Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


32. Find....

*3 months later*

We've been taking River to the hospital every week for a checkup, they gave us the all clear the last time we went, which means we can finally get on a have a normal life with our little girl. I've more or less got my figure back, so everything is going great. Today's the first day we are properly taking River out with us, we are going to meet a few friends at a small quiet cafe. 

Luckily River and Justin are already ready downstairs, they're waiting for me. I grabbed some clothes from my wardrobe and threw them on:

I had already done my hair and makeup like:

This was the first time I had properly got dressed up since River was born. I walked downstairs and found Justin and River in the front room. River looked adorable:

My baby girl was the cutest. I picked her up and she started cooing. I headed out of the front door with Justin. Chaz and Christian were popping over later to drop of the zoo (dog and monkey). I buckled River into her carseat and then climbed in the front seat. I waited for Justin to close his door before driving of. 

After about 15 minutes we arrived at the cafe. We climbed out and I grabbed River out of her carseat and Justin got her buggy out of the boot. We headed inside the cafe and were escorted to a table at the back. 

I went to sit down with River whilst Justin ordered us some drinks. The sound of the doorbell made me look up to see Ellen walk in. I waved her over. 

"Hello" I smiled

"Awwwwww look at her" she cooed

"Want a hold?" I asked

"Don't be silly" she laughed, practically snatching her out of my arms

"Who else is coming?" I asked

"Umm, Jen, Josh, Jimmy and Zac" she answered

"Zac who?" I frowned

"Efron" she chuckled

"Seriously?" I awed

"Yeah, I have an interview with him later so I invited him here first, you don't mind do you?" she fretted

"Not at all" I grinned

Considering how long i've been in this industry I had only met Zac once or twice and we never really spoke when we met. 

"Look who's here" ellen smiled, interrupting my thoughts  

I looked up to see Jen and Justin with coffees. I leaned forward and took a cup out of Justin's hand and placed on the table in front of me. I moved up so Justin could sit next to me, and Ellen done the same, allowing Jen to seat next to her. Justin slung his arm lazily around my shoulder. 

"Hey" I smiled at Jen as I rested my head on Justin's shoulder

"Aw look how cute she is" she beamed at River

"Isn't she just" I grinned

"Is she good?" she asked

"Usually... I think she's got a belly bug at the moment" I sighed

"Oh no" she frowned

"Yeah, she's been crying a lot at night, keeping us both up" I lightly chuckled

"Can I have a hold" she asked

"Course" I laughed

As Jen took River from Ellen the doorbell rung. We all turned our heads to see Josh walk in. 

"Over here" I called

He nodded and headed to the bar first to order himself a drink. As he reached the bar the door opened and in walked Zac. He was gorgeous. The things I would of done to him before me and Justin got together. I moved over so he could fit in on the other side of me. 

"Hey" he smiled 

"Hello" I practically drooled

"Nice to meet you" he grinned, offering me his hand

"We've already met" I smiled, accepting his offer

"Oh" he frowned

"A few months back, not for long though" I explained

"Oh, I'm sorry, I dont usually forget a face" he apologised

"Don't worry about it" I nodded

Josh come over and joined us, placing himself in between Ellen and Jen. 

"I'm gonna get a drink" Zac stated and stood up and headed to the counter

"Ellen, how do you not just pounce on him" Jen smirked

"Because I'm twice his age, and besides I bat for the other team" she joked

"No way" Justin choked on his drink

"I was kidding" she laughed

Zac rejoined us and Jen passed me River back. 

"She's so cute" Zac smiled

"Thanks" I grinned

"No problem, hey if you guys are feeling up for it you should bring her down to Ellen's studio?" he suggested

"I guess we could? I would have to go home and get changed first" I nodded

"Great" he chuckled

We finished our drinks and after a little catch up we all started to leave. When me and Justin arrived home I headed straight upstairs to get changed. I put on:

I left my hair how it was and headed back downstairs to find....

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