Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


20. Home!

"What's in there" Justin frowned

"I don't know" I whispered

I moved out of the way to allow Justin to view the hole. He slowly put his hand in and felt what was inside. His face frowned and then a smile appeared

"What's funny" I asked

"It's licking me" he chuckled

"Jay, that's disgusting, we don't know what it is" I whined

"Fay calm down, it's probably a cat or something" he laughed

"Just get it out" I frowned

He laughed at me and started to pull his arm out. I sat down on the bed and waited for him to show me what it was. When he turned around I fell in love. He was holding the most adorable animal ever;

It was just a little bundle of fluff. Why would someone just leave her here? I opened my arms indicating that I wanted to take her. Once she was in my arms I realised she was shaking, she must be terrified. 

"We better call someone to come and get her" Justin interrupted my thoughts

"But I want her" I whined

"Fay" he began

"Justy, please" I flirted

"Fine, but please can we call someone to have her for now, just so we can spend of the holiday as just us two" he frowned

"Of course" I smiled

"Thank you" he chuckled, walking out to make the call

I sat down on the sofa with the dog still on my lap. I guess I could name her now. I started thinking for names when the perfect one popped into my head, coco, it was such a cute name for such a cute, small dog. Justin walked back into the room. 

"Someones coming to collect her, and then we will pick her up when we leave" he smiled

"Great, i've named her" I chuckled

"Trust you to" he laughed

"She's called Coco" I announced

"Nice" he nodded

Justin wasn't exactly mad about animals, he didn't mind them, and he loved the dogs and mally, but he was nothing like me. I was animal crazy. 

"Did you make it clear that we wanted to keep her" I asked

"Yes" he laughed shaking his head

"Good" I grinned

Coco had fell asleep on my lap. I wonder why someone would leave such an adorable dog here. It's cruel. Justin sat beside me and unpaused the film. I rested my head back on his shoulder and watched the movie. 

Just as the film finished the sound of an engine could be heard outside. I stood up, still holding Coco and headed outside. A small speedboat was in the sea, with a small man on board. 

"Hello" he smiled

"Are you here for the dog?" I asked

"Yes" he nodded

"Ok, two seconds" I informed

I walked back in and called Justin over to me.

"Jay" I began

"What do you want" he laughed

"Will you go with the man please, I want to make sure the dog arrives safely" I smiled

"Fay, no way" he frowned

"Fine, I'll go" I shrugged

"Urghhh, you're so stubborn" he whined

"I know, but you still love me" I giggled

"Whatever" he chuckled walking out towards the boats

"Justin" I called

"What" he asked turning around

"Forgetting something" I laughed, holding Coco in the air

He shook his head and quickly run over and grabbed the dog and then left again. I sat down on the sofa and grabbed my phone from the side. I had a text from Chaz. 

From: Chaz

To: Faith

Hey, urm, have you seen the news?

What was he talking about? I dialled his number and waited for him to pick up. 

"Fay" he began

"What's going on" I frowned

"It's all over the news, I'm so sorry" he answered

"What is" I frowned harder

"Your pregnancy" he whispered

"What do you mean" I mumbled

"Somehow they found out and they've run a story on it" he replied

I dropped my phone and could hear Chaz saying my name repeatedly. I picked it back up.

"Gotta go" I said with no emotion

I hung up and opened up my news app. Sure enough there was a picture of me and Justin on the front page with the heading 'BABY BIEBER ALERT?'. Who could of told them? I hadn't told anyone apart from my closest friends and they would never sell me out, the only other person was that doctor.....that fucking doctor. He must of sold me out. Omg. I'm going to kill him, this is going to cause so much agg for me. 

I opened up my twitter and saw I had a load of tweets from people about it

"@faithbieber are you pregnant?"

"@faithbieber is it true you're having a baby?"

"@faithbieber i heard you're pregnant and it isn't Justins, cheaaaaaaaattttttttt"

"@faithbieber you dirty slag, getting pregnant so young, ew"

The last two hurt the most. I was most definitely not a cheat and I didn't consider myself as a slag. I'm twenty. I'm old enough to have kids. Loads of people have had kids at my age. I never planned to have a kid at this age, but I don't tend to plan most things which occur in my life. Justin's mum was younger than me and she struggle at first but they turned out fine, I mean look at them now. 

I decided to defend myself, which is something I hate having to do. 

"I hate having to defend myself to everyone, but I'm definitely not a cheat and I most certainly am not a slag. I just wanted to clear this up"

I refreshed my mentions after posting the tweet and already had a reply. 

"@faithbieber you didn't deny being pregnant though....."

Should I ignore it? I didn't want to lie and say no, but should I admit it? Urgh what do I do. I decided to post another tweet.

"Yes the rumours are true. I am pregnant. I wasn't trying to hide it, we was just waiting for the right moment to announce it. Well as I've been sold out, I'm not going to lie and deny it. (Y)"

I posted the tweet and about 5 minutes later I got a call from Scooter. 

"Hello" I sighed

"Fay, what the hell are you playing at" he yelled

"Fuck sake, they were all over me, I couldn't just lie to them!" I argued

"But you didn't have to admit it" he reasoned

"What would of been the point in ignoring it, only to admit it a few weeks later, might as well get it over and done with" I shrugged

"What does Justin think about this" he asked

"He's not here at the moment" I answered, realising he should be here by now

"Where is here" he asked

"He went out quickly, I gotta go" I rushed hanging up

I tried to ring Justin but it said he was engaged. Strange. I waited 10 minutes before trying again. Just as I was about to ring him I heard a engine from outside. I opened the door to see Justin walking up the steps. He looked pissed. 

"How'd it go" I asked

"Fine" he spat walking past me

"Jus..." I began

"What was you playing out" he cut me off

"What do you mean" I frowned

"Scooter called" he answered

Fuck you Scooter.

"Look, I was getting a lot of stick, you weren't here, I didn't know what to do" I cried

"You shouldn't of told everyone" he shouted

"Oh fuck off" I snapped

I had enough of everyone telling me what to do. 

"No, we are sorting this out" he yelled

"No, it's already sorted, I can't take back what i've said, everyone knows now. End of" I shrugged

"But you shouldn't of said it in the first place, fuck me" he yelled

"Yeah, fuck you" I hissed

"Don't act like a child" he snarled

"Well maybe if i'm to much of a child for you, I should just fuck of home!

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