Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


11. Justin Bieber

I've been sitting here for about 5 minutes now. I haven't spoke a word since Scooter gave me my options. Neither of them were fair. Have i done something wrong? Was i being punished for a sin? I rested my head into my hands. Moving away was definitely not an option. I guess telling the world was my only way out of this mess.

"Ok" i sighed

Both Scooter and Justin snapped their heads towards me, probably a bit startled by my voice

"You're sure you don't want to choose the other option?" Scooter asked

"Positive" i whispered

"I'm sorry it's come to this Fay" he gave me a warm sympathetic smile

"It's ok" i nodded

"Well, you've kind of got an interview today then" he mumbled

My head shot up to look at him. What was he talking about? I didn't think it would be so soon? Wait what if i had chosen the other option? What the actual fuck. How can i talk about it the day after with some strange interviewer. Fuck sake Scooter. Before i could have a go at him he spoke

"It's with Ellen" he went on

Oh thank god. A huge wave of relief rushed over me. I would feel so comfortable talking to her about it, and she wouldn't make it awkward or push me into telling her things i didn't want to. I let out a sigh and nodded at him. 

"Great, half an hour, both of you" he rushed, leaving my house

I looked at what i was wearing and decided it would be better if i got changed. I walked upstairs to my bedroom and picked a new outfit and done my hair;

I didn't bother to apply any makeup and headed downstairs. I walked towards the front door and Justin followed. We got into my car, but Justin drove. When we arrived at the studio we was greeted by a member of the backstage crew who led us to the screen which would open for us when Ellen said our names. I handed the lady my bag and we waited for about 5 minutes until finally our names were said. We walked onto the stage holding hands. When we reached Ellen we both hugged her and then sat down.

"Right so guys, i've never had you both on" she laughed

"I know, it feels weird, i've never been on a show with Justin, apart from David Letterman, but i didn't particularly like him then" i giggled

"I disagree" he chuckled

I stuck my tongue out at him and the audience laughed. 

"So, Faith, i feel like we're good friends, and can tell each other anything right" she smiled

"Course" i laughed

"Well, why did physco here go all crazy at the Grammy's" she chuckled, nodding her head at Justin

"Well, something unfortunate happened to me, and Justin knew, but found out who was behind it on the night, and the man he hit was the culprit. So he didn't just go around hitting random people, he was protecting me" i faked smiled, trying to stay strong. Justin intertwined his fingers with mine and gave me a reassuring smile

"Ah yeah, i didn't think my buddy would do something like that" she laughed

"Never" he grinned at her

"So what was the culprit guilty of" she asked

"Urm, rape" i mumbled looking down

The whole audience gasped, including Ellen. 

"Oh gee, Fay i'm so sorry, we don't have to go there" she started

"No, i need to, i want to explain my story rather than run from it" i assured her

"You sure" she replied

I nodded my head, and Justin squeezed my hand, it made me feel 10x better having him sitting beside me.

"I got raped nearly 2 weeks ago, now one knows that part. Everyone apart from Justin and the police think it happened ages ago. Well it didn't it was 2 weeks ago. I was just sitting at home alone when it happened, so it really does show that it can happen to anyone. I let the man into my home, i shouldn't have and i regret it so much now. After he raped me i called Justin home and cried myself to sleep" i began, a few tears had fallen down my face, i wiped them away with my finger and continued

"And then the next day i went to the police station and reported the incident, when we got home i cried a bit more and then something inside me snapped. I didn't want to be moping around feeling sorry for myself, i wanted to be happy. So i acted as if i was, i made us lunch, while i was doing it i had the knife above my wrists" i continued, i could hear the crowd gasp and Ellen had a look of pain on her face. 

I looked at Justin who had tears in his eyes, he didn't even know i had tried to take my life. 

"I was prepared to kill myself. To escape the pain i was feeling, so that i didn't have to pretend to be alright, but then i realised how selfish i was being. I couldn't just kill myself. I especially couldn't do that to Justin. I love him too much and i know if i had killed myself i would of killed him also" i continued 

I looked at Justin who had tears falling down his face. I let go of his hand and pulled him into a hug, i started to cry on his shoulder. I could hear the audience going 'awwww'. I pulled away and we both wiped away our tears.

"Fay that's such a horrible thing to hear, like you hear about it all the time, but you never realise that it could happen to you, or to someone close to you" she shook her head

"I know, like i'm a celebrity and it happened to me. It really can happen to anyone" i sighed

"So, i don't mean to pry but how did the Grammy's incident link to your horrific ordeal" she asked

This is what i loved about Ellen. She would never force me to tell her anything i didn't want to. That's what made me so comfortable about telling her everything.

"Well, they chose a member of the audience, someone not famous, to help with the awards, and i won my second award and as i walked up to get it i froze. The man standing on the stage was the same man i had let into my home on that horrific night. The thing was he had like this cocky look to him, like he found the whole situation amusing, well Justin come up onto the stage, and demanded to know what was wrong, i then realised the whole arena could see us, so i pushed us aside so we was out of view, i then told him that the man was he, and he put two and two together and figured out it was the man on stage, and then he hit him, and now we're here" i finally finished

"Wow, thank you Faith for telling us your story, i know it must of been hard" she smiled handing me a box of tissues. I wiped away all my tears and gave her a warm smile, she then turned to Justin.

"So Jay, why did you hit the guy" she asked

"Well, when Fay told i was so angry, i didn't know what to do, and i let my anger take over me, but wouldn't any guy if the person they loved got raped and the culprit was literally standing next to them?" he replied, coldly

"Yeah, completely understand where you're coming from, but you're going to get a lot of bad press from this, how are you going to deal with that" she questioned

"I get bad press no matter what, and if this gets blown up as bad press i don't care, because i don't think it's that bad to be honest, the man is the one in the wrong, not me" he shrugged

"I guess so" she smiled

"Justin didn't mean to upset anyone by his actions, he was just defending me" i added

She gave me a smile and nodded before speaking

"Well, thank you so much for coming on and telling your story, but i'm afraid it's time for my next guest" she smiled, saying goodbye to  us

We stood up and waved goodbye to the audience before heading backstage. I needed to find the girl who had took my bag for me, we walked around until we run into someone. I looked up to see Selena Gomez standing in front of me. 

"Faith right?" she smiled

"Yeah" i nodded

"I saw what happened yesterday, i then found out the story behind it, i'm sorry to hear what happened" she comforted 

"It's fine, thanks, sorry, i'm kind of in a rush" i mumbled, moving around her

Justin stopped for a minute to talk to her before catching up with me. I was fed up off hearing 'I'm sorry' from everyone, 'I'm sorry' wasn't going to change anything. It wasn't going to rewind time. It was just a way for people to show me pity, which i really didn't want. We climbed into my car and drove home. The car ride was silent. When we pulled up outside the house i walked straight inside. Justin followed, i went and sat down on the sofa, Mally jumped up next to me. I was about to snuggle down on the sofa when the door knocked. Justin went to answer it, when he did i heard a man and women voices, they both sounded pissed. I made my way to the door and stood behind Justin. 

"I don't care, he should be" Justin shouted at them

I moved so that i could now see the people and they could see me. A frown formed on my face, i didn't recognise these people. They looked around 40, what were they doing here?

"YOU!" the women screamed at me

I took a step back, incase she lunged herself at me. What have i done?

"You're the reason my babyboy is in prison" she cried

Omg. No way. Is she that sick perverts mum?

"You're his parents" i stammered

"Yes, we are Mark's parents, and we are furious at your accusations, you think because you're famous you can say whatever you want and the world will believe it" the man shouted

"I didn't lie about anything, i'm sorry for you to find out  but your son is a rapist" i spat at them

How could they come to my house and accuse me of lying, especially about such a sick twisted thing.

"How dare you" he raised his voice

"You need to leave now before i call the cops" Justin said calmly

"And you, you little brat, how dare you lay a hand on my son" he growled at Justin

Before anyone could reply the man grabbed Justin by his throat, and held him against the wall. The man was a lot bigger than Justin. 

"Don't think you're getting away with that" he hissed in his face

I tried to grab his arms to pull them of off Justin, but it was no use, he was too big. I looked at Justin who was starting to turn white, he was struggling to breath.

"GET OF HIM" I screamed

Everyone looked at me, most probably startled by the scream i had just done. It was pretty loud. The man looked at me and started to chuckle, he let go of Justin who fell to the floor. He grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to him

"You go down to the station and retract your statement" he ordered

"No" i growled

"Excuse me" he laughed, gripping my arm tighter

"It wouldn't matter if i did or not, your precious son admitted to it, he will be found guilty and there is nothing any of us can do" i spat in his face

He was about to raise his hand to hit me when we all heard a growl. I turned my head to see Skylar and J walking towards us, the man let go off my wrist and walked back to his wife. Skylar barked  which made the pair of them jumped. I rubbed the mark on my wrist before running over to Justin. I lifted up his head and rested it on my lap, he was breathing quickly. A tear fell down my cheek and landed on his forehead.

"Don't...cry" he said in between breaths

I laughed and slowly helped him up. I looked up to see the man and his wife had disappeared. I walked Justin into the front room and laid him down onto the sofa. I made sure he was comfortable before i walked over to the phone. I picked it up and dialled 991

"Hello" the lady answered

"Hello, i've just been attacked in my home" i began

"Name please mam" she replied

"Faith Williams" i informed

"Is the intruder still there" she asked 

"No" i replied

"Any one hurt" she questioned

"Urm, well my finance, he is struggling to breath" i answered

"Name please" she asked

"Justin" i replied

"Justin who" she asked

"Justin Bieber....

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