Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


9. Mess

Christian and Caitlin.

I stood up and run over to them, as best as i could in my heels. I pulled them into a huge hug. I hadn't seen this guys in about a year. I pulled out of the hug and walked over to the seats again. 

"Did ya like it" Ellen grinned

"Loved it" i laughed

"So, guys how long are you here to stay" Ellen asked 

"2 weeks" Christian answered

"Spending them here in California?" she asked

"Yeah, we've got a hotel booked just on the beach" Caitlin smiled

"Great, so you gonna spend your time here with Faith" she chuckled

"Well as much as we can" he grinned

"Well anyway, that's all we've got time for i'm afraid. I'll have to have Faith back on to discuss Justin at another point, Goodbye" she laughed waving at the cameras.

I said goodbye to Ellen and walked off the stage along with Christian and Caitlin. I couldn't believe they were here!!

"Do you guys need a lift" i offered

"Urm, sure" they nodded

"If you want you can come to the studio with me" i smiled

"If you're sure" Christian shrugged

"Positive" i laughed heading towards my car

We all got in and i headed towards the studio. My phone started ringing and i got Christian to answer it for me

"She's driving"

"Uhuh, ok, yeah, i'll tell her"

"Ok, thanks, bye" 

Christian put the phone back in my bag and began to tell me about the phone call

"That was your music video director, he said there's been a change of plans, you need to go to the old mansion on north street" he informed 

"Ok" i agreed turning the car around

I arrived at the mansion and we all got out. I had got Christian to call Justin and tell him the change of plans. He said he would be here soon. We all walked towards the mansion and went inside. As soon as i walked in i was greeted by Scooter and Paul, who was the director of the video

"Great you're here" Scooter smiled

"Yep" i laughed

"Hey guys" he quickly waved at Christian and Caitlin

"Right, so we've decided to do your shoot here instead so that we can use the outside area" Paul informed

I nodded my head in agreement and was then whisked away to get changed. I got changed into my first outfit and headed outside

"Right, so we're going to all the shoots that involve being outside in one shoot and then edit and cut things where it's needed" Paul smiled

I nodded and smiled and stood where i was told to. I started singing and then i saw Justin appear on the set. I tried not to smile but failed miserably 

"FAY!!!!!!" Paul shouted

"Sorry" i mumbled

"From the top" he ordered

*1 and half hours later*

We had done all the shots for the video, now Paul was going to edit them to make it watchable. I walked out to my car followed by Justin, Christian and Caitlin. 

"You was great baby" Justin smiled wrapping his arm around my waist

"Thankyou" I sighed

I was tired, and needed to get home to get ready. I only had just over an hour. 

"I'll take Caitlin and you take Christian" I suggest

"Sure" he shrugged, he kissed my forehead and then run over to his car

Me and Caitlin climbed in my car and i headed for the mall

"Where we going" she asked

"To the mall" i smiled

"Don't you have some award show tonight" she frowned

"Yeah, and you're going to be my plus one" i laughed

"Shut up" she shouted

I laughed and carried on driving

"Are you serious" she exclaimed

"Sure why not, i always get it and never end up bringing anyone" I shrugged

"Omg thankyou, i still don't know why we are going to the mall" she laughed

"To get you a dress, dur" i chuckled

"Omg, Fay you don't have to" she started

"I want to" I cut her off

"Thankyou" she smiled

I smiled back and pulled into the mall carpark. I grabbed a hoodie from the back seat and threw it over my head. I pulled the hood up and put my sunglasses on. 

"Stand in front of me please" i asked her

She nodded and walked in front of me. When we was inside i headed straight towards the security desk

"Hello how may i help" the lady at the desk asked

"I need one of your security guards to walk around with me, i'm only going to be here for 20 minutes" I began

"I'm sorry mam but we don't do babysitting" she laughed

"I'm twenty, not exactly babysitting" i huffed

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave" she began

I pulled my sunglasses off and looked her in the eyes

"Look, i'm Faith Williams, i need someone please" i cut her off

Her face was priceless, she looked like she had seen a ghost

"Mam i'm so sorry, i'll get someone right away" she rushed picking up a phone and dialling a number

"No worries" i shrugged putting the glasses back on

Within seconds there was a guard with us. I thanked the lady and then proceeded into the mall. Once we was in the heart of the mall i turned to Caitlin

"Here, take this and go find a dress, i've got to do something" i said, handing a wad of money

Before she could reply i walked off. I headed straight towards a tattoo parlour, this would be my fourth tattoo. I walked in and told the lady what i wanted. The guard stood outside and waited. When she was done i paid and left. 

"Like" I laughed, showing him my tattoo;

He silently laughed and we continued walking through the mall. I rang Caitlin to see where she was, she told me to meet her by the car. The guard insisted on escorting me, i didn't bother to argue.

Once we reach the car i turned and thanked him before handing him some money, which he refused to take, but i wouldn't take no for an answer. I then said goodbye and drove back to my house. When we arrived i run inside and started undressing as i run up the stairs. I was now in my underwear halfway up the stairs. 

I was holding my clothes and shoes in my hands. I run into my room to be greeted by Christian and Justin. I laughed at Christians face. I threw my clothes on the floor and headed to my closet. Justin ushered Christian out of the room, he had changed into a suit and tie. Cute. Well it was the fucking grammys!!!!! Omg!!!!!!! 

"When did you get that" Justin asked

"Get what" i frowned, grabbing my dress from the closet

"This" he replied, poking my side

I looked down and saw my 'Stay Strong' tattoo. 

"A few weeks ago" i shrugged

I looked at his face, he looked like he was thinking. 

"Which one" i asked, holding two dresses in the air

"That one" he replied, pointing to one of the dress

I slipped it on and looked in the mirror;

I looked at myself in the mirror just double checking that i looked alright, i twirled around until i decided i was satisfied with how i looked. I walked over to the dresser and began on my hair and makeup;

I smiled and then turned to see Justin sitting on the bed. Jheeze had he been there the whole time!! He stood up and walked over to me. He was still taller than me even when i had my heels on. I looked up at him and he was smiling at me. 

"You look beautiful" he smiled, kissing me

"Thankyou" i mumbled in between the kisses

He wrapped his arm around my neck and we headed downstairs. We walked into the front room and everyone was ready to go. We was allowed to take 8 people with us, they were Chaz, Ryan, Christian, Caitlin, Pattie, Scooter and Kenny. We was only taking 7. We headed out to the car that had been sent for us and climbed in. Everyone looked amazing. 

"Happy birthday fay by the way" Christian laughed handing me a card

"Thankyou" i smiled opening it

A pair of tickets fell out, i decided to read the card first. 

To Fayyyyyyy

Happy birthday, can't believe you're 20!!! Caitlins not far away lol. And then theres me, still only 18

Anyway, i hope you have a wicked day, and get lots of presents. I hope you like your present, me and Cait weren't sure what to get you, like what does a popstar need? Well enjoy anyways

Love Chris and Cait x x

I looked down at the tickets and realised they were for a really really really expensive spa hotel in London. I smiled and thanked them. I had never been to this hotel before. There was two tickets, obviously one for me and one for Justin. 

We spent the rest of the journey joking around and talking and then we finally pulled up. Everyone other than me and Justin were ushered inside, as me and him had to do the famous walk on the carpet, maybe a mini interview as well. 

We started walking down the carpet and the cameras went crazy. Justin slid his hand into mine. We walked on a bit further when we ran into an interviewer. Her face lit up when she saw us

"Guys, can i get a mini interview" she asked

"Sure" i smiled following her

We ended up on this little couch that had been set outside around the corner, yet still on the carpet. 

"Well today i've managed to be lucky enough to run into not only Faith Williams, but Justin Bieber as well" she smiled at the camera

"Hey how are you guys" she asked

"Fine thanks" i giggled

"Yeah i'm great" Justin smiled

"Great, so you guys nominated for anything" she replied

"Yeah, urm i'm nominated for song of the year with wrecking ball and best pop solo performance, so i think that's pretty cool, considering this is my first ever grammys and i'm nominated for 3 awards, how crazy is that" i grinned

"Yeah and i'm nominated for album of the year, record of the year and best pop vocal album" Justin chuckled

"That's wonderful guys, are you excited" she smiled

"I'm literally buzzing, like i feel like i'm going to explode, i'm so nervous as well!!!" i laughed

"Don't be, i'm sure you'll do fine" she assured

"Thanks" i grinned

"Well, that's all we've got time for with these guys" she smiled at the camera

We stood up and said goodbye and then headed back towards the main part of the red carpet. As we was walking up it we ran into Katy. 

"Hello lovelies" she grinned hugging us

"Hey" we both smiled

"Happy birthday hun" she laughed at me before running off somewhere

She was a crazy lady haha. 

We continued our walk and end up right by the entrance. We walked in and headed to find our seats, which happened to be right near the front. We sat down and waited for the show to start, Justin threw his arm around my shoulder, as he done this the presenter walked onto the stage to start the show off. 

We was about half an hour into the show when the presenter said he was going to announce the winner of 'song of the year'. I sat up in my seat and waited for the answer

"And the winner is FAITH WILLIAMS" he shouted into the mic

The arena filled with a round of applause. I stood up and hugged Justin before walking onto stage. I hugged the presenter and then spoke into the mic

"Thankyou so much, i was so nervous about coming here tonight, what a great birthday present, i just want to thank my friends and family, especially my manager Scooter and my fiance Justin, and of course all my fans, thankyou so much, i love you all, and i would also like to thank my mum, without her i wouldn't be where i am today, god bless" i smiled, i could feel tears forming in my eyes. 

I waved and then rushed back towards my seat. As soon as i sat down, Justin pulled me towards him, and i buried my face into his chest. I wasn't crying, not properly. I just didn't want to be seen right now. 

When i decided that i was ready i lifted my head up. I looked at the stage, they were just about to call up someone from the audience who would now help present the awards, this person was going to be picked at random and isn't a celebrity. Everyone waited until they finally chose someone. 

They walked onto the stage with the person they had chosen. From where i was sitting it was kind of hard to see what the person looked like because of the angle we was sitting at. The man began to announce the winner of the next award

"The winner of 'Album Of The Year' is......JUSTIN BIEBER" he called

I started of the claps which then rippled around the whole arena, i pulled him into a big hug before letting him go onto the stage. He shook both of their hands before saying a few words

"I just want to thank everyone who voted for me, as well as my family, especially Scooter and my finance Fay, without her i wouldn't be standing here right now, i also want to thank my beliebers. I LOVE YOU ALL" he laughed as he walked down the stairs and back to me

We sat down in our seats and waited for the next award to be presented

"The next award is for 'Best Pop Solo Performance"....the nominees are Faith Williams, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Adele and the award goes to......FAITH WILLIAMS" he shouted into the mic

I stood up, hugged Justin and then walked onto the stage. I had a huge smile on my face, i had won both the awards i had been nominated for. My smile soon faded when i saw who was on the stage. I froze where i was. I couldn't move any closer. The claps died down and the presenter frowned at me. I was literally frozen to the spot. 

What was he doing here. How is this even possible. Why is this happen, why me. I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes and could hear the faint whispers of people in the audience. I suddenly felt arms wrap around my waist, i tilted my head and saw Justin. He lent down so his mouth was next to me ear

"What's wrong" he whispered, confusion filled his voice

Do i tell him? Here? Now, how would he react? 

"Nothing" i lied

"Don't lie" he frowned

"Not here please" i mumbled

"Here is fine" he frowned again

I looked away and back at the member from the audience, the one who had been granted the gift of being on stage. He was grinning at me. Did he find this funny or something. I realised now i had been standing on the stage for a few minutes and still hadn't picked up my award. I pushed Justin over to the corner so we was no longer the centre of attention

"Fay what is wrong with you" he pleaded

"He is here" i whispered

"Who's here" he frowned

"The man" i bowed my head

"What do you mean" he asked

Had he really forgotten? Well i can't blame him. I had. Well almost, until tonight. Now i was going to have to try so hard. Again. 

"Justin, the man who raped me is here" i cried

Tears starting flowing down myself, i now realised i would have to walk back on the stage to get out of here, which meant past him again. 

"What, in the audience, did you see him" he stuttered 

"Yeah" i whispered

"Show me" he insisted

"You...you shook his hand" i squeaked

"What, no i couldn't have that's not possi...wait, is he on stage" he asked, his eyes nearly popping out of his head

I slowly nodded my head, before i could say anything Justin stormed onto the stage, i ran after him but before i could stop him he hit the man straight in the face, causing him to fall to the floor. I quickly grabbed Justin's arms before he could do it again.


*Justins POV*

Fay had just told me her rapist was here. I wanted to kill that bastard so much. I urged her to tell me who it was, she did in the end. Turns out i shaked the fuckers hand. Before Fay could say anything i stormed onto the stage. I headed straight towards the man and hit him right in the face. I heard the whole arena gasp at what i had just done, but i didn't care, not right now anyway. He fell to the floor and held his hands over his face, i was about to hit him again when i felt a pair of hands grab my arm.

I turned to see Fay standing there, she had makeup running all down her face and she was as pale as a ghost. Her eyes told me exactly how she was feeling, she was scared and hurt. I didn't want to cause her anymore pain so i just wrapped my arms around her and i could feel her body slowly moving up and down as she cried onto my chest. 


*Faiths POV*

Justin pulled me into a hug and i cried into his chest. I turned my head and saw Kenny running towards the stage. I realised that everyone sitting here had just witnessed what Justin had done. I looked back at the man and he was getting off his feet, he stepped forward, closer to Justin, i turned us around and then turned to face the man, so that i was now in front of Justin. 

The man looked at me and a smirked played across his lips, i turned my head and Kenny was now running up the stairs. He run straight over to us. 

"What's going on" he hissed

"Nothing" i lied

"Justin" he continued

"Fay, tell him" Justin urged

"Tell me what" he frowned

I looked at the man who had a grin on his face, as if he knew i wasn't going to tell Kenny

"No, let's just go" i pleaded

As i started walking towards the stairs that lead down onto the floor Justin answered Kenny's question

"That scumbag raped her" he screamed

I felt my heart stop. As he had said that, he had moved closer to the 'scumbag' which meant he had moved closer towards the mic, which was still on. The whole arena had just heard what he told Kenny. 

I turned my head to look at them, the scumbags grin had disappeared, Justin still looked pissed, but also sorry, and Kenny was in shock. I turned my head away from them and faced the audience. Everyone, and i mean everyone was staring at me. I walked down the stairs and then run up the row and out of the doors. The tears had started falling, hard. When i got out i fell to the floor and cried my eyes out. I took off my shoes and hugged my knees into my chest. 

I heard the door swing open and the sound of footsteps, i looked up to see Pattie. She sat down beside me and pulled me into a hug, i rested my head into her chest and cried and cried. 

"Is it true" she whispered

I nodded my head and fresh tears appeared

"Why didn't you tell anyone!" she asked, tears were now forming in her eyes

"Me and Justin went to the police, it happened ages ago, i just wanted to forget about it" i croaked

"Oh darling" she soothed as a few tears fell down her face

"Don't cry please" i pleaded, i hated seeing people upset, especially Pattie

"I'm sorry, i'll try not to" she half laughed

I gave her a weak smile and started wiping away the tears

"You know Justin didn't mean it, i mean for it to come out like that" she began

"I know, i'm not angry at him, he was just trying to protect me" i smiled

We slowly stood up and looked at the door that lead back into the arena. Pattie took my hand and together we walked towards it. She opened one door and i opened the other and together we walked in. I had wiped all my makeup off and tidied myself up. I kept my head high as i walked down towards where my seat was. I looked and saw Justin sitting in his seat, he had his head in his hands and Chaz, Ry and Chris were surrounding him. I made my way over and coughed, the boys all gave me a sympathetic look before walking off a bit. Justin still hadn't looked up, and i could feel everyone's eyes on me still

"Can we go home" i croaked

Instantly his head snapped up, when he saw me he stood up and pulled me into a tight hug

"Sure" he answered

We walked together towards the exit and ordered a cab home. I fell asleep on Justin's shoulder in the cab. I didn't want to speak to anyone tonight. I would have to sort this mess out tomorrow. That's what it was wasn't it? A big fucking mess.  

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