Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


18. Omfg


I knelt down beside her and just pulled her towards me. I wrapped my arms around her and she cried into my chest. When she started to calm down I spoke

"Dem, what's wrong?" I worried

"No no nothing" she choked 

"Dem please" I pleaded

"I was just looking through my twitter and some of what people say has really gotten to me" she croaked

"Oh Dem! Don't listen to them! I don't. I always get nasty messages, especially from some of Justin's diehard beliebers, but I just ignored them" I soothed

"Look at them though" she cried, handing me her phone

I took her phone from her and scrolled through the messages

'@demilovato is a fat mess, why is she even alive'

@demilovato is so ugly, she can't sing, her face makes me feel sick, why doesn't go cut again, hopefully this time she'll die'

'Why is @demilovato so ugly? Why can't she just jump of a bridge already or cut herself and bleed to death'

I slowly handed her back her phone. Those messages were vile. 

"Dem, I know it's hard, but just ignore them and think of all the positive messages you get" I assured her

"I guess so" she sighed

We both stood up and I pulled her in for another hug. Once we pulled out I excused myself so that I could pee. Then I left the bathroom, I looked around and saw Demi standing with Chaz and Ryan. I smiled and walked straight into someone. 

"Sorry" I laughed, looking up

"No problem" he smirked

"Hello baby" I purred, placing my lips on his

"Hello princess" he mumbled in between kisses

"We eventually pulled away and walked towards the dance floor together. We both danced and then Jazzy come running over, insisting she dance with us. We both grabbed a hand each and started dancing with her. Listening to her giggles as we danced was wonderful. I couldn't wait to have my own baby. Still not many people knew, i'd have to start telling people soon. 

Me and Justin are going on our honeymoon tomorrow, but before we leave we've got a doctors appointment. We are going to this little hut/shack in the Maldives. It is beautiful in the pictures. 

The rest of the night went smoothly. Everyone started to leave at about 2am. Me and Justin have just got home, it's 3am. The guys come back to our house, Ry and Chaz were going to housesit for us for the next 2 weeks. We walked in and headed straight up stairs. I slipped my shoes off and looked at myself in the mirror. Justin walked in and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his head in the crook of my neck. 

"You look wonderful" he smiled

"Thankyou" I whispered, raising my hand and placing it on his cheek, still looking into the mirror. 

"Undo me" I teased

He slowly run his hands down my back and started to untie the lace ribbon on my corset. Once he was done I slowly slid out of my dress and hung it back up. I grabbed one of Justin's baggy tops from the side and slipped it over my head. I turned around to see Justin giving me puppy dog eyes, I smiled as I walked past him and slipped into bed. I was knackered. I felt Justin slide in beside me and wrap his arms around my body. I closed my eyes and drifted of to sleep. 


I rolled over and reached my phone, I slid the alarm of and checked the time. It was 10 and also christmas day. I had completely forgotten that today was christmas. We had planned to do something with Justin's family when we returned from our honeymoon, but for now I had an hour to be ready for the doctors. As I sat up Justin walked out of the bathroom. 

"Morning Mrs Bieber" he smriked

"Morning Mr Bieber" I groaned with a smile

"Showers all yours" he nodded

"Thanks" I chuckled, heading towards the bathroom

I turned the shower on and climbed in. I washed my hair and body. When I was done I climbed out and brushed my teeth. I walked into the bedroom and pulled out some clothes and threw them on;

My suitcase was already packed and sitting at the door. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and applied a tiny bit of mascara before heading downstairs. Justin was sitting in the front room with the boys, I guess the girls had gone home already. I nodded to him and he stood up. He looked beautiful as always:

He grabbed his white t-shirt of the side and slipped it over his head. We both walked out and got in Justin's white ferrari. Justin started the engine and drove off towards the doctors. We had a private doctor because of who we were, although there could still be a short wait. We pulled up outside and climbed out. We walked in and Justin went to the desk to give in our details. I took a seat and pulled out my phone. I went on twitter and went on my profile. I changed my profile picture to:

I loved this picture, we took it whilst on the ellen show, we was pretending to get engaged again. I changed my name to 'Faith Bieber' instead of 'Williams', it felt weird looking at it. I posted a tweet

'Can't wait for the Maldives with @justinbieber!'

I opened up instagram and changed my name as well and then looked at my news feed, Justin had posted a picture:

Caption: My best-friend, my over half, my love @faithbieber<3. 

I smiled at the picture and decided to upload one myself:

Caption: My one love @justinbieber xxx

As I scrolled through my pictures I come across another picture, it was so cute I had to upload it:

Caption: Mimi, Grandpa and my love @justinbieber I love this picture so much, look how happy my grandparents look!! It's like they've never met him before haha X

My thoughts were interrupted

"Mrs Bieber" someone called

I turned my head to see a short, round lady. I stood up and walked towards her, with Justin beside me. She smiled and turned and started walking down the corridor and finally she stopped in front of a door. She opened it and nodded for us to walk inside. We walked in and was greeted by the doctor. 

"Hello" he smiled

"Hey" I sighed

"Take a seat" he pointed towards the chairs

We both sat down and looked at him

"So how can I help?" he smiled

"Well, I'm pregnant and I want a scan to check on the baby" I replied

"Ok, if you'd like to follow me" he instructed

We stood up and left his room and walked down the corridor until we reached this door. He opened it and we followed him in . It was much like his room, except it had a huge monitor which I guessed was for baby scans. 

"If you'd like to lay down on the table" he ordered

I done as I was told

"Lift up your top" he smiled

Again I done what I was told. He placed a cold gel onto my stomach which made me flinch slightly, it was freezing. He then grabbed the scanner and rub it over my belly, whilst he was doing it an image popped up on the screen, that was my baby. I felt Justin intertwine his fingers with mine as we both started at the picture on the screen. 

"Everything seems fine" he smiled

"You're about 2 months gone" he stated

"Thank you" I smiled, standing up

I thanked the doctor again and left the building along with Justin. We drove back home to pick up our suitcases. When we walked in we was greeted by Chaz and Ryan. 

"Well guys we are trusting you" I laughed

"Bad choice" Chaz grinned

"Don't make me regret it, and remember to feed the animals" I ordered

"Yes mam" he saluted 

We all burst out laughing. How funny he was. 

"Please don't annoy the neighbours and NO wild parties" I instructed sternly

"Ok Fay, Go have a good time" Ryan chuckled

I hugged them both goodbye and then walked outside. The cab was already here and Justin had put our bags in. I climbed in and rested my head onto Justin's shoulder. I pulled out my phone and checked my twitter. I retweeted a few people and then tweeted something 

'Hope everyone is having an amazing christmas, I know me and @justinbieber are! ✌ <3'

I slipped my phone back away and looked out the window. We was nearly at the airport. When we arrived we was greeted by an air hostess. 

"If you'd like to follow me, I will lead you to your jet" she smiled

We both nodded and followed her. When we arrived at the jet the security helped us put our bags on board. We settled down and waited to take off. I turned to Justin and gave him a big smile which he returned to me. I pulled out my phone again and checked my mentions

'@faithbieber omg I can't believe you married Justin!!! You are so lucky!!!!!!'

I laughed and replied

'@biebersgirl123 I am a very lucky girl indeed, but it's ok, i'll share him with you guys ;)

I refreshed my page again and had a ton of new mentions

'@faithbieber hope you have a lovely christmas, I don't have much, but what I do have I'm grateful for and a tweet from you would mean the world'

I smiled at how cute that message was, she didn't have much yet she was still happy. 

'@hannahfox thank you so much, I hope you have an amazing christmas as well<3'

I smiled and then realised that Justin was wearing the shoes I had brought him for his birthday, we had matching shoes on, how cute. I asked the waitress to take a picture and then uploaded it to instagram:

Caption: How cute, wearing our matching shoes <3

"We will be landing soon" the captain announced 

I looked out of the window and my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Omfg. 

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