Walking to School


2. My life is truly perfect for now.

 When school is over me and my friend Bana walked home together "well this is where I live" I said "Oh okay" Bana said "nice meeting you!" she said I didn't say anything I waved goodbye and I closed my door. My parents aren't home "Ugh My parents never say they are going out!" I said angrily. "I guess I should do my Homework.. ugh.." I sighed.  when it was Night time my parents came home "I Guess you guys didn't tell me you are going out Hmm?" I said "Oh were Sorry dear you weren't home and we didn't want you to get in trouble" They said "Whatever like I heard that in a million times.." I said "Did you made a new friend?" My mom said. "Yes I Did She's okay."  It was silence for at least 30 seconds  "Im going to bed" I said. In the morning My mom cooked me breakfast "good morning dear how are you feeling today?" She said "Im feeling Good" I said. then my sister came to visit I hated her my parents liked her better then me and they should like us both the same but my sister gets all the credits. I Squinted my eyes. "Oh Great YOUR hear Stephanie" I said not happily. "Oh I Missed you so much! sister! I just wanted to say maybe we can get closer since I'm gonna be here all the time!" My eyes Got big. "WHAT?!" I said "But you are in college!!" "I know! But they were kind enough to let me take a break for at least to months!" I frowned 

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