Walking to School


1. A new Day

I was walking to school Humming a song I wasn't paying Any attention and I bumped into a girl She was pretty and shy I looked down at my feet I thought she was a bitch so I didn't want any trouble I picked up my books and walked off the girl kept following me I thought she is going to the same school as me. I got to school 10 minutes late "Oh no! Im late!" I almost fell and I zoomed to class The teacher looked at me angrily. "Pray this is the second time you're late." she said "I Know I'm sorry this weird girl kept following me and I Totally forgot about school.." I said. "SIT DOWN" The teacher said "I promise I Wont be late ever again" I said "Sure Whatever" The teacher said. Then the same girl zoomed to the class "What am I Going to do with you?!"  The teacher said. "My cat broke my alarm clock and thats why I'm late" She said "sit down" The teacher said. at lunch I got my tray and sat down alone and The girl sat next to me "Hi My name is Bana whats yours?" She said."My name is Katy.." I said. "You look scared are you afraid of me or something?" She said "Oh no I just thought you well beat me up since I bumped into you earlier no big deal" I said "HAHA I Wasn't gonna beat you up You are funny." Bana said "Really you think I'm funny? Most people don't like me here.. I really don't have any friends" I feel like I don't fit in" I said. "Don't worry you can be my friend" Bana said. I smiled

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