The Band

This is a story about a middle school girl who joins a band. It is also based off a dream I once had. And by dream I mean sleeping dreams.


1. Reilly

    I walk into the band room. It's sixth period, and I just had lunch, now I am ready for guitar class. No one else, besides our guitar teacher, Mr. Howards, is in the room. So, I turn off the light and close the door to the room where we store all our cases and amps, waiting for my first victim. To ensure that no one will get in, until I open the door, I hold onto the handle.

    "Ok! Bye! See you after school!" Ah. My very first victim.

    The door handle starts to move.  I slowly raise my head up and look out the little window, where I see Jenny looking right back at me. Jenny laughs. "Abigail!"

    I open the door and carry my guitar case to my seat, while smiling right back at her. "Hey! I couldn't help myself!"

    Everyone else starts flowing in through the doors. By the time the bell rings, everyone is sitting in their seats with their guitars out. And some, like me, are tuning their guitars.

    Mr. Howards sits down and claps his hands together, once. Then, he says, "Okay, everyone. So today I am not going to even bother having you tune as a class. Instead, you can all go split off into separate rooms to practice."

   With that, most everyone gets up and goes into one of the little side rooms. I stay out in the big room, and start practicing Ode to Joy. After a bit, I get tired of the song, so I move on to trying, and failing, to pick out Jingle Bells. I hear a deep chuckle, and look up.

   There, trying to contain a laugh, is Reilly, one of the two eighth grade boys in our class. I fold my arms, and glare at him. Finally, he notice me, and stops. "Oh. Um. Sorry, Abigail. Didn't see ya there."

   "Obviously," I roll my eyes. "What's so funny?"

   Reilly seems to get all nervous all of a sudden. Then, after a few seconds, his face displays that he wasn't nervous, and he answers me, "Oh. Nothing. I am just surprised that like the smartest girl in this class can't pick Jingle Bells."

   I start acting like that comment hurt me, and I frown. But, of course, I can't keep a straight face, and end up laughing. "Yeah. I know. But I'm not always that good when it comes to picking things..."

   All of a sudden, Reilly seems to perk up, but only for an instant. He hesitates, "What if I taught you?"

   I think about it. "That would be nice." Wait! That probably made it sound like I like him! "Well... I mean... like nice if someone would teach me!"

   He laughs, "I know what you mean."

   I write down my cell number on a piece of paper and hand it to him. "Maybe we can get together over the weekend. To practice, of course! There's my number."

   With that, I get up and leave as the bell rings for seventh period. I call over my shoulder to Reilly, as I leave the class room, "Text me! See ya later!"

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