"Thankyou baby" I smiled at him

"No problem" he chuckled, handing me the bag

I opened it and pulled out the box that was inside. I opened the box to reveal;

A huge grin spread across my face. I went to put it on when I saw the watch my mum had given me, I hesitated before slowly sliding it of, I hadn't taken it of since she had given it to me.I kissed it and rested it gently on my bedside drawer. I slid on the watch Justin had brought me and admired it.

"Thankyou" I whispered

"No problem, you didn't have to take your other one of, I wouldn't of minded" he smiled

"No, its fine, I was going to have to at some point" I replied

He pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear

"I've got more for you later" 

I smiled to myself and laid in his arms, we was interrupted by a gentle knock at my door

"Come in" I called

Chaz walked in holding a little pink bag

"Love it" I chuckled, nodding towards the bag

"Yeah, I thought it suited me" he joked

He walked over and sat at the end of the bed and handed me the bag. I opened it and pulled out the box that was inside. When I opened the box I discovered a pair of diamond earrings. I looked back at Chaz

"Chaz, there lovely, thankyou" I grinned

"No problem" he shrugged

I lent forward and pulled him into a awkward hug. It was awkward because of how we was sitting.

"Where is everyone" I asked

"Sleeping" Chaz chuckled

I laughed and then got out of the bed and headed towards my bathroom.

"I'm going to get ready" I smiled at the boys

They both nodded their heads and with that I shut the bathroom door. I turned on the shower and climbed in, letting the warm water run over my body. Once i was done i climbed out and wrapped a towel around my body and hair. I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth. I left the bathroom and walked into my bedroom. Neither of the boys were in here. I shrugged and walked over to my closet to choose an outfit for today. I riffled through my clothes until i found something i wanted to wear;

I applied a tiny bit of mascara before grabbing my phone and handbag and heading downstairs. I liked what i was wearing and i would need to get changed tonight anyway as i had an awards show to attend. I was nominated for a few awards, i wasn't bothered if i didn't win, i just enjoyed being nominated. At some point today i had to go to the studio and start recording me new video for 'Unconditionally' Justin was going to come and watch for a while. We had finished the video for 'As Long As You Love Me' and it was now uploaded onto youtube so it could be watched. it had already got 3 million views. Justin had told me the song was dedicated to me, which was cute, actually a lot of his songs were dedicated to me haha. 

I walked downstairs and headed towards the front room, when i walked in it was pitch black, as i turned on the light, everyone jumped out yelling 'SURPRISE' a huge grin spread across my face as i examined the room. They had decorated it beautifully. I searched the room for Justin and found him sitting with Mally. I quickly whipped out my phone and took a picture;

Caption: My fav boys on my birthday @justinbieber #love

I smiled at him and he put Mally on the sofa and stood up, he was wearing;

I wrapped my arms around him and welcomed him with a kiss. When we pulled out he spoke

"Happy birthday my princess" he smiled

"Thankyou my prince" i giggled

"Cute butttt" someone interrupted us

I turned around to see Scooter standing beside us, i gave him a smile and unwrapped myself from around Justin's neck. 

"Fay, i know it's your birthday, but Ellen called and was wondering if you would go on the show, today?" he asked

"Sure" i smiled

"Really" he grinned

"Yeah, i've got an appointment at 3 at the studio, and then the awards show is at 6, so as long as it's before 3, i can make it" i laughed

"Ok, great well you've got about an hour before you need to leave then" he smiled

"Ok" i sung

Scooter disappeared into the crowd. 

I spent the next hour joking and messing around with my family. Everyone here was my family now. I received presents and thanked people, but now it was time for me to leave. I grabbed my handbag from the kitchen and headed towards the front door. 

"Fay" Justin called

"Yeah" i smiled

"I'll meet you at the studio yeah?" he chuckled

"Yeah, see ya there" i laughed, kissing him goodbye

I said goodbye to everyone and closed the front door. I took my keys from my bag and unlocked my car and climbed in. I drove to the Ellen studios and parked in the carpark. I run inside and was greeted by a member of the backstage team.

"Follow me miss Williams" she smiled heading down the corridors

I followed her until we reached the screen in which i had to stand behind until i was called on.

"Today our special guest is..........FAITH WILLIAMS" Ellen shouted

The screen opened up and i walked out. I waved as i walked towards Ellen, i gave her a hug and then sat down on the chair. 

"Welcome back Faith, i haven't had you on in over a year" she laughed

"I know, i've missed ya" i chuckled

"Back at ya, and Happy Birthday" she smiled

"Thankyou" i laughed

"So, you and the biebs aye" she winked

"Yeah" i giggled

"You got engaged" she exclaimed

"I know" i laughed

"Well, we will talk about that in a bit, but first, i done a little experiment" she chuckled

"Continue" i nodded

"Well, we had an interview with different male celebrities all week, and we had a secret camera hidden, they didn't think it was being filmed, and we asked them about all different females, including you, so would you like to see their responses and expressions" she offered

"I'd love to" i grinned

We both turned a bit to face the screen beside us and instantly a film started to play. 

Cody Simpson

"Fay's lovely, we went to some scary attraction not long ago, she didn't like us much as we all just scared her the whole tour, but i love her to bits, she like a big sister" he chuckled

Austin Mahone

"I've only met her a couple times, but she seemed nice and she's really good looking" he shrugged

Usher Raymond

"Fays like a step daughter to me, i love her to bits man, she's so down to earth and kind hearted, and she helps me to keep Justin in line" he laughed

Will Smith

"I've spoke to Faith a few times, and she's been over with Justin to visit Jaden, but she seems lovely, and boy has she got a voice on her, she has a wicked talent" he added

Justin Bieber

His face lit up when my name was mentioned

"Fays my world. We've been best friends since forever. And now we're engaged. I'm so glad she's in my life, i actually don't know what i would do without her. I love her to pieces and she's all mine and i wouldn't changed that for anything" he grinned

The screen went blank and Ellen turned back to me. I had a huge smile across my face. Justin's comment was so cute. 

"Well, that was just a few opinions of the male celebrities on you" she laughed

"I loved it" i grinned

"Great, i liked Justin's one" she winked

"Me two" i giggled

"Well fay, i've actually got another surprise for you" she smiled

"Really" i grinned

"Yeah, seen as it's your birthday, we got you another little surprise, you see, two people got in contact with me earlier today as they haven't seen you in forever, so there here today" she laughed

"Who" i asked with a big grin on my face

"Turn around" she chuckled

I turned around to see...

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