Happy Ever After

This is a sequel to 'Everything Changes'
If you haven't read that one you will need to before reading this


26. Excited!!!

I walked into the kitchen to find Justin sitting with his head in between his legs. I felt another tear slide down my cheek. Luckily Ryan had gone with Chaz and Alessia.

I slowly walked over and kneeled as best as I could in front of him.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled, placing my hands on top of his

"Don't be" he sighed

"No. Iv been letting my hormones get the better of me" I stated

"It's fine" he shrugged

"No... Look... Ring Chaz...tell them to come back" I insisted

"Really?" He frowned

"Of course" I nodded

"Thank you" he replied pulling his phone from his pocket

I smiled and headed back upstairs to get changed. I threw on a pair of leggings and a pretty long sleeved top. I quickly checked myself in the mirror before heading back downstairs. As i reached the last step the front door opened and Chaz, Ryan and Alessia walked in. I looked at them all and they just stared

"Look, I'm sorry about earlier, I guess I just let my hormones get the better of me, and I apologise" I sighed

"It's fine" Chaz nodded

"No its not" Alessia interrupted 

We all stared at her in disbelief 

"It's not alright for you to take your anger out on everyone else" she growled

I took a deep breath before replying, she was obviously trying to push me

"Maybe your right" I shrugged

Before she could reply, Justin's voice filled my ears

"No, your not right at all, you are in our house and you should have a little bit of respect" he stated, sliding in next to me

"Respect is earned" she hissed

"Well then maybe you should leave until you have some" he nodded towards the door

"Fine, come on Chazzy" she growled heading towards the door

"No" he replied

"Excuse me" she chuckled

"The way you just spoke to my friends was disgusting and uncalled for" he stated

"Look, if you don't come, then I'll end it with you" she smirked

"Fine, bye" he shrugged walking into the kitchen

I let out a little chuckle as I watched her have like a heart attack before finally leaving. 

I sighed and headed back upstairs to get ready for tonight. 


*1 week later*

Tonight me, Justin and Ryan were going to the premier of 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire". I was a big fan of the film and was good friends with Liam because of Miley, I'd met Jennifer and Josh once and they seemed lovely. 

I looked at myself once more in the mirror, just checking that my outfit looked ok:

The dress had a flow to it which hid my small bump, and luckily I haven't put weight on anywhere else. I slip on my shoes;

I quickly check my hair and make up;

Before finally deciding that I am ready.

I walk down the stairs and find Justin and Ryan sitting in the front room.

"You look amazing" Justin gasps 

"Thank you" I blush

"You ready" he asks

"Yeah" I smile, heading towards the door

We walk over to my car and climb in, when we arrive at the premier we had the keys to an usher and then walk down the carpet and pose for pictures. I look over my shoulder and see Jennifer, Josh and Liam standing together. 

"Jay, let's go say hello" I nod

"Sure" he smiles

We head over to them, when we reach them I speak up.

"Hello" I smile

"Fay" Liam chuckles pulling me in for a hug

"It's good to see you" I laugh

"You two" he grins

I look at Jennifer and nearly burst out laughing, she literally looks like she's going to die

"Are you alright" I chuckle

"She's in shock most probably" Josh answer for her

"Why's that" I ask

"She didn't think you guys would come" he laughed

"Of course, I am a huge fan of the film and the books, and besides my buddy Liam invited us" I chuckled

"Can't party without Faith" Liam laughed

"What is happening after the premier?" I ask

"Nothing, the party got cancelled" Josh shrugged

"No way" I sighed

"Yeah, the guy bailed!" Jennifer exclaimed

"Great to know you're alive" I chuckled

"Yeah, just the shock" she smiled

"We've met before" I laughed

"I know, but I was already drunk" she shrugged

"Oh I see, well, if you guys want to you can come back to mine and Jay's house for a little party" I suggested

"Fay, you don't have to, beside you're pregnant" Liam began

"Nonsense, I don't mind at all, the last few months have been a bit of a drag anyways, so come on, come over" I smiled

"Only if you're sure" Josh nodded

"I'm positive, in fact, whoever is here from the cast can come" I announced

"Really" Jen frowned

"Yeah why not, as I said I love the film, how cool is it going to be to meet all the stars" I laughed

"I think they'd feel cooler being in a room with you" Jen chuckled

"Why's that" I laughed

"Because you're Faith BIEBER" she exclaimed

"Well we will see" I giggle

"POSE, GUYS, HELLO, SMILE" one of the photographs shouts

I go to walk on so they have their pictures taken

"NO, FAY, JUSTIN, STAY" another photograph shouts

I look at Liam and he laughs and moves aside so I can stand between him and Josh. Justin stands next to Jen and we all smile for the pictures. Finally we start to make our way inside. 

"So, Josh where do you live" I ask

"I live here in LA" he smiles

"So are you guys all close" I ask

"Yeah, I guess so" Jen laughs

"Just last week I was at Josh's, actually we went kayaking to this little island by his house" she chuckled

"Aw, that sounds like fun" I sigh

"It was, apart from it takes 40 minutes to get there, and then another 40 to get back, and obviously I got hungry, so we asked his mom to order us some pizza when we was on our way back, and she said ok, and we like tried so hard to get back fast cause we was so hungry and then when we finally arrived I jumped out and ran inside his house" she laughed

"Is she telling you the kayaking story" josh chuckled

"Yeah" I giggle, sitting down in between Justin and Josh, Jen sat beside Josh and carried on telling the story

"So I run in a was like 'WHERE'S THE PIZZA' she exclaimed

"And his mum was like 'oh do you want me to order it now' I was so annoyed I refused to talk to her" she finished with a chuckle

"So if I ever go kayaking with you guys i better order the pizza myself, right?" I laugh

"Definitely" Josh grins

I laugh and sit back in my seat and wait for the movie to begin. I'm so excited!!! 

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