Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


2. Missing

I woke up and took in my surroundings. I was on the sofa in our front room. I looked beside me to see Justin, still sleeping. I slowly unwrapped his arm from around my neck and stood up. Skylar and J were asleep on the floor, with Mally lying in between them. The three of them were inseparable. I let out a quiet laugh.

I walked out the front room and towards the stairs to go upstairs to my room. I opened my door and walked straight towards the shower. I turned it on and climbed in, i began to sing to myself quietly and then climbed out. I turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around my body. I quickly brushed my teeth and then walked out of the bathroom.

I headed straight towards my closet. I opened the door and walked in, i looked through my clothes until i found something to wear;

I let my hair fall into a middle parting, i flipped it so that it was over my shoulder, it was in loose curls, which i love, i then applied a bit of mascara before walking back downstairs.

Me and Justin had been invited to a animal themed party tonight. It would be my first themed party i've been to. When i reached the bottom of the stairs i was greeted by a tired looking Justin. 

"You didn't wake me up" he yawned, a frown formed on his perfect face

"Sorry, but my baby looked so cute, i didn't want to disturb him" i pouted

"You will be forgiven, if you give me a kiss" he smiled

I lent down and gave him a quick peck. He furrowed his eyebrows together, i laughed and then lent back and our lips connected. Whenever we kissed i still felt the fireworks, even after 2 years of dating, there was still a spark. Which i hoped would never fade. I pulled away.

"I should let you get ready" I giggled

"Fineeeeeee" he huffed, walking past me and up the stairs

The party wasn't till later, so today we was going to Goretorium (I know its in Las Vegas, just pretend its in cali) I love places like that. Cody Simpson was coming with us, him and Justin have quite a close friendship which i find cute. I took a seat on the sofa and switched the telly on. I put on the disney channel and watched whatever show it was that was on.

I heard Justin coming down the stairs i turned to the face the door and he walked in, he was wearing red trousers, a white top with a cat on it, a red beanie and white supras. I smiled at him and stood up. I called Julia, who come running into the room

"Jules, me and Jay are going out, watch the house, and the pets please" I instructed

"Yes misses Williams" she replied

"Call me Fay" i laughed as i walked out the room

Me and Justin got in his car and headed off the horror museum. We parked around the back where we met Cody and a few other friends, such as Alfredo. We all walked round to the front and entered the building, Justin went up to the counter to get the tickets. When he got them we walked towards the entrance and handed the tickets in.

We then started the tour. As we walked around i felt Justin slide his hand into mine. We was just about to walk into this dark room when someone screamed, causing me to scream as well. I turned around to see Alfredo and Cody laughing their heads off. I pushed them both before turning back around and continuing the tour. 

We just finished and we are about to have our picture taken

"Scary faces" the photograph ordered

We all pulled a face and then the flash of the camera went off. We walked out of the room and into the gift shop, the others looked around, me and Justin walked over to the bit where you can buy the pictures, we looked at ours and decided to buy it;

I put it inside of my bag and walked out holding Justins hand. The whole tour consisted on everyone trying to scare me. At one point i nearly cried. They were so mean, Justin didn't join in, he was the one who told them all to stop actually. Which i was grateful for, i wasn't sure on how much more torture my body was capable of. 

As soon as we stepped out of the building cameras started flashing everywhere. Justin pulled me closer to him as our bodyguards made a path for us. When we was finally out of sight we started to say goodbye to everyone and then we headed to Justins car. We climbed in and started the drive home. We stopped at a traffic light and a car pulled up beside us. 

"Bieber, I think you should slow down" the man said, holding a camcorder

"I think you should stop following us" he replied calmly

"You're going to crash or even kill someone" the pap stated

"I don't think i will" Justin laughed

Then someone from the car on the other side of us shouted to the pap

"Hey dude, leave the kid alone"

"I like him, but i don't like you" Justin informed

"Me?" the pap asked

"Yeah, i don't like you" Justin smiled

Before the pap could replied, the lights change and Justin put his foot down on the accelerator, causing us to speed off down the road. Justin muttered curses under his breath, causing me to giggle. We finally pulled into our home and we got our and walked up to the front door. I opened it and walked in. I walked into the front room to see Julia sitting on the floor with her back to me

"Julia, what are you doing" I asked

As she was about to reply, Justin walked in and wrapped his arm around my waist, he had a frown on his face. He turned his head from me and looked at Julia, who had now turned and was facing us. She had tears in her eyes. Wtf was going on. 

"Julia?" he asked

I think Julia was a bit wary of Justin. I didn't know why, he was always lovely to her, maybe it's because he is the man of the house? I would of thought she would of been more wary on the girl rather than the boy, but i guess i was wrong.

"I'm so sorry misses williams and master bieber" she cried

I pulled out of Justin grip and rushed forward to Julia who now had tears running down her face

"What's wrong" I worried

"I done bad" she sniffed

"Julia, what's happened" I urged

"I lost monkey" she wept

"What" I gasped

"Monkey was in kitchen, i went back and he gone. I search whole house but not find" she wailed

"What do you mean you lost him!" i half shouted, causing her to jump a bit

"Dogs barking, i went check and left monkey in kitchen, i only gone 2 minutes, when i come back, monkey gone" she sobbed

"And you searched everywhere" i questioned

She slowly nodded her head. Omg omg omg. I turned my head to Justin, I couldn't work out what he was thinking, his facial expression was blank. Nothing. 

"Justin, we need to find him, he's missing!" I cried

The words then sunk in and i felt my heart drop. Mally, my Mally was missing.....

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