She's tougher then she looks

(1D not famous) Alicia Rays, regular girl, pretty, friendly, smart, innocent? Don't think so.
Alicia Rays, pretty, friendly, brave, fighter? ya... thats more like it. People think she is innocent but she is far from that but what happens when Louis Tomlinson wants to meet this innocent girl?
Includes cussing and more!! do not read unless you are over 14.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Alicia's P.O.V

"Daniella!!" Celine yelled. "i'm right next to you... you didn't have to yell" Daniella said. "my make up smudged!! HELP ME!!!!" Celine yelled ignoring that comment and pulled Daniella to the girls bathroom. "so.... Niall..." I said. "ya?" he asked. "you like Daniella?" I asked excitedly. "Maybe..." he blushed. "Yay!" I squealed. "but please don't tell anyone" Niall begged. "Okay i won't" i said "but its just soooo exciting" i said and he rolled his eyes. "Niall, mate, we're leaving" Louis said as he got up. "okay. Bye girls" Niall said and the others waved before they left. "so what were you cheering about?" Eleanor asked. "Its just... nothing" I said. "sure it isn't..." She smirked and winked. "OMG!!! YOU LIKE NIALL, DON'T YOU?!?!?!?" Perrie practically screamed. "what??" I asked/ yelled. They all smiled and Daniella and Celine came back... i just hope she didn't hear that. "what did i miss?" Daniella asked. "nothing besides that Alicia likes Niall!!!" Julia yelled. "oh.. cool" Daniella said looking at the floor. "I should probably get home... I'll see you girls later. bye." Daniella said and grabbed her bag and ran out of the building. "ughhh!!!!!!" I yelled banging my head on the table. "What's wrong?" Kayla asked. "I DON'T LIKE NIALL!!!!!! I WAS TALKING TO HIM BECAUSE HE LIKES DANIELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled making everyone look at me and then at an embarrassed Niall. He walked over to my table and looked me right in the eyes "I asked you not to tell anyone and what do you do? yell it out!!" He said and walked out of the lunch room with Liam following him and once again everyone was staring at me.


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